One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 291: Shinra Tensei!

“I haven’t seen the sun for a long time ago!”

His voice was hoarse and excited.

In the next second, a huge force burst out of the shadow’s right hand, and immediately, the tight door of the cell trembled and got destroyed.

With great momentum, Rogen smirked and stepped out of the cage.

Seeing this, all the prisoners got shocked, and then they shouted.

“Boy, help me!”

“Help me please!”

“I gave you a Martial Arts skill, save me, master, please!”

“We’ve made a deal, help me out!”

Rogen didn’t pay much attention, he kept looking down only.

All the prisoners got excited, and they wanted to persuade Rogen to save them.

“Boy, help us all. We can break and defeat all the guards!”

At that moment, Rogen raised his head slowly.

“This kid!”

“What’s wrong with his eyes?”

Seeing the strange eyes, all the prisoners got shocked. Rogen’s eyes suddenly changed to purple with 6 black circles inside it. Simple eye contact with him is enough to make you feel as if you’re being stared at by God.

“Save you!”

Rogen sneered, and then, his right hand extended.


In a blink of an eye, the man who was standing inside the cage flew out to the air and slammed into the wall behind him. The bones of the poor prisoners crushed, and even blood spurt out from his mouth.


Everyone stepped back and stopped breathing at that moment. It can be said that these prisoners finally understood the reason behind arresting this kid. He was a devil.

“I will choose a few people to go out with me. Remember, anyone could die in this!”

With an indifferent tone, Rogen stared at the prisoners carefully, he seemed to be looking for something.

All the prisoners got shocked, and they subconsciously took a step back.

“I’ll choose 6 of you then!”

With a grin, Rogen stepped forward.

The cage that was insurmountable to all prisoners had no effect on Rogen. Across the cage, Rogen picked six prisoners and looked at them. In a blink of an eye, they were all died.

What was shocking, the six guys twisted and slowly disappeared.

“Hurry up! Someone broke out of the prison!”

“It’s Gol D. Rogen!”

“He has the power of the Admirals!”

When they heard this, all the guards got shocked.

“They are really fast!”

Rogen completely ignored the shock of the prisoners; he smiled and then went straight to the guards.

“Boy, get me out of here. I’ll help you to defeat those guards!”

Rogen kept moving forward until he heard the voice of an old man.

“Stay where you are, or we’ll shoot you!”

All the guards shouted with anger.

Rogen tilted his head and turned. It turned out that No.8 asked Rogen to help him.


Unexpectedly, a black metal rod extended from his right hand and hit all the guards who came and shot Rogen.


After doing this, Rogen smiled.

After a while, he turned and aimed at the lock of the cage. Under the huge power, the door opened in a blink of an eye.

“Good, I will keep my promise, kid!”

No.8 stood up with excitement and moved forward. He didn’t take off the shackles on his feet, but it seems that he didn’t care at all.

“Let’s go to the warden’s room, weapons are there!”

No.8 shouted.

When he heard that, Rogen nodded and stepped forward.

Guards kept appearing in front of Rogen to arrest him. Unfortunately for them, Rogen was much stronger than them.

“His power is a bit strange. He’s using ninja skills!”

No.8 followed Rogen and kept thinking.

He has experienced all kinds of power and skills in his life. This old guy could understand what kind of power Rogen has from first sight.

After a while, they reached the warden’s room.

As he entered the room, Rogen looked up and saw his Seven Star Sword. After a smile, he jumped and took his sword back.

At the same time, the old man looked for his sword, and after a while, he found it. It was a long and thin sword with a black blade that doesn’t reflect light.

“Good one!”

Rogen checked the sword and smiled.

“It’s the legacy of Yiqidao!”

No.8 sighed and didn’t say more.

“Time to go out!”

Rogen patted on his shoulder and left.

They went straight to the elevator and used it to go up.

On the 5th floor, a group of guards held their guns and aimed at the stairway. It was very clear that they were extremely afraid.


“They are coming!”

When they heard that, all the guards put their fingers on the triggers.


When he heard this little crack, No.8 looked at Rogen and whispered.

“Get ready boy, they are making a trap for us!”

As he said that, No.8 raised his sword and got ready to attack.

Rogen didn’t pay much attention to the words of the old man; he nodded and turned his head.

Finally, the elevator shuddered and stopped, and the door opened.

“Attack him, now!”

In a word, all the guard pulled the trigger and shot Rogen at the same moment.

“Shinra Tensei!”


Suddenly, a huge shell came out of Rogen’s hand and hit the crowd.

“Oh, My God!”

“What is that?”


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