One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 270: Artillery!

The sky above the Elu Palace turned black.

A round of shells came out of the cannons and reached the sky, and covered the whole area.

“Boom, Boom, Boom!”

“What the hell is that? who dared to fire outside?”

“Oh My God, we’re going to die!”

Caros was afraid and began to cry.

He was sure that no one in this world could handle that number of shells. No matter how powerful Jason and his friends, they won’t be able to defend against this terrible attack. It was an artillery attack that can cover the entire Palace.

“Someone is trying to kill us?”

With a heavy tone, Crocodile glanced at Elu behind him and said again.

“Including him too!”

“It’s a dangerous situation!”

“Is there a solution? Crocodile, what about your Devil Fruit ability?”

Jason shouted quickly.

Under the coverage of such large-scale artillery, Jason thought that only Crocodile could save them.

“I don’t know, I’ll do my best!”

With a solemn expression, Crocodile opened his right hand slowly and looked at the sky.

It was a very powerful attack, like the famous Buster Call of the Marines, it relies on firing a huge number of shells at the same time. Such an attack can destroy a huge island in a few seconds.

At that moment, the fired shells could burn everyone alive. It was a terrorist attack that can destroy the entire Palace in a flash.

“Sand Cover!”

As he said that, the Alligator on his shoulder roared and drifted away in all directions, and then rushed into the sky and formed a sand cover above everyone.


Finally, the shells began to fall and tore the thin sand cover.

Crocodile’s eyes contracted, and then he acted quickly and waved his right hand to form another sand cover but thicker.

“Boom, Boom!”

Several shells fell on the sand cover and made a loud explosion.

“Damn it!”

Because of the strong hits, the sand particles began to fall, making everyone nervous.

“Can you do it?”

Jason was worried.

Everyone noticed that the sand cover had been torn by the shells several times.

“Too hard…Ugh!”

Crocodile took a deep breath and then shook his hand again.

It was the same technique used by Buster Call, and it was hard to resist it.

Under the huge bombardment, the entire palace turned into ruins and fire ate everything already.

“Help, help me!”

“We’re going to die!”

Screams came out from everywhere. After a while, there will be no palace or any member of the Elu family inside it.

In the hall, Elu the middle-aged man who was lying to the ground looked up in a daze.

His whole body trembled when he saw the scene in front of him.

“Who is it? Who dared to do that?”

He was completely angry.

“Who wants me dead? Who dares to destroy my palace? I’m Elu, the Celestial Dragon!”

No one responded, everyone was busy escaping the palace.


A shell hit the main hall making a huge hole on the roof. Bricks and huge rocks fell on Elu’s body, letting him suffer a huge pain.

“It’s over, ugh!”

He coughed and spat out blood, he was powerless at the moment, he was completely afraid that he won’t be able to escape.

He felt ashamed, his majestic family was about to be destroyed.

His body was covered with hot flames after being hit by 4 more shells.

Every part of the Elu manor was under the fury of the artillery that destroyed everything.

The first wave of shelling lasted for 3 minutes. And then, after a little pause…

“Prepare for the second wave!”

“3… 2…1, Fire!”

“Boom, Boom…..”

Before they could escape, another round of bombarding launched again. Everyone was desperate at that moment.

“Damn it!”

Jason clenched his fist, he couldn’t do anything. He was sure that even the Admiral would be powerless against these dense shells.

Crocodile who is a Devil Fruit user wasn’t strong enough, he could only defend passively for a while and didn’t dare to move at all.

Even his sand cover was about to fell down because of the huge temperature.

“We won’t make it!”

“But who is it, who wants to kill the Celestial Dragons?”

Caros trembled, and he couldn’t believe what was happening. Even the little master, she was confused and didn’t know what to do.

“Damn it, Damn it!”

Jason cursed, he was completely helpless.

After the great effort they have made to save their comrade, they were stuck in the middle of an unknown war.


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