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S.P.P Chapter 28: Crow!


Rogen’s mouth actually spat out a huge fireball. The temperature of the flame was extremely high, the scorching of the air was very hot. And with a very strong impact, it rushed toward Dragon.

The flames were overwhelming, and in the blink of an eye, it approached Dragon face. Just in a moment, his figure was hidden inside the fire.

It can be seen clearly that the flame-engulfed Dragon’s arms, body, and legs. The flames fluttered around for 3 seconds, and then it disappeared.


Rogen’s feet fell on the ground, and the three copies separated from him and stood back-to-back with him, so he could see everything around him clearly. Using the Sharingan, he saw the figure of Dragon in the air began to emerge again. His clothes were clean and tidy, but he wasn’t affected by the flame of Itachi.

In the same way, Dragon fell from the air to the ground.

“Devil fruit? Flame? You can also divide to three copy of yourself!?”

At this moment, for Rogen’s attention, Dragon has been linked several times.

Just in a short fighting time, this teenager gave him a succession of surprises. He had a terrible melee swordsmanship, he could divide into countless crows, which were not subject to any harm, he could summon three identical clones, and finally, he could throw a huge fireball.

These features of two type of devil fruit, the Paramecia, and the Logia characteristics. At that time, even Dragon couldn’t find a way to quickly arrest the boy in front of him.

“I admit, I underestimated you and your skills!”

After a pause,


eyes were fierce.

“It’s so weird!”


Rogen smiled lightly, these bloodstains techniques from Naruto, the Ninjutsu, in the world of One Piece, were indeed quite different and strange. But what he just showed was nothing more than the three basic skills of Itachi. The mighty ninja from Naruto has not used yet his most powerful abilities, the Genjutsu Tsukuyomi (Spiritual World and Darkness), neither his other powerful ninjutsu.

“So, what do you want? Rear Admiral Dragon!”


Dragon’s expression was so serious and said.

“Of course, I’ll arrest you!”

“How can I let such a dangerous person stay outside?”


Rogen mocked with a smile.

“Do you think that you are strong enough to stop me and run to the heart of the sea?”

At that moment, Rogen’s figure had been flickering.

The four clones of Rogen acted at the same time, they jumped high in the air, and they threw out some Kunai from their hands.

They didn’t throw a lot of kunai, but they were close and coordinated. In a twinkling, they were in front of Dragon.

However, when the attack had reached him, Dragon didn’t need to escape from it. But his body just flashed and went straight through the Kunai, he crossed them and flashed again.

Rogen’s face changed, he didn’t expect that Dragon would make such a strong breakthrough.

With another flash in the air, Dragon’s blow came toward Rogen’s face.

His right hand stretched out, and it became like a claw and went toward Rogen to grab him.

“Dragon Claw! Hook!”

It was like a real dragon’s claw, the airflow rushed with the hit. For a moment, Rogen’s location and time began to shrink, as if he was blocked. There was no chance to escape.

“Shit, that’s not good!”

Rogen’s heart trembled, and the claw attack got him.

Fierce momentum, a fierce claw attack, as if a real dragon soared into the air, and launched an attack on him. It was so powerful attack and completely irresistible.

“Quack Quack Quack!”

Countless crows spread again and again.

The figure of Rogan was attacked and a lot of phantom crows scattered from him. Once again, he gathered himself.

“You are worthy of being a Rear Admiral of the Marine, your attack is really fierce.”

Rogen faintly praised.

“Even if I don’t see your attack, it will not harm me!”

Dragon’s eyes were more dignified, and Rogen observed it carefully.

“that’s it?”

At this moment, Dragon was thinking so fast. He was recollecting every detail of the battle, from the beginning until now.

“There is something wrong? He can’t be invincible! ”

“Devil’s fruit? No, it’s impossible! There isn’t any kind of demon fruit, can have that a lot of abilities!”


was not a person who has low knowledge. Naturally, he understood the ability of the devil’s fruit. He knew that no one could eat more than one devil fruit and every fruit has just one type of power. But he couldn’t understand how can Rogen do all of this.

“In other words, his abilities that he perform were not from a devil’s fruit at all.”

Suddenly, Dragon’s eyes were opened and became more dignified.

His right hand became like a claw again and suddenly rushed toward another copy of Rogan.


The airflow surged again, and Rogen’s figure turned into countless crows again. The other three clones were running, jumping, and approaching Dragon quickly.

Dragon’s eyes were terrifying and his paws were constantly waving.

“Bang bang bang”

The three clones of Rogen exploded into a white fog. When he saw such a scene, his eyes flashed thoughtfully

“It is not a real one. Once it is subjected to a strong attack, it will disappear.”

“That is to say, there is only one real?”

A smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. Slowly, everything was clear, and Rogen’s clones were no longer mysterious.


As soon as the breeze blew, Dragon’s figure suddenly disappeared and dissipated from Rogen’s eyes.

“Terrible speed!”

Rogen used his Sharingan, and then he turned fast and waved with the kunai.


The sound of metal crashing came out, the clash between the claw and the kunai has made such a melodious sound.

The tremendous strength of Dragon made Rogen retreat more than a dozen steps, and the hard kunai “crack” become crushed.


Rogen looked at Dragon in shock. At that moment, He knew how terrifying Dragon was when he realized his power.

When Rogen was in shock, Dragon’s figure disappeared again.

The fierce momentum almost crossed through Rogen’s body, at the same time, keeping his shocked face, and then the crows shrieked away again.

“There is another way!”

Dragon frowned.

He discovered that even though he was too powerful, the other party must have set a trap somewhere or secrets. If he couldn’t find these secrets, then this battle will be very difficult to win!

“It’s useless!”

The crows once again gathered into Rogen.


attacked once more and Rogen turned into crows again…


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