One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 261: “Suspicious!”

Mary Geoise, at the door of the Little Master’s family.

“Get out of the way, I’m saint Caros, how dare you to stop me?”

Caros shouted at the black-suited men who blocked him from entering the house.


The two guards looked at each other with hesitation.

They were sure that the man with the bubble was Saint Caros, but the three men behind him, they look like bad guys.

“Get out of my way, otherwise, you’ll die!”

Saint Caros was very angry.

After he was kidnapped, Jason and his mates forced him to lead the way here. If he didn’t obey the orders or dare to resist, they would kill him.

What’s wrong with him? he began to suspect that he was a false Celestial Dragon.

Under the urging orders of Saint Caros, the two bodyguards let him in. Although the three guys were strange, they should be his personal bodyguards or something like that.

“Good job!”

Seeing that the guards stepped away, Caros felt relieved. When he looked back, he saw Trensu’s muzzle facing him, he trembled and led the way for them without a second thought.

“You’ve done a great job till now. We can be a trainee member of our crew!”

Caros was completely sad after hearing what Crocodile just said.

Who wants to be a pirate? And a trainee member. He’s a Celestial Dragon, Caros was thinking about being the captain of this pirate group.

“Very good suggestion Crocodile!”

Jason nodded.

“Don’t worry, it’s something good to be a pirate. We’ll treat you as a person when you join us!”

Trensu smiled.

Caros trembled, he didn’t utter a word, he could only snort to express his dissatisfaction.

Everything went according to their plan; they finally reached the courtyard when the little master was.

All the guards inside the courtyard bowed their heads in front of Saint Caros that was very careful to do anything wrong. The three men behind him were ready to kill him at any moment.

The mortals who dared to break into the Marine Headquarters and then here have to be crazy and courageous, and they won’t hesitate to shoot him.

“I’m Saint Caros, and I’m here to see my fiancée!”

Standing at the door, Caros stared at the guards and ordered them.

“Get out of my way!”

The guards in front of him nodded immediately, and let the way for Caros and the three men behind him.

In the Celestial Dragon’s palace, the defense force was very strong, these guards in black were good fighters, and they were the best. They were powerful, once they surrounded you, you’ll never get out.

“Caros-Sama, welcome!”

A group of black-suited men greeted Caros and bowed their heads with a smile.

“You can go!”

Caros smiled, and then he stepped forward.

But when Trensu and the others followed him, the black-suited men blacked their way.

“You cannot pass!”

Caros eyes began to move around and wanted to find a chance to escape, but when he saw the muzzle under Trensu’s clothes again, he gave up the idea.

“Step away from them, they are my personal guards, they follow me wherever I go!”

Caros turned around and scolded them, showing the majesty of the Celestial Dragons.


The guards hesitated.

“What are you trying to do? I’m a Celestial Dragon, did you forget that?”

Hearing this, the black-suited men bowed their heads again and said.

“Sorry Caros-Sama, please come in, we’ll be outside. In case of trouble, just call for us!”

Caros didn’t understand what the guards meant, he looked up, and then he moved forward with pride.

Crocodile and his mates felt the warning.

The guards were clear, it was something like threatening, if these three did anything wrong, they will intervene.

In the manor.

Elu, the little master was sitting on the steps, and in front of her, Lunta, who was leaning against the wall with eyes closed.

Suddenly, Lunta stared at the door.

Caros and the three people just entered.

Lunta could tell that there’s something wrong with these three guys.

“I’m here to see my fiancée!”

Lunta stepped forward and bowed to salute.

“Welcome Caros-Sama!”

“And who are you?”

Caros said coldly.

“I’m the guard of this palace, I’m responsible for your fiancee’s safety!”

Lunta answered quickly.

“You go out, I want to talk with her!”

Caros tone was full of arrogance.

Lunta wasn’t surprised at all, he had seen Celestial Dragon fiercer than the boy in front of him.

“Well, I think that I can’t do that. I have superior orders to never leave this place!”

Lunta shook his head, he was very firm.

“Can we have a close-talk with her?”

At this time, Trensu opened his mouth.

Lunta’s eyes flashed when he heard that.

Caros was stunned at that moment, but he didn’t utter a word.

Silence filled the place at that moment.

With his keen intuition, Lunta could tell that there’s something wrong with these three.

Moreover, Caros didn’t scold him at all, and that’s something suspicious.

At that moment, the sand inside Crocodile’s gourd began to move, and Jason clenched his fist.

Trensu stared at Lunta with a smile on his face, and he didn’t say anything.


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