One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 268: I should have killed you!

A group of black-suited men appeared and stood in front of the captain and his crew.

“The 6th Army is so vulnerable, right?”

The captain of the black-suited man was laughing.


When he heard that, the captain of the 6th Army snorted coldly. He couldn’t destroy the three guys from the Wraith, so he ordered his subordinates to retreat quickly.

The 6th Army is indeed responsible for the safety of the Celestial Dragon, but they didn’t want to die.

They have lost a lot of fighters already, and they didn’t want to fight again.

In the Holy Land, they have heard some rumors that the Marine Headquarters was in the middle of a great war, and it might be a great chance for pirates to break in.

It was ridiculous to think about it. Some rookies broke into the Holy Land where the Celestial Dragons live. Even more, one of them has been kidnapped, what a shame.

The leader of the black-suited men shouted.

“Surround the Elu Palace, Pirates should die today!”

The captain of the 6th Army was stunned, and he didn’t know what to do.

If he wasn’t wrong, the group that just passed was the guards of another Celestial Family that have conflicts with the Elu family.

After taking a deep breath, the Captain of the 6th Army shook his head and left.

It can be said that he was happy because he’s alive. It’s better to live than dying for no reason.

In the Elu Palace.

The middle-aged man stood at the gate of the hall and looked down at the panicked soldiers in front of him.

“Master, the 6th Army has retreated!”

One of the guards shouted with fear.

Upon hearing the news, the Celestial Dragon got shocked.

“What about the guy who broke into the Palace? Is he dead?”

“No, No, he, they, they are coming here!”

The guard was even more frightened.

The middle-aged man was completely angry after hearing that.

“That group of rubbish! they dared to leave before catching the pirates!”


He felt that something bad was going to happen.

Who are they? It was clear that this group are targeting his family, but for what?

The inaction of the 6th Army made him feel strange. He didn’t believe that this special Army couldn’t defeat a few pirates.

“Damn, how could they do such a thing against the Celestial Dragons!”

He shouted with anger.

As he roared, the gate of the palace exploded.

The beautiful garden and the rare vegetation were shattered like what happened in the Donglai’s Manor.

A group of five people came out of the smoke and dust.

“Where is the eldest of the Elu family? Get out!”

The burly figure who was standing in the front shouted with majesty.

What a bold man, he dared to face the Celestial Dragons, and scold him.

This will cause a lot of trouble eventually.

Looking ahead, they saw the middle-aged man in the hall shaking and his face was red. Everyone knew that the Celestial Dragon was angry.

After knocking down several guards, Jason and his mates strode forward and when they reached the gate of the hall, he stared at the man in front of him and shouted.

“Is that you?”

Elu’s face changed, and he got so angry.

“How dare you talk to a Celestial Dragon like that?”

“Do you want to die?”

He shouted with anger.


When he heard that, Jason slapped him and said.

“Celestial Dragon?”

Elu fell, Jason’s slap was extremely strong.

He couldn’t believe that someone dared to slap him.

What a brave man!

“Celestial Dragon, right!”

Jason laughed and slapped him again.

Elu couldn’t bear the power of this burly man in front of him. two more slaps and he would be dead.

As he wanted to stand up, a kick came from behind and forced him to fall again.

“Who told you to stand up?”

When he looked up, he saw a ferocious man with a cigar in his mouth.

Immediately afterward, another foot slammed on his chest.

“You dared to treat our companion so bad; do you think that we would treat you like a human being?”

Trensu whispered.

Caros eyes trembled, he couldn’t believe what was happening.

“Oh, My God!”

At this moment, he realized that nothing would stop these men, they even dared to scold and punish a Celestial Dragon.


All of sudden, Elu saw the little master behind them.

“It’s you, of course, it’s you!”

“I should have killed you!”

Elu shouted with anger.

He was angry because he didn’t kill her, now, she attracted a group of reckless men to fight against him.

What a shame, if anyone heard about this incident, the reputation of the Elu family would be down.

From now on, his family won’t be able to raise their heads among the Celestial Dragons.


Jason laughed and slapped Elu once again.

“You, how dare you hit me? don’t you know who I’m”


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