One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: chapter 277: Bartholomew Kuma!

“Trensu, control the Gourd, and take us. We’re not afraid of death, as long as we are together. We can’t let the Marines take our captain like this!”

Jason shouted.

“I’m not the captain to do this, my Qi is not enough to take us to the Marine Headquarters again!”

Trensu shook his head. What he didn’t say was going there won’t be good, they will get caught also.


Jason turned and looked at Crocodile again.

“I can’t support us again, I’m exhausted!”

Crocodile shook his head.

The Wraith has been in a high battle rhythm since the beginning, they became very exhausted, and couldn’t launch another war, especially against a powerful organization like the Marines.

“If I were you, I wouldn’t rush to the Marine Headquarters again!”

As the members of the Wraith were arguing, a deep voice came over and interrupted them.

Everyone turned their heads abruptly, and only then they did discover that a figure was standing of their boat.

There was a burly figure with a bear-shaped hat, he was very big, even Jason and Crocodile looked like a child in front of him. He was about 7 meters.

It was hard to believe that they haven’t seen him till now.

“Who are you?”

Trensu’s right hand trembled, and then he took out the gun and aimed at him.

Jason and Crocodile became nervous, and they clenched their fists.

“This is Bartholomew Kuma, with a bounty of 250 million!”

Hearing that, Crocodile pupils contracted.

“Why are you here?”

Crocodile asked with a cold tone.

“If you were to travel, where would you like to go?”

Kuma’s tone was full of indifference.

“What are you talking about!”

“Stop making jokes!”

Jason roared and clenched his fists.

He was completely angry at that moment; he doesn’t care about who the other party was and what he just said about traveling.

“Hum, I’m not making jokes here, I’m serious!”

At the moment he finished the sentence, his body disappeared.

In a blink of an eye, he appeared in front of Jason and hit him with his palm.


Jason didn’t even have time to get surprised, he disappeared in a blink of an eye.

When he saw that, Crocodile shouted and rushed to attack.

“Hey, what the ….”

“Time for you to go!”


Kuma waved his palm and hit Crocodile, and like Jason, he disappeared.

After hitting Crocodile, he slapped the Little master that disappeared instantly. But when he faced Trensu, something strange happened.

“You are very calm. I think that you are a rational person. You don’t need it I think!”

Kuma asked.

“What do you want to do?”

Trensu asked with a serious expression.

As he said that, the wooden boat trembled and drifted away under the control of Kuma.

“Obey my orders, and you’ll be fine. Don’t worry about your friends, they will be fine!”

Kuma’s tone was very calm.

“Get out of here quickly!”

After finishing his sentence, Kuma turned and disappeared.

Trensu got confused and couldn’t say anything.

After a while, he took a deep breath and looked at Caros who got stunned. Trensu smiled and then pushed him.

“Let’s go!”

After a period of sailing, the wooden boat stopped by another ship, 63 kilometers away from the Grand Line.

“Excuse me, Are you Trensu From the Wraith?”

A black-suited soldier was standing on the bow looked nervously and Trensu and asked him.

“Yes, I am, what’s the matter?”

Trensu was surprised.

“Awesome, I met you finally!”

The soldier was very happy.

“And, who are you?”

“Night! We are the night. When the captain heard the news about Rogen-Aniki, he immediately ordered us to come and support you!”

The soldier explained quickly, and then he checked to the boat, no one was there except for Trensu and Caros.

“What about the others?”

When he heard that, Trensu’s face became dark, and didn’t know what to say.

“Well, Trensu, come with us to see the Captain first, and then we will discuss the plan to rescue the others!”

The soldier was very excited.

“Who are you? And why you want to help up?”

Trensu was curious, he has never seen this group before.

“Rogen-Aniki, he saved our lives!”

The soldier smiled.

Hearing this, Trensu felt relieved, he knew that his captain was a good person, so he believed this soldier. This group of people was very large, and obviously, they were under military management, and also, they were quite elite troops, even no less than the Marines.

“It’s not safe here, Trensu-Aniki, come with us!”

Without hesitation, Trensu nodded and jumped to their ship.

On an isolated island in the wide sea.

“Blu Blu Blu Blu!”

With a cold face, Kuma took the Den Den Mushi.

“Did you finish your task? And that boy, did you see him?”

A low voice came from the Den Den Mushi.

“Rogen is arrested. I have sent the other members away; they should be safe!”


On the other side, Dragon was stunned, and after a while he said.

“That boy is different, the Marines may not be able to take him down!”

“I believe that we will hear from him soon!”

“I’m looking forward to the opportunity to work with him!”

Dragon sighed and said again.

“Stay low, and don’t let anyone know about our relationship!”


Kuma hung up the phone and looked at the sea.

After a long time of thinking, he sighed.

“The sea has calmed down again, there will be another storm inevitably!”

Just after he said that thunder and lightning flashed over the sea, and the rain began to fall.

“Well, the sea has never been calm!”

“The world can’t be calm!”

In a blink of an eye, Kuma’s figure flickered and disappeared.

The Wraith actions were not known to Dragon and his organization only, there were a lot of eyes watching them secretly.

These quite little actions seemed to be nothing at this moment, but in the near future, it will lead to great changes in the world.


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