One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 275: “Finally, you’re here!”

“They are free to go, right?”

After a period of silence, Rogen looked at Sengoku and asked him.


Sengoku nodded, and then he turned his head to order Sakazuki.


Suddenly, Rogen stopped him.

“Eh, What?”

Sengoku’s eyes contracted.

“Can I talk to them? I want to say goodbye!”

Rogen smiled.

“No problem, make it quick!”

After a while of hesitation, Sengoku nodded.

“Thank you!”

After thanking him, Rogen turned around and went toward Jason and the others.

Behind him, Sengoku decided to follow him to prevent any accident.
“Well, Sengoku, don’t be nervous. That kid is worthy of trust!”

Garp smiled.

“Damn it, Garp, you’re a Marine. Be prepared to shot if anything comes up!”

Sengoku shouted.

“Alright, but it’s okay, nothing is going to happen!”

Garp laughed.

After a while, Rogen reached his crew.

“Guys, you need to leave without me, I have something to discuss with them!”

Rogen didn’t want to tell the truth.

“Rogen, what is going on?”

The little master was worried.

“Don’t worry, just leave, and I’ll meet you later!”

Rogen smiled and comforted everyone.

“Captain, we’re not stupid. We all heard the words of that old man. Are you going to stay here instead of us?”

Jason muttered.

They weren’t fools, and they were not willing to accept such a thing.

“Who said that you are fools?”

Rogen was helpless, and he refused to admit it.

“Just leave and stay low. I’ll catch up with later. Wait for me!”

“We were right!”

Trensu muttered.

“Captain, let’s fight, we are not afraid of anything!”

“We are strong together!”

Jason shouted.

“You said that we share everything in this life!”

Crocodile was very serious.

“You guys!”

For some reason, Rogen’s eyes and nose turned red. The feeling of being cared about is really good.

Because of this, Rogen didn’t want his crew to get hurt.

His crew members were extremely awesome, he didn’t want them to take any risk. They weren’t strong enough to lunch a war against the Marines.

Once again, he looked carefully at his crew, and deeply remembered their faces in his heart.

Jason, with his clenched fist ready to attack any time. the powerful man that could destroy a mountain, and could eat a mountain of meat too. He was unforgettable.

Crocodile, the Cigar lover, the powerful Devil Fruit user. He is ugly but very gentle.

Trensu, the clever guy and the best sniper, he was a man who could suppress his feelings. He was fragile and he was about to cry, but he acted like he was fine.

The little master, the little kitten that turned out to be a pretty girl from the Celestial Dragons. Who would believe this? At that moment, she was crying and suffering. She knew that something bad was going to happen.

The last one, Caros. Rogen didn’t know him at all, but he was sure that this guy helped them to save the little master.

What a lovely group. It’s hard to forget them.

“I will come back, don’t worry about me!”

Rogen smiled and didn’t show any weakness.

“Captain, we will wait for you!”

Trensu was very sad.

“Leave now!”

As he said that, he patted on the gourd on his waist that expanded immediately. And then, like a little window opened and threw Z out.


Z was completely angry.

It was clear that he was in pain, his body was covered with blood. After coming out, he couldn’t do anything but lay on the ground.


Rogen lowered his voice and patted on the Gourd again. And in a blink of an eye, Jason and the others were swallowed into the Magical Gourd.


“Captain, what is that?”

Inside the Gourd, Jason and the others shouted.

“The Gourd will take you away, don’t worry about me!”

“Take care, brothers. I’ll meet you again, I promise!”

“Don’t be impulsive, practice hard, and get stronger!”

Seeing them flying away, Rogen smiled.

“Finally, they are safe!”

With the Magical Gourd and the Sengoku’s promise, Rogen doesn’t have to worry about his crew anymore.

It was the best solution he could have.

Perhaps, the temporary separation will create a stronger future for them.

“You broke the agreement, Rogen!”

When he returned to Sengoku, the latter shouted.

“I’m here, you can take me to the Impel Down!”

“The legendary underwater prison. What it looks like down there?”

“I’m really curious!”

Rogen laughed.

“You seemed to be very happy to spend the rest of your life there!”


After cuffing him with the Kairōseki, Rogen felt weak.

“Damn it, I shouldn’t have eaten the Devil fruit!”

Rogen cursed, he even found difficulties to stand up.

“Take him down with the Golden Lion for the time being. We’ll send them to the Impel down later!”

Sengoku ordered the Marines to take Rogen.

“That kid, what a pity!”

Looking at Rogen’s back, Garp shook his head and sighed.

In the sky, the Gourd was extremely fast, they already crossed a very long distance to the area where to the wooden boat was docket.

Suddenly, they saw a strange figure standing on it.

“You’re here, finally!”


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