One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 266: Powerful Supernovas!

An interval of 0.2 seconds was a very short time, Trensu won’t be able to seize the opportunity to find and shoot his enemy.

His task was almost impossible, he was facing five of the best snipers in the world. In their perception, time and wind slow down, even the actions of their enemy slows down when they aim, these five snipers were amazingly skilled.

“Get ready!”

The low command sounded in their ears.

All snipers remained calm after hearing the captain’s words, as if they fall asleep.

the wind was very slight, but in their eyes, it was roaring, and all the movements and stillness were magnified countless times in their ears.

It was the same technique used by Trensu.

All of sudden, one of the five waved his hand.



The bullet roared out of the gun and rushed toward Trensu’s head.

The bullet was moving very fast, but in Trensu’s perception, it was very slow.

“First one!”

Trensu’s spirit became very tense, and he clenched his black gun.

After 0.2 seconds, another gunshot sounded.


Without opening his eyes, Trensu put his index on the trigger and remained calm.

“Boom, Boom!”

The 3rd and the 4th shots sounded.

“One more bullet to go!”

In his mind, the four bullets were only 50 meters away from him.

Trensu’s eyes began to tremble crazily, and his forehead was sweating hard.


The 5th gunshot sounded.

“All found!”

Suddenly, he opened his eyes. Instead of looking anywhere, he took a quick step to the right.

At the same time, he moved his black gun, and then pulled the trigger.


The 6th shot sounded. The bullet that has been brewing in Trensu’s gun finally saw the light.

In Trensu’s mind, the five bright spots did not disappear.

Like a lone wolf facing five wild animals, Trensu’s bullet rushed forward toward the 5 bullets.

In a flash, Trensu’s bullet hit the first bright spot.


When the two bullets collided, the first bright spot flashed and then ricocheted.

At the same time, due to the force of the collision, Trensu’s bullet changed its direction and hit the 2nd bullet and pushed it away.


As if time has stopped, Trensu’s bullet hit the 2nd bullet and rushed toward the 3rd one quickly.

The five snipers were shocked, and their eyes widened.

“How is that possible?”

Trensu’s action was unbelievable, impossible. How could that young boy do such a thing?


Two times in a row, Trensu’s bullet destroyed the 4th bullet and hit the 5th one. This time, his bullet seemed to be exhausted, the fifth bullet didn’t move away.


The bullet went straight toward Trensu’s body and penetrated him.

Although the blood was flowing from his body, Trensu wasn’t sad at all.

On his sweating face, Trensu smiled.

“I won!”

“You are going to die!”

In a moment, Trensu shot another bullet again and hit one of the snipers directly in the eye.


Immediately, his mate reacted and shot.

Trensu moved quickly and dodged it easily, and…


He shot again the 2nd sniper.


The second sniper was down.

In three seconds or less, Trensu killed all the five snipers. What a skillful boy.


Trensu was extremely happy, and he felt relieved after killing them all.

It can be said that this moment of confrontation consumed 70% of his energy.

At that moment, Crocodile put his hand on the ground.

In front of him, a huge sand wall appeared and blocked all the attacks.

“Ground Secco!”

As he said that, the area in front of him vibrated and cracked.

“Sand burial!”

Crocodile shouted again and pressed on the ground.


On the ground, the sand was boiling, and then rushed up into the sky and covered the sight of all the soldiers, making them frightened.

“What is that?”

“He is a devil fruit user!”

“We need reinforcement, we can’t handle the situation anymore!”

The so-called 6th army panicked and didn’t know what to do.

“You need to retreat when the infantry team is down!”

The captain shouted in panic when he saw such a scene.

In the next second, the sand that had floated into the air suddenly fell and drowned a large number of soldiers.

“Damn it!”

The captain clenched his fists and he was completely mad.

“Who the hell are those guys?”

From his back, a group of six people came to the front, they have been watching the fight since the beginning.

“Those are the Supernovas of this year, the bounty on their heads reached 200 million!”

On of the six laughed.

“200 Million?”

The captain was stunned.

“Let’s see their true power then!”


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