One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: chapter 273: We’re here to talk!

After taking a deep breath, Rogen looked at Garp and smiled.

“Alright, let’s talk about it!”

When he heard this, Garp smiled, he doesn’t seem to be surprised at all.

“You look exactly like him!”

“I look nothing like him, we’re not the same!”

Rogen smirked, and then he looked down.

He naturally understood what was Garp talking about.

“I’ll wait down there, and I’m sure you will make the right choice!”

Garp stared at Rogen and then disappeared.

“Guys, don’t be impulsive, wait here!”

Rogen was very serious.

“Captain, they are trying to threaten you!”

“Just don’t listen to them, we can kill them!”

“Yes, we are very strong!”

Jason and his mates were angry and they wanted to change Rogen’s choice.

“Don’t worry, I have a plan!”

Rogen smiled.

He wasn’t afraid of them, after all, he has a special card in his hand. Rogen is a man with a plan, he won’t lose without resistance.

After calming his crew, Rogen strode forward and manipulated the Gourd to put his friends in a safe place.

Standing in the air, Rogen looked down, and he found that Sengoku and Garp were talking with Kong, which made his heart sink again.

At that moment, Rogen and his crew were in a very dangerous situation. On the side of the Marines, there was, Garp, Sengoku, and even Sakazuki, who was extremely powerful. Behind them, there were countless elites.

Fighting is not the best choice for the Wraith, it was like trying to break stones with eggs.

Therefore, Rogen was very clear that the Marines wants to talk only, so he needs to find a point that satisfies both sides to reach a balance and avoid the greatest impact.

Rogen is very smart, and it’s very hard to manipulate him.

It can be said that the Marines and Rogen were in the same position, Rogen was afraid to fight against them, and the other side just finished a bloody war against Shiki. Both sides didn’t dare to rush.

In such a situation, negotiation is the best solution, so they need to talk about it.

“Admiral Z, I didn’t expect that I will need your help!”

Rogen murmured in a low voice.

“Boy, don’t use me to threat the Marines, otherwise I’ll kill myself!”

Z shouted.

He devoted his whole life to the Marines, so he couldn’t accept the idea of being under a pirate’s mercy.

Hearing Z’s words, Rogen put his hand on the gourd and blocked the sigh in front of Z, and then he cuffed his hand with a strange power. He wants to commit suicide! Let’s see then.

After a brief conversation between Sengoku and Kong, the Fleet Admiral turned and left. After a while, he led a group of Rear Admirals and went toward Mary Geoise.

When he saw that, Rogen’s eyes flickered, he was sure that the Marines were aware of the chaos that happened there.

Destroying the place of the Celestial Dragons is a big matter, if the Marines didn’t handle it properly, it will lead to great chaos to the whole world.

“Something bad happened in the Mary Geoise!”

Sengoku was confused.

“Your Fleet Admiral looks angry!”

Standing 10 meters away from Sengoku and Garp, Rogen smiled.

“Boy, you’re in big trouble!”

Sengoku is a man with a hard temper and very stiff.

“Don’t be angry, I came here with sincerity!”

Looking at Sengoku, Rogen patted on the gourd on his waist and smiled.

“Admiral Z is still here, you don’t want him to have any trouble, right?”

At that moment, the green light flashed from the gourd, and Z’s voice came out.

“Rogen, don’t try to threaten the Marines with me?”

In a blink of an eye, his voice stopped again.

“Admiral Z is still alive; you can rest assured Sengoku!”

Rogen smiled.

His tone made Sengoku angry.

“Boy, you’re joking about your life again!”

“You can’t threaten me like that, you should have guessed it!”

“We can’t let you leave like that!”

His face suddenly turned cold.

“All I worry about is my companion!”

Hearing Rogen’s words, the Admiral’s eyes flashed.

In an instant, the atmosphere changed, and it seems that the fight is about to begin.

“Hey, we are here to talk!”

Seeing that they were about to fight, Garp shouted and put his foot between them.

“Garp, don’t forget your identity, you are a Marine!”

Sengoku’s eyes turned red, he was very angry.

“I’m afraid to say that we can’t do anything to this guy, think about our friend, Z!”

Garp murmured.

Taking a deep breath, Sengoku knew that Garp was right, and he has nothing to do about it.

“Boy, you, Crocodile, Jason, and Trensu, you criminals should stay. Others can go!”

“The world is in chaos, and the Marine Headquarters is destroyed. Besides, we have two Admirals with serious injuries. It’s impossible for you to get away easily.

“You have to understand that!”

“We can ignore the rest of the crew, and we won’t issue a reward!”

Sengoku shouted.

He wanted the four main members of the Wraith to stay, and the result of this was self-evident. Either dead or spending the rest of their lives in the Impel Down.

“Admiral Sengoku, I don’t think that I can believe you!”

Rogen’s tone turned cold, and then the Seven Star Sword behind him trembled.

In the next moment, Rogen held his sword and stepped forward.

“What a bold boy!”

“Getsuga Tenshō!”

Seeing that, Sengoku raised his fist to stop Rogen’s attack.

With a fierce power, Rogen waved his sword and hit Sengoku’s right arm.


Sengoku’s expression changed slightly, and he took three steps back.

Garp didn’t intervene, he stared at them and then said.

“This won’t end well. Guys, we need to discuss!”


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