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S.P.P: Chapter 264: 6th Army!

After hearing that, Crocodile and Jason smiled and then they rushed toward him.

When he saw that, Caros eyes trembled, these two were going to give Donglai a very bad punishment.

Crocodile and his mates don’t care about the identity of the Celestial Dragons.

“Who the hell are you?”

Donglai shouted with anger.

As a Celestial Dragon, who dare to treat him like that?


Crocodile turned into sand and punched him hard on the face. Donglai turned several times before falling to the ground, and his face was full of blood.

“You’re not in a good position to ask questions, or you want to die, idiot!”

Hearing that, Donglai bowed his head and didn’t utter a word, no one ever dared to insult him like this.

He secretly glanced at the man in front of him, and he saw a burly figure with an ugly face looking at him.

“What do you want me to do?”

Donglai seemed to surrender, he doesn’t want to die.

“It’s true that the Celestial Dragons are sitting in the highest position in the world, but I have to say that you are just a bunch of cowards with a good position!”

Crocodile laughed.

“Where is the eldest member of this family?”

Jason shouted.

He really wants to take revenge from those who treated his mate very badly.

At the same time in Elu’s palace.

A middle-aged man of the Elu family stood up slowly, and he was completely angry at that moment. He stared at his guard and shouted.

“You 6, stay here, and the rest of you go and support the other guards!”

He realized that there’s something wrong after hearing the first explosion. He didn’t panic at all, he just gave orders.

“Who dared to break into my place?”

After giving orders, his eyes flashed and he wondered.

He didn’t care about the identity of the intruder(s), but he was sure that this will bring a lot of troubles.

Suddenly, a thought came up to his mind.

“Maybe a pirate, is that possible?”

But after a second thought, he rejected it.

“No, I don’t think so, it’s impossible for a pirate to that, he doesn’t have enough courage!”

Celestial Dragons are the nobles of this world, and they are the real rulers, no one dares to violate their dignity and no one dares to confront them.

The orders of the middle-aged man were very effective. Within a minute, a large number of black-suited men arrived.

“I’m the captain of the 6th army stationed in Mary Geoise, under your command your highness!”

As he entered, he bowed his head and saluted the Celestial Dragon in front of him.

“We have some intruders; I believe that you’ll deal with them perfectly!”

He smiled.

“With pleasure, sir!”

The captain was very confident.

The Marines play an important role in this chaotic era, especially this kind of groups, they were extremely powerful, and they intervene only in serious cases.

As they arrived, they made a plan for the battle. After they determined the position of the enemy, thousands of Elite soldiers left the palace at a high speed.

On the other side, Jason and his group got the information they wanted from Donglai.

“I didn’t expect that you’ll give me the information easily!”

Jason smiled.

“I really want to punch him!”

After a while, he knocked Donglai and left the place.

He didn’t kill anyone here. Celestial Dragons are the aristocrats of the world, if Jason and his mates kill them, they will be in a huge pressure in the future, and the whole world will hunt them. They only wanted to rescue their friend and take revenge from the leader of his family.

Jason did not hesitate to be in charge in the absence of Rogen.

After reaching 300 meters away from the Palace, they heard something weird.

“Da, Da, Da!”

A series of footsteps sounded, and then a large group of black-suited men came from all directions. They were different from the previous ones; it was clear that these guys were powerful. They were armed with heavy rifles and cannon launchers.

They look like the Marines.

“It’s the 6th army!”

The Little Master was upset.

“6th army! What is that?”

Jason and his mates were stunned. They often confront the Marines, but they seldom encounter special forces.

“Under the flag of the World Government, there are Marines, 6th army, and other special forces. And like the Marines, the 6th army is well equipped and well trained!”

“This group has nothing to do but protecting the Celestial Dragons!”

“I heard about them, but I didn’t expect to see them here!”

The little master was confused, and her tone was nervous.

“I don’t care what army they are, let’s destroy them!”

Jason clenched his fists.

“Crocodile, Trensu get ready to fight!”

“Let’s do it!”

In a flash, the three mates took action and ran toward the front.


At the same time, the opposite side pointed their weapons, and the sound of gunshots came out.

“Boom, Boom!”

As he rushed forward, Jason’s eyes contracted.

A bullet penetrated his arm and forced him to retreat immediately.

As well as Crocodile, several bullets rushed toward him quickly, and sand particles scattered everywhere from his body, and he was forced to retreat also.

Their rifles seemed to be very powerful.

“Suppress them! Marksman retreat, artillery move forward, attack!”

The captain shouted loudly.

“Boom, Boom, Boom!”

A series of gunfire suddenly exploded.

Shells fell like rain on Jason and Crocodile with no mercy. No matter how strong they are, they won’t last against this powerful attack. If they didn’t act quickly, they would lose.

At this time, Trensu jumped to the air and used Geppo to move forward, and then he aimed at the black-suited men.

“Get this little monkey down!”

The captain shouted again.


A huge shell rushed up and went straight at Trensu.

“Damn it!”

Trensu’s expression changed.



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