One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 272: “Boy, Come down!”

At that moment, 2/3 of the Marine Headquarters collapsed and turned into ruins.

They were even more shocked when they saw that the entire island was split into 6 little islands as if a great earthquake hit here.

Also, a large number of Marines gathered behind and their faces were full of fear, they must have seen something terrible.

“The Golden Lion has failed!!!”

Crocodile was stunned.

Not far away from the Marines, three figures were facing each other. One of them was covered with blood, panting heavily, and seemed to be very exhausted. While the other two were in a better situation.

These three were: Shiki, the Golden Lion, Monkey D. Garp, and Sengoku.

Everyone was clear that the fight between the Marines and Shiki was over.

The Golden Lion is powerful, but in the face of the most powerful Marines, he was completely helpless.

“That’s the end, Shiki!”

Garp shouted.

“Ha Ha Ha, I’m Shiki, the Golden Lion, I have never thought that I’ll lose to you today!”

Shiki shook his head and looked around. All his crew was either dead or arrested by the Marines.

“Interesting, Very interesting!”

“But I won’t give up!”

“Marines, you should grab this opportunity and kill me, Otherwise, I will come back in the future!”

Shiki’s voice was very solemn.

“I don’t think so. You’ll spend your whole life in the Impel Down!”

With a cold tone, Sengoku moved forward and prepared the Kairōseki for Shiki.

When he saw Sengoku, Shiki smiled.

“Kairōseki, haha!”

“Sengoku, Garp, nothing in the world can stop a pirate from going to the sea. One Day, I will come back!”

He was so rude, even after he got arrested, he laughed loudly.

“Come and take this bastard!”

Immediately, a group of Marines came over and took Shiki carefully.

“Finally, it’s over!”

Sengoku was somewhat helpless after seeing the ruins behind him.

“Hahaha, the whole department is destroyed, it seems that we have to change the place!”

“Don’t get too excited, remember who you are, Garp!”

Sengoku scolded him0

“Isn’t that good? We’ve lost the department, but we have arrested Shiki and his crew, hahaha!”

Garp laughed.

“Don’t forget the soldiers we lost, as well as Kuzan and Kizaru, we don’t know their situation yet!”

Sengoku shouted with anger.

“Oh, it’s a headache. That boy, how could he be so strong!”

Garp scratched his head, he was a little distressed.

“I want to arrest that kid as soon as possible!”

Suddenly, after saying that, he looked up and saw Rogen and his mates on the Jade Gourd.

“Boy, come down and let’s talk!”

His tone wasn’t loud, but it was easy to be heard.

“It seems that you are out of luck!”

In the Gourd, Z laughed.

Rogen’s heart sank. He didn’t think that the Golden Lion would lose in a very short time.

In his plan, he has carried out everything, even time. He just reached the edge of the Marine Headquarters and wanted to leave secretly.

“Admiral of the Marine headquarters, Sengoku. We are still busy, so are you. Just leave us alone!”

Rogen looked down and smiled.

“Boy, you’d better come down. You won’t be able to escape!”

After saying that, Garp’s figure distorted.

All of sudden, he appeared on the Gourd that was 100 meters away from the ground.


Rogen’s heart sank.

He was completely afraid. He might compete against the Admirals of the Marines and even win, but in the face of Garp, Rogen doubted.

The Hero of the Marine, Monkey D. Garp that can fight against Roger, the pirate king. He wasn’t an opponent that can defeat now.

Like the souls he summoned, Garp is one of the most powerful characters in the pirate world.

There were still 600 million left in the balance. He might get an extremely powerful soul, but in the face of this situation, he wasn’t sure that he’ll defeat Garp.

“Do you want to talk? About your fate and…”

Garp glanced at the people on the gourd and said.

“Your companions!”

In a word, Rogen’s eyes contracted.

“What are you talking about, dead old man?”

Hearing this, Crocodile and Jason got angry and attacked Garp.

In a blink of an eye, Garp flashed and avoided them and then put them on the Gourd easily.

“I think that Sengoku will let you decide!”

“If you ever tried to resist, will be happy to send you all to the Impel Down!”

“Or, you can decide to come down and we’ll let them get out of here!”

Garp’s eyes flashed.

Rogen clenched his fist and looked at the middle-aged man in front of him.

He was confused and didn’t know what to do. The pressure was very high at that moment.

Can he rely on the system and fight? Or he should go down and let his crew free.

“Captain, don’t listen to him. We’ll fight together!”

“We’ll live together, and die together!”

Crocodile, Trensu, and Jason shouted at that moment. Making the situation even harder.


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