One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 274: This Rogen is a real hero!

Sengoku kept staring at Rogen without doing anything.

He was judging the strength of Rogen’s body at that moment. His attack wasn’t strong, and definitely not weak. This kind of aggressive power can be compared with Shiki’s casual attack.

After the bloody war against Shiki, can the Marines bear another war? Besides, Garp seemed to be a friend with this guy, will he do his best in the fight?

It can be said that Sengoku doesn’t trust his companion.

If they didn’t reach a point that satisfies both sides, Rogen might win and escape from here.

As for his companions on the other side, it wasn’t a big problem for Sengoku. Since they came here, the group became under the control of the Marines.

With a cold face, Sakazuki led a large group of Marines and stood 30 meters away from Jason and the others.

“Stand here and wait for the orders, don’t act rashly!”


All the team prepared themselves and fixed their eyes on the group in front of them.

Seeing this scene, Jason’s expression changed and he whispered.

“Be ready to attack!”

Everyone clenched their fists and they were ready to rush, except Caros, he looked at the sky and kept thinking. He is nothing but an innocent, he didn’t want to come with this group, they forced him.

“Rogen, no one in this world could threaten the Marines. But tell me, what do you want!”

Sengoku’s tone was very cold.

“I’ll give you Z, and in return, you let us go!”

Rogen patted on the gourd in his waist and said in a low voice.

“Not enough!”

Sengoku squinted and shook his head.

“My bargaining chip is Admiral Z. And as you know, my strength is no less than The Golden Lion. If you want a fight, let’s do it.”

Rogen smiled and looked at the Marines in the distance.

“Of course, I might lose, but…”

“The other Marines are innocent, it’s so sad that they will die!”

This sentence clearly means Rogen’s helplessness, but secretly, it is a bloody threat.

Sure enough, his words made Sengoku and Garp’s eyes contracted.

Can the Marines afford another loss? The Golden Lion put them in a very bad situation. Although they caught the other side and won, it was hard for them to start another fight.

“Once we start a fight, none of your companions can run away!”

Sengoku took a deep breath and said with a cold tone.

For the first time, he thought it wasn’t easy to deal with the guy in front of him.

Using a Marine as a threat was very stupid, but it was very smart.

“Two of our best Marines are seriously injured, and the headquarters is destroyed. Someone needs to be punished, especially after making a chaos in the Mary Geoise!”

Sengoku turned and shouted at Rogen.

“Your companion can go this time, but you have to stay!”

Hearing this sentence, Rogen’s heart trembled. He naturally knows what will happen.

Rogen clenched his fist and then laughed.

“Z’s life against my companion’s life?”

“What? Not enough!”

Sengoku shook his head.

“Z isn’t worthy to let us go?”

Rogen asked.

“Celestial Dragons needs an explanation!”

Sengoku’s tone was very solemn.

“I can let them go now, but they still have to die!”

“Celestial Dragon, Marines, and the World Government, if they decided to deal with anyone, then he can’t escape!”

Rogen’s pupil shrank.

He naturally knows that. The world isn’t simple, if you dared to face one of these organizations, then it’s hard for you to escape and survive.

“So, the life of Admiral Z and the Marines isn’t worth it!”

Rogen smiled.

Sengoku stared at Rogen and asked him in a low voice.

“Have you decided yet?”

“What to decide? If they’re going to be safe, then it’s okay!”

Rogen laughed, and then he turned and looked at Jason and the others.

He didn’t want them to fight again. In the face of these powerful Marines, the result was inevitable.

He thought that he could escape from the Impel Down if he is alone.

“We will send you to the Impel down, and you’ll spend the rest of your life there!”

Sengoku smiled.

“Haha, what makes you think that I can’t escape this prison?”

Rogen laughed.

Garp looked at Rogen’s expression. He wanted to tell him that since the establishment of the Impel down, too many powerful pirates have been detained, but no one has ever escaped from there.

“Your companions can leave, and you will be responsible for their crimes!”

Sengoku continued to speak.

After a brief conversation, the two sides were unified and finally settled.

Rogen didn’t have any problem with that. He guessed the result from the beginning.

There will be no fight today, and he won’t die, this is the best result he could have.

There are still 600 million in the system, which may surprise the Marines and the whole world after entering the Impel Down.

“I’m responsible for everything, don’t charge any crime for my crew. You have to promise me!

Rogen said in a deep voice.

“You have my word!”

Sengoku nodded.

No matter what the other party did and what was his identity. Sengoku was touched by the bravery of this kid. He sacrificed his life for his companion. He’s a true hero.

Shiki, the Golden Lion is powerful and courageous. He dared to attack the Marine Headquarters, but he can’t be a hero because of his selfishness.

Gol D. Roger is a hero, he launched the great era of pirates. What was unexpected was that Roger’s younger brother is a hero also.

In order to protect his companions, he chose to sacrifice.

This Rogen is a real hero.


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