One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 279: Giant!

Shiki was extremely happy, and he stepped forward to catch up with Rogen.

He is worthy of being a world-class strong man. Even though he was cuffed with shackles, he didn’t face any problem with walking, it seems that the Kairōseki didn’t work at him.

“It’s not good to stay here!”

Rogen smiled.

“Haha, it’s doesn’t make any difference to me. now, I’m a prisoner, but I’ll get out of here very soon!”

The Golden Lion laughed.

“Hey, you two, stop talking!”

Garp was impatient and interrupted Shiki’s words.

Fifteen minutes later, they were taken on board. It was a very big warship surrounded by 5 other warships. Garp and five Vice-Admirals were at the shame warship with Shiki and Rogen to keep an eye on them.

The military force was very tight, and it was hard for Rogen and Shiki to escape.

“Boy, if you want to escape, this is the best opportunity. Do you have the courage to fight with me?”

Shiki’s loud voice awakened Rogen, who was sitting on the deck and trying to regain his power.

At that moment, Rogen began to think about this possibility.

“Can you move?”

Rogen whispered.

“Haha, whenever you’re ready!”

The Golden Lion laughed.

“I’m here, you idiot!”

At this time, Garp jumped and punched Shiki’s head, and then, with all his power he smashed his head into the deck.

“Stay calm and don’t do anything, otherwise, you’ll suffer!”

Garp stared at Rogen and shouted.

“Golden Lion, I thought that you are much stronger than this!”

Rogen shook his head and closed his eyes. The hero of the Marines didn’t leave any chance for Shiki to do anything, one punch was enough to knock the Golden Lion

Rogen wasn’t sure whether he should use the power of the system or not. As the Golden Lion said, this is the best opportunity to escape. Garp is the strongest person here, although Rogen was able to fight against the admirals, he can’t cope with the hero of the Marines.

“Time for the system!”

Suddenly, Rogen opened his eyes, he was about to summon a powerful soul.

At this time, a huge warship came up behind them.


When he heard that, Garp looked back and stopped the ship immediately.

“Fleet Admiral, Kong, what’s happening?”

He wondered.

Rogen was surprised, and he opened his eyes to see what happened, and after a while, he closed his eyes again.

Even if the Golden Lion wakes up, he won’t be able to do anything against Shiki and Kong together.

This bragging guy, he was very strong, but at that moment, he was completely exhausted. After the fight against the Marines, he became seriously injured.

After a brief conversation with Garp, Kong decided to stay here. He decided to come here just to ensure the success of this task.

Later that day, Rogen opened his eyes and looked ahead, he saw a giant whirlpool, it was very strange.

It turned out that the whirlpool was pulling the huge warship all the time.

“Enies Lobby, Impel Down, is that the Marine Headquarters?”

Rogen was completely surprised. He originally thought that they were in the Marine Headquarters. It was very odd to see another Marine Headquarters, especially in this place. At this moment, after seeing the huge gate of justice, he started thinking.

“The previous Marine Headquarters, isn’t that the real Headquarters?”

“I’m a little confused now. If the previous Headquarters is not real, then what all the Marines power do there?”

“It seems that my arrival has changed a lot of things!”

While he was thinking, he heard Garp and Kong talking about something.

“The Marine headquarters is completely destroyed, and it’s a waste of time to rebuild it. What if we change it?”

“There is a place where the Marines family lives. With a little transformation, we will have another Marine Headquarters. The place there is safer than before. Mountain behind it and sea in the front, it will be easy for us to defend and to attack!”

Hearing that, Rogen’s eyes contracted.

“Damn, did we force the Marines to change their Headquarters after destroying it?”

“Besides, the new Headquarters, is it going to be at the same place as the original book?”

“Kong-Sama, what are we going to name the new Headquarters?”

At that moment, Garp looked at Kong and wondered.

“We won’t change it, Marine Headquarters.”

Kong answered with a cold tone.

The Tarai Current kept pushing the ships forward until they reached the impel down.

When they reached the sea prison, they found a giant called Robert waiting for them. He was a very tall guy, with astonishing 15 meters in height, and a very big head. The Marines were like little ants in front of him.

“Kong, Garp, I haven’t seen you like forever!”

Robert’s voice was somewhat hoarse as if he hasn’t spoken for a long time.

“You’ve been here for so long, you’ve become a ghost, haha!”

“Haha, I should retire soon!”

Robert has a very ugly smile.

At this time, the Golden Lion was still in a coma, but Rogen, he was awake, he kept staring at the giant guy.

“This giant, he’s terrible!”

Rogen’s heart was beating hard.

“He should be as strong as the Admiral!”

Rogen was a bit confused; he didn’t think that there will be powerful Marines.

“You should take care of these two. Don’t let them make any trouble!”

Garp smiled.

“Don’t worry, I’ll send them down and go to bed!”

Robert murmured.

“Cool then!”

“oh, wait, what level?”

Robert turned and asked Garp.

“Level 6, the Eternal Hell!”

“Alright, you can go back, I got this!”

Like a toy, Robert picked up Rogen and Shiki and went forward.


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