One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 292: Dangerous kid!

At the same time, No. 8 waved his sword.

“Blackwater hit!”

In the void, a loud noise like the waterfall came out. At the same time, all the guards seemed to see a river rushing toward them. In a blink of an eye, they got drowned.

“It’s called black water and It’s a legacy from….”

“Let’s move!”

Rogen interrupted the old man’s words and stepped forward.

The two walked through the 5th floor quickly, nothing was able to stop them in this place. After a while, they reached the 2nd floor.

“Great Fire Ball technique!”

“Water style, Great Waterfall technique!”

With both hands, Rogen made quick printing seals. All the guards who came to stop Rogen and his mate lost their lives in a blink of an eye. What shocked No. 8 even more, was the roaring monsters behind them.

The eyes of those beasts were full if line, it was obvious that they were controlled by Rogen.

As they moved forward, the number of beasts increased and gradually formed an army behind them.

The advance of the two people attracted the attention of the prisoners that shouted with excitement.

“Someone broke out of the prison again, hahaha!”

“They are going to make it, that’s amazing!”

“The Marines are in trouble now!”

After a few minutes, Rogen and No.8 reached the first floor of the Impel Down.

“We can get to the exit from here!”

No 8’s eyes twinkled with excitement.

After spending a long time here, he finally got the chance to escape.

Has the world changed a lot? Do his wife and children still alive?

Rogen nodded and then he moved forward0

Along the way, Rogen didn’t meet a decent opponent. Even Robert, who saw him first when he came in, didn’t show up yet.

According to Rogen’s estimation, Robert could be as strong as Garp and Sengoku.

However, when they reached the 1s floor and even saw the light, Robert didn’t show up.

Meanwhile, in the director’s room, Robert was in a deep sleep and made a loud snore.

“Wake him up, Rogen is going to run away!”

“It’s over! Robert-Sama won’t wake up. Let’s call the Marine Headquarters and let them do something about it!”

In the rear, a young man was looking quietly at the scene.

“Magellan, Magellan, go and call the Headquarters to do something. Hurry up!”

When he heard this, he nodded and left quickly.

At this time, Rogen and No. 8 have already stepped off the gate of the Impel Down. They subconsciously blocked the sunshine from the top of their heads using their hands, waiting for a while to get used to it.

“We are out!”

No. 8 shouted with excitement.

In front of them, there was an endless sea, in which waves were sweeping and pushing forwards.

“The smell of the sun, the smell of the sea!”

Rogen’s face showed a marge smile. He looked down at the sea ahead said.

“It’s been a long while. How are my friends?”

He raised his head and looked at the sky.

“Finally, I’m out, I will never come back again!”

Looking at the warship that was undulating below, Rogen smiled.


“Rogen, let’s leave! We are free now!”

No. 8 shouted and laughed, and then he jumped toward the warship below.

“We will be free when we leave through the gate!”

With a light response, Rogen jumped.

On the warship, the Marines were lying on the deck enjoying the sun and the sea breeze. They are full-time troops responsible for receiving pirates. They were waiting here.

At that moment, one of the Marines squinted and saw two black sport coming from the sky.

Immediately, he opened his eyes.

“Is that!”

“There two people coming toward the worship?”


As he shouted, Rogen and No. 8 crashed onto the warship. The force brought by their small size made the whole ship shake.

“What happened?”

“I have only one thing to say!”

Standing on the warship, Rogen stared at the Marines with indifference.


All the Marines stood up and looked at each other in confusion.


As he said that, No.8 took out his sword and pointed it toward the Marines.

In the frightened eyes of the soldiers of the warship, the sword cut open the sea and extended to the front for 1 kilometer before it stopped.

Where did these guys come from?

“Hey, they just broke out of the Impel Down!”

One of the Marines recognized the clothes on No. 8 and screamed in horror.

A minute later, the warship drifted in the sea and moved.

At the Headquarters of the Marines, Sengoku was angry, he kept flipping through documents from the New World.

“Blu, Blu, Blu…!”

Suddenly, the Den Den Mushi rang.


“Fleet Admiral Sengoku! Something bad happened!”

A panic shout came from the other side.

“Calm down boy, what happened?”

Sengoku asked calmly.

“Rogen, Gol D. Rogen Ran away!”

Sengoku got shocked when he heard that.

“What did you say?”

Four years ago, he broke into the Marine Headquarters and Mary Geoise, and now, the boy who has a bounty of 880 million on his head just escaped from the most dangerous prison in the world.

The shocking news spread all over the Marine Base in an instant.

“Don’t give up, you need to catch no matter what it costs!”

“This kid, don’t let him out!”

“He’s too dangerous!”


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