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S.P.P Chapter 29: Elemental


The screaming crows in the sky gradually gathered again to form Rogen.

Dragon’s eyes were more dignified, he saw cynicism in the eyes of the clones. It was even more shocked to Dragon, what kind of abilities used by Rogen, was not something that a devil fruit could do.

Once again, Dragon hooked his claws and he went toward Rogen to catch him.

The fierce wind was like a knife, and he went toward Rogen at an extremely fast speed. And as always, Rogen seems to be completely unable to react, and he shattered into crows again.

So back and forth, Dragon’s eyes grew brighter, he seemed to feel something unusual with his Haki.

Rogen at this time has become familiar with the skills and talents of Itachi.

The Mangekyō Sharingan, the powerful Genjutsu, his Dōjutsu, and his arrogant Ninjutsu were the magic weapon he used to defeat his enemy. In the world of Naruto, Itachi was definitely a very powerful person. Whit the price of 75 million and he could gain such a soul, it can be said that he was so extremely lucky.

Therefore, this time he cherished this opportunity very much.

It was a great fortune for him if he could unlock the skills of Uchiha Itachi. But that depends on whether he won his battle or not.

Rogen used his Sharingan, and the three Tomoe speed up the rotation. The scarlet eyes stared at Dragon, which made him confused.

“Dragon, for many reasons I can’t keep playing with you here!”

Rogen’s words were a bit low, But his expression was very serious.


Dragon raised his eyebrows. He found that Rogen looked at him with disrespect, so he just smiled.

“It seems that you don’t respect me as Rear admiral!”

“Huh!” Rogen was confused. He saw that Dragon seems to discover something.

“If I guess correctly, I am in your illusion?”

Dragon’s eyes flashed with a fierce light, and his whole body was suddenly broke out from the illusion of Itachi.

Rogen was surprised, and then he showed a smirk.

“Great job Dragon!”

Rogen pulled out his Yuan Hong sword and printed with his other hand. After that, three clones of Rogen appeared and they were holding swords too. Then, they surrounded Dragon.

“You are a bit arrogant, but it’s good to have some strength, and it’s hard now to define the real one!”

Looking at Rogen rushing toward him, Dragon shook his head and he didn’t evade Rogen’s attack.

In a short period, the four figure of Rogen has already rushed to Dragon, they suddenly flashed and appeared in front of Dragon with their swords.

The swords were gleaming, and they completely cut Dragon’s figure.

However, When Rogen’s sword crossed Dragon, his Sharingan turned quickly, and he instantly felt an alert.

“What just happened?”

“What’s that speed?”

Rogen glimpsed, and in a blink of an eye, the three clones blew up, “bang” and they turned into white fog.

Followed by, his heart beat so hard, it was goosebumps. There was an unspeakable fear in his heart.

And suddenly, a burly figure has appeared behind him quietly, the tall body shrouded him, the justice cloak was fluttering behind Dragon, and his face was full of dignity.

“So fast!”

Rogen was shocked, and he didn’t hesitate to print.

Just at the moment that he wanted to print, the burly figure behind him shot.


The white mist was floating, and Dragon got a rag of Rogen’s clothes.

“Interesting, it’s not an illusion!”

After that, His eyes narrowed, Dragon began to look around for him, and Rogen’s figure has disappeared.

At this time, Rogen was hiding behind a house, and his heart was beating hard.

“It’s a horrible thing to fight against Dragon! The Shadow clone technique is really useful in battle.”

Then, his eyes narrowed, and his hands were printing again.

In a blink of an eye, a figure appeared again in front of him. He used the Bunshin no Jutsu.

The two were looking at each other, then the clone nodded and rushed out to the battlefield, While Rogen’s eyes were deep, he calmly stepped forward after a lot of hesitating.

Ninjas have never been reckless. There were too many factors involved in their battles. Judging the environment, the timing and the intelligence. There was a quite difference between genius and fools shown when they use the same Ninjutsu.

After the appearance of Rogen’s copy, Dragon has already discovered that this was just another clone. At the same time, he had appeared in front of the clone and hit it on the head.


The copy turned out to a white fog, Dragon frowned, and his Haki couldn’t cover a large place. Otherwise, he could easily find the hiding kid.

“Clones, Illusion, his eyes, those strange tricks are really troublesome”

At this time, Dragon had to admit that Rogen wasn’t a guy that belongs to Roger in terms of potential.

Suddenly, Dragon’s eyes flashed and he turned sharply.

As he turned around, Rogen had already jumped high in the air, and his hand became fast like the phantom. A series of hand seals were formed at the same time. Meanwhile, he opened his mouth, he took a breath and then blew out.

“Katon Gōkakyū no Jutsu!”


The large flames came in a huge wave, and it went toward Dragon. The speed of these flames was incredible. But in an instant, it has already drowned Dragon.


After heavy landing, Rogen breathed a sigh of relief, and then he looked forward with a dignified expression.

If an ordinary person were submerged by these flames that have reached more than three feet high, they would be burned into ashes. But this is hard to happen with Dragon.

In fact, before he crossed, the Manga didn’t mention what the capacity of Dragon was. He knew that this man was extremely dangerous. He was more dangerous than Roger.

The honor of the world’s first criminal was not easy to deal with in a fight.

The mad flames eroded Dragon, but when everything passed away, Rogen’s eyes contracted.

He clearly saw that this man who was covered by the fire had emerged little by little from the flames and had finally become intact.

He wasn’t burned at all, not even a bit.

So, the Grand Fireball Technique didn’t work on him.


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