One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 288: Yiqidao

The feeling of getting stronger made Rogen addicted to training and cultivation.

When the Busoshoku Haki covered half of his hand, Rogen’s heart suddenly moved.

“That’s what it feels like!”

Moreover, he was able to hear the breath of the imprisoned beast hundreds of meters away from here, and he could see the dust on the ground. Rogen could completely perceive everything.

As if his five senses were promoted several times.

“Boy, did you make it?”

A sudden cold voice came out, he was the one who taught him the Kenbunshoku Haki.

“I think so!”

Rogen smiled, and then he looked at him. He was a middle-aged man with black hair and red eyes. At that moment, he was staring at Rogen.

After the awakening of the Kenbunshoku Haki, Rogen’s heart trembled, it was a strange feeling, hard to describe it with words. It was a perfect and comfortable feeling.

Because of this, he finally understood how those who had awakened the Kenbunshoku Haki saw the attack of Kizaru. In front of the speed of light, the naked eye, no matter how powerful it was, cannot keep up with this speed.

At that moment, Rogen was extremely happy.

“I’m getting stronger, more and more!”

“So, our deal is over!”

The middle-aged man said with a low voice.

Rogen didn’t respond, he sat down in the cell and kept thinking about his new Haki.

In a short period of time, he mastered two of the hardest abilities in the world. After thinking for a while, Rogen opened his eyes and decided to continue the practice.

As the practice progressed, Rogen became familiar with the common ground between the Haki and his energy.

After a clear understanding, Rogen’s cultivation of the Busoshoku Haki was getting faster.

Although these two powers were quite different, they still have something in common that made Rogen wonder.

After a few days, an old voice came out from the dark.

“Well, I have a little secret here. If you give me the key to my shackles so I can get a little freedom, I will give it to you!”

Rogen seemed to be interested, and after a careful look, Rogen found that the number of shackles was No.8. In his heart, Rogen named that guy No.8.

“Oh really! I’m listening!”

After staying here for a long time, Rogen became the veteran of the prison, and everyone wanted to make a friendship with him.

These old guys have a lot of good things, and they exchanged them in a variety of ways, such as Swordsmanship, martial arts, and special skills to defeat sea kings. It sounds really cool, but unfortunately for them, Rogen has already mastered those things.

“My kendo is called Yiqidao, which means the One Qi league!”

“Oh! Be more specific!”

Rogen was curious.

“I can’t give you the cultivation method of Yiqidao, it’s a secret, only masters can teach it!”

No.8 whispered.

“But there’s a secret technique that I have studied for 58 years, I can give it to you!”

Rogen seemed to be very interested when he heard that. spending 58 years in hard researches? It should be useful.

“Yiqidao is the only skill that can transform the energy in the body! Most people of my generation who practice Kendo have visited a lot of places when they were young and learn a lot of things. At the same time, I felt envy and I regretted that I couldn’t practice Kendo anymore!”

“When I was young, I saw the swordsmanship of an old man, that guy was able to compress his Qi to a terrible density, he could cut a mountain with the Qi on his sword. I got surprised when I saw him. Unfortunately, it was a unique skill, hard to practice!”

The old guy shook his head.

“Why haven’t I seen such kendo? I haven’t even heard of such swordsman!”

At this point, another voice full of irony came out.

“That’s just your ignorance.”

No.8 answered coldly.

“You are just talking nonsense!”

The man laughed again.

“Shut up idiot, that old guy injured the world’s No. 1 swordsman. Regarding his age, he can be our grandfather. What he said must be true!”

All of sudden, an angry voice came out, letting the guy who had just uttered sarcasm shut up.

Rogen was surprised. he has never thought that No.8 had such a past.

“Yiqidao is also my secret skill. I wanted to look for the old man to learn his Kendo again, but when I found him, he was already buried under the ground.”

The old man shook his head and sighed.

“The Yiqidao belongs to kendo that has the deepest research of the Qi in the world. Because of this feature, I had to study and learn!”

“Hmm, Yiqidao!”

Rogen doubted.

“Yes, you could use it to awaken the Busoshoku Haki!”

His words made Rogen’s pupils shrink.

“When you use this Haki, your body will spontaneously store the one true Qi, and only a few people know that, at that time, you can transform it into something strong!”

“With the Yiqidao, you can transform rapidly the power inside you!”

When he heard that, Rogen got excited, he didn’t know that before.


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