One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 278: Roger’s younger brother!

In the Marine Headquarters.

A large number of Marines stood on the ruins. Although they have lost a lot of elites in the war against Shiki, the Marines still have a lot of soldiers.

Several Marines Stationed around a demolished building. They were all lieutenants, and they were so powerful and the best among the elite of the Marines.

To defend the Marine Headquarters after the war, Vice Admirals and giants surrounded the center. Such a defense was like an iron wall, and it’s difficult for any enemy to penetrate.

All of sudden, a cuffed man surrounded by a group of Marines came slowly forward. In front of the group, there was the Hero of the Marines, wearing a dog’s hat. It was Monkey D. Garp.

“Boy, are you still standing still?”

Looking at Rogen walking slowly in the center, Garp frowned.

Devil Fruit users are so powerful, but once they got cuffed with Kairōseki, they will have no power.

Rogen shook his head and smiled. He doesn’t rely on his Devil Fruit too much. Besides, he was walking hard because he used all his true Qi from the last control of the Gourd.

“I think that this is not the Impel Down path!”

Rogen wondered.

After the war against Shiki, the entire headquarters got destroyed, and there was only one building left in the center, so the Marines decided to put Shiki and Garp inside it before sending them to the Impel Down.

“Hmm, we decided to send you and Shiki together, but not today!”

Garp smiled.

“Oh, really?”

Rogen’s eyes narrowed, and he smiled.

Rogen seemed to like the idea of going to the Impel Down with Shiki.

All the way toward the temporary prison, no one said anything. After 10 minutes of walking, they reached the center.

When he entered the building, he saw a huge steel cage placed in the center, and inside it, there was a person sitting on the ground.


Hearing the sound of the shackles, the yellow figure raised his head and looked at the kid who was walking toward him.

“Garp, you can’t put anyone in this cage with me!”

His majestic voice spread all over the place.

“Shiki! This is not a normal kid. Stay together a have a good talk!”

Garp’s tone was very cold.

As he said that, he opened the lock of the cage and motioned Rogen to enter.

Without saying anything, Rogen stepped in, sat in the corner, and closed his eyes.


Shiki stared at Rogen coldly. he didn’t ask about the kid’s identity. He was very exhausted after a huge war against the Marines, so he didn’t have much energy to talk.

In the cage, there were two of the most powerful men in the war, and around them, several Marines were watching them carefully.

In front of them, Garp sat on a big wooden chair to guard these two.

Rogen didn’t pay much care to Shiki and his thoughts. He closed his eyes and tried to restore his power.

For a moment, no one said anything.

After a period of cultivation, Rogen felt that his body became full, so he smiled.

The Marines are going to send him to the Impel Down, but Rogen doesn’t seem to be sad at all.

As long as they didn’t execute him, he still has hope. No matter how difficult the situation was, he thought that he is going to make it.

After a while, and when he felt that his True Qi had been restored to 50%, Rogen heard some noises outside.

“Well, what’s the matter with this kid, how could he sleep in a place like this?”

Shiki’s voice rang into Rogen’s ears.

“Rogen, wake up, it’s time to go!”

Garp’s voice came out.

At this moment, Rogen was disappointed, he didn’t restore all the true Qi yet.

When he opened his eyes, he saw that the cage had been opened by the Marines, and the Elites around him were staring at him. The atmosphere was very tense.

“Haha, I didn’t expect that I would be treated like this in my life!”

Rogen stood up and laughed.

All the Marines were looking at him as if he was a terrible murderer.

It would be fine if they were ordinary Marines, but this group was full of Vice-Admirals and Rear-Admirals.

“Stop smiling, we’re going to leave in a minute.”

Garp’s expression was very serious.

At this moment, the Hero of the Marines lost his usual smile. Even the higher ranks, they seemed to be very angry.

After a while, a large number of Marines gathered around Shiki and Rogen.

Rogen stepped to Shiki’s side and stood beside him.

“Who are you, boy? You’re somewhat familiar!”

Shiki was curious, this boy who is temporarily locked up with his is certainly not an ordinary person, the Marines won’t treat him like this if he was not.

“Hi, my name is Roger!”

Rogen smiled.


Shiki was stunned when he heard that, and then he roared.

“Asshole, are you trying to fool me up?”

As he shouted, Rogen smiled and stepped forward to follow the Marines.

“Hey, Shiki! Stop screaming, this kid is Roger’s younger brother. He took the opportunity when you launched a war against us and made a chaos in the Mary Geoise. Two of our best admirals are seriously injured because of him!”

Garp stooped the Golden Lion’s Roar.

“Is that him?”

Shiki was surprised.

Naturally, he had an impression of the strong man who destroyed the southeast corner and defeated two powerful Marines, but what he didn’t expect was the age and the identity of the other party.

“Roger’s brother?”

Shiki was shocked, he remembered where he had seen Rogen before.

“And what is the bounty on his head?”

“Shiki, move, we don’t have much time!”

Garp smiled and shouted.

“Haha, it’s our fate, kid!”


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