One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 289: Chakra!

“I can summon a lot of characters from my system, each one of them has a different and complex energy, and I can only choose one of them!”

“But this guy said that his method could convert all the energies into Yiqidao, and then disperse and transform it into ten thousand ways again!”

“Isn’t that what I need?”

Rogen understood that he could transform all the strength of his power into this Yiqidao, and then, he will be able to use them easily.


Rogen was very excited.

“Well, boy, can I get the key?”

“After telling me about this interesting method, I don’t have a choice!”
“It sounds interesting, I can use this method!”

Rogen answered with a smile.

“Humm. People’s life is limited, no one can practice everything to reach the top!”

An old voice came out, full of disdain.

“You know nothing!”

At that moment, the old guy who has the chuckles No. 8 shouted.

Rogen completely ignored them and threw them to No.8 accurately under his feet.

After that, No. 8 looked at his feet and sighed.

“When will it be untied?”

“Hey boy, do you have any other key?”

“I do, but not now!”

Rogen smiled.

After the great escape of the Golden Lion, the guards of the prison became very strict with the keys, it was hard to get them.

“Eating a useless Devil Fruit is the worst thing in my life!”

He looked up to the sky and sighed, and then, under the gaze of Rogen, No. 8 went to the corner and sat down.

Rogen was very curious at that moment, he wanted to know what was the other side doing.

However, after a while, Rogen heard a strange sound, and when he turned, he saw that after the No. 8 waved his hand, a black line appeared on his forehead.

“Cool, yeah!”

Three minutes later, the old man yelled, he was completely excited. In front of him, the wall was stained with white spots.

As he turned around, No. 8 pulled up his pants and laughed.

“I can freely use my hands, haha!”

“What is he doing?”

Rogen was confused.

What makes him feel speechless is that through Kenbunshoku, he actually saw a few prisoners next to the old guy with an envious expression.

“I will teach you the Yiqidao that I have spent most of my life researching on it!”

The old man’s practice was really deep. Everyone sat in his cell and tried to know what was happening. They barely see the movements but they couldn’t hear the sound. But Rogen, he was different from everyone, he could see and hear everything clearly.

After a careful look, Rogen found that this old guy was using a unique martial arts skill. He suspected that guy.

“I see!”

A month later, he crossed his leg and smiled.

Before this, he had been very close to the realm of this Yiqidao.

All kinds of energies around the world have something in common, as well as Qi. Like that, you could save energy and control it to get something strong. This is the use of the Yiqidao.

After getting what he wants, Rogen began to practice and tried to transform his mana.

It can be said that Rogen was gifted, talented, or let’s say he was natural. It took him one month to make it, which was something unbelievable.

When he transformed his mana and Busoshoku into Yiqidao, he slowly saw a faint rotating light blue vortex in his sight.

“That’s it!”

Rogen smiled, and then, as he stretched out his hands, his eyes gradually congealed.

“Busoshoku Haki!”

The invisible transparent airstream quickly covered his arm. However, the Busoshoku Haki continued to cover his whole hands, neck, chest, and stomach. In a blink of an eye, 70% of his body was covered with black.

“Yiqidao is amazing!”

When he saw this, Rogen laughed.

The Yiqidao speeded up the awakening of the Busoshoku Haki.

After that, Rogen checked his energy.

“It’s 60% less than before. Never mind, I’ve made it!”

Rogen was very happy.

It was very clear that it was very difficult to awaken the Busoshoku Haki quickly. Rogen mastered it in a very short period, it was unimaginable.

“After the Busoshoku Haki, I can also practice Chakra!”

With condensed eyes, Rogen stared at the mysterious energy.

Like mana, chakra also has a unique cultivation method.

“550 million is the remaining possessed coins!”

After a careful look at the balance, Rogen didn’t hesitate to redeem the chakra practice method and some ninjutsu. More than 80 million coins were spent, leaving 470 million in the balance.

It seems that the power he has made his Devil Fruit ability useless.

“After cultivating the mental power, my Predict-Predict fruit will truly bloom!”

After a few days, he mastered Chakra and then transformed it into Yiqidao. Of course, the amount of Busoshoku and Mana was reduced again.

“I need to reach the level of Admirals!”

“When the Busoshoku covers all my body, I should leave this place!”


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