One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 287: So close!

The Marines didn’t spread the news of Shiki’s escape, they kept it as a secret.

As for the Golden Lion, he didn’t know what to do, after the big escape, he stayed low to avoid all kinds of trouble.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes were focused on the new Headquarters of the Marines.

One week after the Impel Down incident, reporters from all over the world gathered around the new Marine Headquarters, and in front of them, a lot of Marines’ soldiers held their weapons and kept looking around.

Today, the Fleet Admiral Kong is going to be promoted to the Commander In Chief in the World Government, and Sengoku is going to be the new Fleet Admiral of the Marines.

This news spread quickly in the last three months.

There was a huge ceremony in the new Headquarters, and it was broadcasted live all over the world. Politicians, pirates, bounty hunters, poor and rich people, everyone was paying close attention to the event.

“Today is a great day in my life, I’m honored to take the position of the Fleet Admiral!”

“From now on, I’ll do everything appropriate for this position and this suit!”

Sengoku’s tone was very serious, he was very firm and very strict.

“We are here to defend all the islands and everyone!”

“We will destroy all the criminals in this world!”

The new Fleet Admiral, who was very wise, seemed to be very hard to deal with than the previous one, who is knows by his power and his angry mood.

After saying this, Sengoku solemnly answered the questions of the reporters and then announced the new Commander in Chief.

After one month, two more Admirals were added to the list.

“Admiral Sakazuki, known as Akainu!”

“Admiral Kuzan, known as Aokiji!”

“Admiral Borsalino, known as Kizaru!”

Under the Command Sengoku, the new fleet Admiral, the Marines has become more and more powerful.

Some people may not be familiar with the three new Admirals, but soon, after destroying a lot of pirate regiments, they will adore them.

Akainu, the boiling magma, he eliminated 23 pirate regiments in 7 days.

Aokiji, froze an area of 100000 and eliminated 12 pirate regiments.

Kizaru, the fastest person in the world, it took him only three days to eliminate 36 pirate groups.

The three new Admirals showed another level of power, the Marines became stronger with them. They have suppressed the arrogance of pirates.

Just after hearing these stories, all the criminals around the world became afraid and didn’t dare to do anything.

After taking the position, Sengoku put forward a plan to control the pirates and suppress them with all his power, he wanted to create a better world.

“In this era, people are getting crazy. There are a lot of pirates that need to be suppressed and eliminated. We need to put huge pressure on them!”

“Well, what about recruiting some greedy and powerful pirates to take our place against other pirates?”

Sengoku stood up in front of a round table and said with a solemn tone.

Therefore, everyone around the table began to discuss the feasibility of the proposal. It has to be said that the implementation of a plan always has to go through a storm.

Even if it was proposed by the Fleet Admiral of the Marines, it was difficult to implement it.

Not to mention the instability of pirates, how could they control them after recruitment?

The proposition was shelved and turned into a plan that the Marines should take care of it.

It is well known that the Grand Line is divided into the first and the second half. If you want t get the legendary treasure of the Pirate king, you must pass through the first half and reach the second half.

So, this is the problem. The Marines can control the first half easily, but what about the second half? It’s the pirate world.

There are many pirate groups in the second half, they have been there for so long. It can be said that the Marines can’t suppress all of them in the time being.

“We need to take control of that place at any cost!”

Facing the Admirals, Sengoku shouted.

A bill called the new world reclamation plan was quickly launched, discussed, and decided. The undercurrent was surging and the storm was brewing fast.

Of course, Rogen who was trapped in the Impel Down doesn’t know anything.

In the darkness, Rogen finally decided to stay here, it was the best choice for his cultivation.

He is going to learn Kenbunshoku Haki, he found someone who has a simple method for that.

Also, Busoshoku cultivation advanced at an incredible speed.

If he was outside, it would be very difficult and very slow if he wanted to become stronger.

“Such a speed of becoming stronger makes me unable to give up!”

Rogen didn’t want to get out, he wanted to get stronger and stronger first.

“Jason and the others should be safe; I’m not leaving yet!”

“I have to be stronger than this!”

“I need to surpass the Admirals level!”

Rogen clenched his fist.

Gradually, the Busoshoku Haki covered his whole fist, and he became able to predict a lot of this through his Kenbunshoku Haki.

“I’m getting close!”


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