One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 30: The Last Hit!



The Great Fireball Technique wasn’t effective at all.


Then, Rogen felt danger, in a moment, Dragon’s figure flashed like the wind and with a horrible speed, he teleported in front of Rogen.


Rogen didn’t even see him moving.


“Too fast!”


No one could keep pace with this speed.


At this moment, Rogen’s heart beat violently and got shocked. Even his Sharingan couldn’t catch him.


Then, when they made eye contact, Rogen used his Mangekyō Sharingan.




Rogen said it with a cold voice. His whole body chilled out and a cold sweat appeared on his face. Then, he jumped away from Dragon.


It was a moment of life or death. He even believed that if he didn’t defend himself and let Dragon get in touch with him, that he would get a serious injury. After all, he wasn’t really Itachi, he was just attached to him, he does not have his powerful body, so he couldn’t withstand that attack.


He just has a normal body, and he will die if he got hit by Dragon’s claw.


In the other side, Dragon found himself in completely another place.


After a glance around, he found himself tied to a cross, unable to struggle, and the sky looked gloomy and bloody. He noticed that it was like the color of Rogen’s eyes.


“Is it an illusion again? That’s brilliant!”


Dragon was amazed by that illusion, he until now has not discovered where Rogen has been releasing it.


“No, his pupil!”


Suddenly, Dragon saw the scarlet sky, and then he reacted with a smile at the corner of his mouth.


But because of this, he was even more amazed.


“As long as we make an eye contact, he will be able to drag me to this place of his illusion! He is such a great kid!”


After that, he saw a figure approaching him coldly.




As if, there was no emotion at all in this figure. It cruelty pierced his body.


For an instant, his body has been torn, Dragon’s whole body was trembling, and his forehead was covered with sweat.


“This is really painful. This illusion, it’s tearing up my soul.”


He thought that this was the end of the matter, but the pain that he suffered contained, and even Dragon the most outstanding of the Rear Admirals, his face changed dramatically.


Immediately afterward, he suffered the most painful torture in his life.


He will never forget Rogen’s face for the rest of his life.


In the outside world, hardly a few seconds have passed. Rogen was alert to see Dragon open his eyes, only to deal with a sudden white face, messy eyes, as if he suffered from a heart attack, then he breathed a sigh of relief.


“The Tsukuyomi was effective.”


Rogen was happy and satisfied. He stared at Dragon’s eyes and he was going to cast it again. But at this time, his eyebrows were drawn, there was a sharp pain in his eyes, which made him scream loudly from the pain.


Because of that, Dragon also took a slow breath.


None of them attacked again for a while, they quietly took a break and kept looking at each other.


The time has passed quickly, and after a few breaths, Rogen touched his right eye, and clearly saw a trace of blood between his fingers.


“It’s dangerous to use it again!”


Looking at Dragon, he saw that Dragon still have the exhausted expression.


“You are too dangerous. It seems that I must kill you here today. Otherwise, if I let you leave this place, I’m afraid that will lead to more terrible consequences to the world.”


“Kill me? Huh!”


Rogen laughed and wiped the blood in his hand.


Then, the two stared again at each other. They were full of killing intentions.


Dragon raised his right hand, his eyes were so serious, and then he fisted his right hand.


“BOOOM!” (Thunder SFX)


The sky above Loguetown changed and burst into dark clouds, and the golden lightning and thunderbolts crisscrossed, as if there were electronic dragons floating inside the clouds. Suddenly, a huge storm came in.


This scene was so shocking, and the dark clouds almost covered the whole Loguetown in an instant.


“Why does the weather changed all of a sudden?”


“Look at the sky. I’m afraid the storm is coming soon.”


“But the sea outside the island is still calm.”


The people on the island didn’t know what was this situation. They looked at the sky in confusion.


Rogen’s eyes narrowed, and then he ran towards the coast.


Having the possession of Itachi Uchiha, his speed has already exceeded the limit, his hands were hanging backward, and he was leaping and running on the roof of the building. He almost turned into a phantom, just after a few second, Rogen has already left Dragon’s sight limit.


“You can’t escape me!”


Dragon squinted at Rogen’s back. His face was still pale, and his spirit was badly damaged by the Tsukuyomi. After all, it was a direct attack on the soul, even Dragon couldn’t defend against it.


Dragon’s figure has flashed like the wind. In a blink of an eye, he vanished from that place.


Rogen was flowing fast on top of the building, and when he saw the golden beach, he stopped running.


He glanced at it, and the light shined in his eyes.


“My ship is on the beach about 2km away from here, if I defeat Dragon now, I will quickly leave this place.”


Looking at the horizon, Dragon’s figure has appeared in front of him, so Rogen took a deep breath.


“I didn’t intend to use my full strength. It seems that there is no other way!”


Dragon was worthy of being a Rear Admiral of the Marine. He cracked out from Itachi’s illusion, and his other attacks, he can easily avoid any attack, but also Rogen didn’t get hurt either. It was an embarrassing situation, at the beginning of the fight, he has the advantage to defeat Rogen, but now, the scale has been slowly tilted.


The time slowly goes by, and Rogen does have a lot of time to spend with Itachi’s possession before it gone.


“This battle must end now!”


Once his eyes narrowed, Rogen’s momentum suddenly increased.




Dragon noticed a change on Rogen, his eyes shrank, and he stared closely at Rogen below.


Just in one look to his eyes, Dragon’s body trembled, and his eyes flashed with confusion.


Unconsciously, he was afraid to get into another illusion.


“It seems that I can’t look into his eyes.”


He closed his eyes, Dragon completely gave up the vision.


However, this has no effect on his combat, with his Haki, he could still clearly perceive Rogen’s actions.


At this moment, Rogen said from the bottom.


“Dragon, this is my last shot. If it catches you, you will only be sorry.”


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