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S.P.P Chapter 27: The Fight Continues

It was Dragon’s hand, and with the strong wind, Rogen could feel that the distance between him and the Dragon’s palm was getting close too fast, it made a huge pressure.


“Voom!” (SFX of the airflow)


Rogen’s eyes narrowed, it was only a moment of battle, and he noticed then how strong was Dragon. At the same time, he raised his hand violently with an open palm, and he pointed his hand toward the coming attack from Dragon.




His two palms collided fiercely together, and the ground under Rogen’s feet broke up, exploded, and splashed everywhere.


Then, they jumped back a bit. Rogen grabbed the hilt of Yuan Hong sword. Then he rushed again.


By this time, Dragon’s figure was already on the ground. The sword’s tip has reached his back and stabbed him hard.


Dragon felt the danger behind him, and his face became cold and said.






The Yuan Hong stabbed on the back of Dragon, it made sparks and didn’t harm him.


Rogen was shocked, his enemy’s body turned into steel at this moment, which was extremely hard. Tekkai, it was one of the six techniques of “Rokushiki”. As a well-known, this young man of the marine, Dragon obviously reached the realm of perfection with this move.


“What a strong sword!”


Dragon felt a tingling in his back, his eyes immediately became irritated.


After a quick contact, the two of them leaped toward the rear and stood apart from each other.


“I didn’t expect you to be so powerful like that!”


The tone was a bit heavy, which made Dragon’s attention to Rogen increase a lot at that moment.


“The Rear Admiral, well deserved rank!”


Rogen pointed the Yuan Hong to the ground and his expression was cold and serious.


The two stood opposite of each other, and after moments their figure disappeared again.


Rogen used his Sharingan, the three Tomoe in his eyes turned quickly, they had an insight into every move of Dragon. With the Sharingan, he has the pre-judgment skill. He could always swing his sword toward Dragon’s position and suppress him.


Dragon also could rely on his Haki to make every Rogen’s attack clear and easy to dodge.


In a few seconds, the two figures interlaced, they quickly attacked, they kept hitting each other but none of the hits fell on the other side.


“Da da da da…!”


They quickly jumped back and breathed hardly due to the intense attack. Dragon’s voice was very dignified.


“This kid had a strong sword!”


They did not get any advantage in fighting each other’s physical skills.


Dragon has the best fighting technique of the Marine. He had the Kenbunshoku Haki so he could perceive his enemy’s moves. But he was shocked because Rogen also seems to be able to clearly know any of his actions.


“It’s those eyes!”


Dragon’s eyes shrank. He saw Rogen’s scarlet eyes. The three tomoe was slowly revolving, containing violence and blood.


“What kind of eyes is that?”


“It seems that I have to use some more strength, but this boy still has a lot of secrets.”


Dragon’s eyes narrowed, and then he started his next move.


As a marine elite, he was promoted to Rear Admiral at a young age, he rarely encountered enemies who let him fight hard. But at this time, he felt that he must exert his best or he wouldn’t be able to win this fight.


Dragon’s eyes condensed, and his figure suddenly disappeared.




He was very fast like the light, and he appeared in front of Rogen. Then his index finger protruded out, condensed into sharp power, and suddenly broke out.




The speed of this move made Rogen’s heart trembled, but with his Sharingan, he could see clearly that attack even if it was very fast.


However, his body was completely unable to escape this attack.


The three Tomoe was spinning very fast, and in a moment, it turned into a dark Shuriken. It was the Mangekyō Sharingan.




The finger gun was deeply inserted into Rogen’s body, which made Dragon felt relieved.


“Got you!”


But after a moment, Dragon was stunned.


He actually saw Rogen with a strange smile on his face. Then he turned into a group of crows and disappeared in a moment.


“What is this?”


“Devil fruit?”


Countless black crows chirped and flew toward the rear, and then gathered together to form another figure of Rogen.


“Devil’s fruit! Huh, if you think so, that’s it!!”


Rogen laughed.


“Your eyes!?”


Dragon looked at Rogen’s eyes, and he was so shocked. It was like a windmill turning slowly, and surrounded by blood, as if these eyes can see the unknown and gave fear to the enemies.


“What the hell are you?”


At this moment, Dragon began to doubt the identity of Rogen. In his understanding, Rogen was a kid who has no talent in fighting, and there was absolutely no way to compare with his brother. However, what was the reason that made him, in a short period, became a strong person who could actually confront Dragon?




“Haha, I’m Gol D Rogen!”


Rogen was laughing loudly. Then his laughter suddenly stopped and he inserted his sword into the scabbard.


“Dragon, you are so strong!”


“You are totally worth it, I will use all my strength!”


Looking at Rogen’s expression, Dragon’s heart became more vigilant.


“He is not using his sword!”


“What’s his trick now?”


As everyone knows, that Itachi had a rough life, but he was so talented and strong. Not only his great Genjutsu, but also his Ninjutsu and Taijutsu and the Sharingan, it made him a frightening person.


“Da da da” (SFX of running)


With his hands hanging back, Rogen swayed forward and rushed toward Dragon.


“Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!”


His hands quickly printed the Hand seals, and “bang!” Three Copy of Rogen appeared beside him. All of them were cold and looked serious. Then they attacked Dragon.




Dragon was shocked.


“This kid!”


For the first time in his life he saw someone who was able to summon three copy of himself and fight beside him, he didn’t understand what was that!


In an instant, the three copies rushed to the front of Dragon.


They threw a lot of Kunai at the same time. All the Kunai burst out a cold light and formed a highly oppressive attack.


These attacks were very fast and vigorous. Dragon was very fast, so he avoided them and jumped high toward the sky.


But at that moment, the last figure of Rogen appeared quietly behind Dragon, his hand quickly interlaced and printed.


The cold and ruthless words spat out from Rogen’s mouth


“Katon! Gōkakyū no Jutsu!”


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