One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 284: I’m free!

10 minutes later, the imprisoned beast who was under Rogen’s control came here with bloody fresh meat. He doesn’t know the exact meaning of food in human meaning, so he got this fresh meat for Rogen according to himself.

When he reached Rogen’s cage, he threw the meat in front of him.

“Is it raw?”

After hesitation, Rogen shook his head.


In the eyes of all prisoners, Rogen seemed to be giving some instruction to the beast, which was very strange.

After a while, the beast was a bit confused, and then he nodded.


As he moved his head, the beast opened his mouth and spat out fire.

In a blink of an eye, the fresh meat got cooked.

“Fine, stop!”

Just after Rogen’s command, the beast retreated two steps.

Rogen stared at the beast, and his face was a bit strange. What he just saw was shocking, it turned out that this powerful beast can launch fire.

Rogen smiled and ate the meat with quickly, he was starving at that moment.

Seeing this scene, all the prisoners got angry, they were extremely hungry and didn’t know what to do.

They have never seen such power in their life.

“Boy, if you give me a piece of meat, I will teach you Haki!”

A prisoner wiped his saliva and shouted.

When he heard that, Rogen’s heart trembled.


Rogen seemed to be very interested, and immediately, he threw a piece of meat to the speaker.

all the prisoners looked with envy, they wanted to eat the delicious piece of meat.

“I have kendo to teach you!”

“Boy, my martial arts is now less than the Rokushiki of the Marines. I can teach you all of them!”

“I’ll be your assistant if you give me that piece of meat!”

In a blink of an eye, all the prisoners shouted.

People who have been well fed in their life can not understand the crazy pursuit of food by these people who have never had enough to eat.

A piece of cooked meat wasn’t a big deal for Rogen.

Under the control of the Sharingan, the beast’s power has increased two times or more. It was a very good card in Rogen’s hand.

The next day, Shiki decided to teach Rogen Haki.

At the same time, there has been great progress in the sale of keys.

Treasure maps, Devil Fruits, and even forces under his command. All the prisoners got excited and promised Rogen a lot of things.

Hearing all the propositions, Rogen decided to accept everything useful for him in the future.

Rogen’s harvest was getting bigger day after day.

One day, Rogen felt something different, as if his practice came up with a great result.

In the darkness, Rogen smiled. The black color appeared and disappeared several times.

“I can do a lot of this in this prison!”

Rogen laughed loudly; he was very excited at that moment. On the contrary, all the prisoners kept looking at him with envy.

In the world of the pirates, Haki has been always a pain in the heart. It was too hard for everyone to understand this unique method by themselves. Only by finding a master to teach them the ability.

He asked Rayleigh to teach him, and the latter accepted with pleasure. Unfortunately, the contact between the two has been cut. Who knows when they will meet again?

He has never thought that he would learn Haki in such a place.

“Boy, did you make it?”

The Golden Lion was surprised.

“Yes, although it is still weak and unstable, I did it!”

Rogen nodded, and he was extremely happy.

All the prisoners kept looking at Rogen, they were shocked that this guy was acting as if he was outside the prison. They were very clear about what it means to be able and awaken the Haki in this prison. They wanted to practice before, but they couldn’t, they were always hungry and exhausted.

This boy, maybe he has a chance to escape from here!

“Very good, my turn now, I will teach you Kenbunshoku Haki!”

The prisoners who had been chosen by Rogen to teach him Kenbunshoku Haki looked at Rogen and said with a low voice.

At the beginning of the next day, Rogen began to practice Kenbunshoku under the guidance of the other party.

As long as there were imprisoned beasts, there will be no lack of food. Occasionally, Rogen threw some pieces of meat to the prisoners as a favor to satisfy their cravings.

Rogen wasn’t willing to go out of this undersea prison before getting stronger.

In the dark, Luo Chen does not pay attention to other things except for practicing when he is awake and rests when he is tired.

After spending several days in the Impel Down, Shiki got angry, and he shouted.

“I can’t stay here anymore!”

Immediately, the ground beneath him was stained with blood. When the prisoners turned and looked at him, they found the Shiki cut off his feet neatly.

Immediately, the 6th floor was boiling, and all the prisoners were shocked by the spirit of the Golden Lion.

After hearing the loud screaming, a large number of jailers came.

“I’m free!”

The Golden Lion stood up and roared.

When he heard the roar, the warden of the 6th level grabbed the key of the Golden Lion’s cell and ran quickly.

When he reached the cage and saw Shiki with no handcuffs, he got shocked.

“Hand over the keys!”

With a roar, the Golden Lion floated forward and grabbed the warden with his right hand across the gap between the fences.

“He’s going to make it!”


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