One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 280: Smart move kid!

Robert wasn’t only huge, but he was extremely powerful.

It seems that under the gentle force of the giant, Rogen’s ribs were broke, which made him sweating with pain. The Golden Lion who was in a very bad situation doesn’t know how many bones have been crushed.

Along the way, Robert was walking and swaying. He held Rogen in his left hand and the Golden Lion in his right hand. It seems that he was about to sleep.

“No, no, I promised Garp, I’m not going to sleep!”

After three minutes of struggling, Robert shook his head to wake up and moved forward.

“Bastard, go to sleep!”

“You’re crushing my bones!”

Rogen was helpless.

He felt that all his bones are going to be crushed.

Robert spent 6 hours to reach the 6th level, it was a very long time for Rogen, he was suffering from every pace.

Rogen could tell that this giant has a terrible strength.

After a while, Robert bent down and threw Rogen and Shiki into an empty cell.

“Finally, I can go to sleep now!”

Robert turned around and left.

“Damn, this giant has broken my five ribs and 23 bones!”

Rogen was suffering, he could barely move his fingers.

After a rest, Rogen stood up and looked up.

He doesn’t know how much time passed, he was hungry at that moment, and couldn’t even open his eyes.

“Boy, can you still go out?”

The Golden Lion said with a low voice.

Rogen was silent at the moment; he didn’t want to answer.

He needs to wait until his body recovered, he wanted to summon a powerful soul to get out of here.

“Of course, I can just wait and see!”

When he heard that, Shiki laughed.

“How many broken bones you have? Can you even stand up?”

Rogen smiled.

“Well, my strength is beyond your expectation little boy!”

The Golden Lion roared.

In this dark prison, Shiki was like an old man that lost his power and kept talking about it.

Rogen turned his head; he didn’t want to pay much attention.

At the next moment, Rogen closed his eyes and started the cultivation.

The 6th level of this prison is the worst place in the world.

It was dark and the air was humid, staying there for a long time makes people crazy.

After spending a short period, you’ll forget the changes of time, always night, cold night.

“How long has it been?”

After a few days, Rogen was starving, and at the same time, his bones have been recovered, and his cultivation has been completed.

“You’re hungry, right?”

The Golden Lion asked.

“Why didn’t they give us food?”

Rogen frowned.

They have to eat, even if they are going to spend their whole life in prison.

“One meal per 15 days, they are trying to make us powerless!”

A hoarse voice came out from the darkness.

“From your voice, I can tell that you are still young, what a pity!”

Another voice came out from the darkness.

“Byrnndi World, Patrick Redfield, how long have you been here?”

The Golden Lion recognized their voices.

“Ugh, no one knows!”

World sighed.

“Shiki, no one cares about a time down here, save your energy, and stay alive for a while!”

Redfield sneered.

“I must leave, how can I be trapped in this broken place!”

The Golden Lion roared with anger.

“Oh really! you have to be strong enough to do it. Otherwise, the warden of the Impel Down will knock you down!”

Another sarcastic tone came out.

“Who the hell are you?”

The Golden Lion shouted.

“Shiki, you’re the weakest person in the 6th level, shut up!”

Another prisoner shouted.

“Hum! You’re are nothing but a bunch of losers who can’t do anything anymore. You’ll be lucky to see me escaping from here!”

The Golden Lion was angry.

Rogen quietly listened to the arguing of the crowd, but when he heard the names, his eyes contracted.

Waldo, Redfield, these two were as strong as the golden lion, or maybe, they were even stronger.

During his practice down there, Rogen discovered that although it was dark and damp, his aura is much more abundant than outside.

“That’s awesome!”

After noticing this, Rogen became a little reluctant to leave.

The progress of his practice here was five times higher than of the outside world.

The next day, Shiki and the other prisoners started talking again.

“World, do you think you are stronger than me with your Haki and your devil fruit?”


World laughed.

“Oh, you’re talking about Haki? Did you reach the limit yet?”

Redfield laughed.

“What about your Devil Fruit control? What level have you reached? If we were outside, you can’t withstand 2 minutes in front of me!”

When he said that, the quiet 6th floor became lively.

“You don’t know how to be overbearing using Haki!”

“Cut the crap, there’s a combination between the devil fruit and the Haki, you can’t reach the top without it!”

Rogen kept listening carefully to the conversation of the old guys, and then he stopped them.

“Let’s stop talking nonsense! Why don’t you talk about each other’s understanding of Haki?”

When he said that, everyone turned and stared at him.

“Haha, smart move kid. Did you expect us to give up the secret of our experience so easily? What a stupid provocation!”

Rogen’s eyes lit up when he heard this.


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