One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 293: Six Paths Of Pain!

Rogen’s escape shocked the whole Headquarters. The defense of the Impel Down was very tight, and they even put shackles on the prisoners’ hands and feet. Escaping from the Impel Down was nothing but a dream for all the prisoners.

But Rogen, after spending four years there, did he actually escape?

Immediately, Sengoku prepared a chase team with three Admirals.

“The troublemaker is out!”

Standing on the deck, Kuzan’s pupil contracted.

Kizaru was silent at that moment as if he was thinking about something.

“I will crush all the pirates!”

Sakazuki shouted.

The warship was sailing at high speed toward the Impel Down.

“Sengoku-Sama, there is no sign for Rogen!”

“The prison is in chaos; the prison beasts became crazy!”

Kizaru’s words made Sengoku’s heart sink and didn’t know what to do.

“Damn it!”

Sengoku hit the table hard, he was extremely angry.

At this moment, all the forces of all sides expanded their power and collected money, everyone wanted to be the new pirate king.

“You three, wait there and stabilize the situation in the Impel Down!”

Sengoku abandoned Rogen’s pursuit plan and ordered the Admiral to stay there.

“I’ll catch them again!”

Sengoku leaned back on the chair and rubbed his forehead; he was very confused.

On the other side, Rogen who kidnapped the warship already left the Marines’ territory.

“It’s easier than I expect!”

On the deck, Rogen crossed his leg and smiled.

“No one ever thought that he could escape from there!”

No. 8 was excited.

When checked the newspaper and saw the date marked on it, Rogen smiled again.

In a flash, four years passed already.

It has been a while since the last time he saw his partners. As you know, the Wraith aged 5-years-old now.

“Go to Water 7!”

Rogen turned and ordered the helmsman.

The Marines were very careful, they were sure that these two escaped from the Impel Down.

No one could believe that someone actually escaped from that prison. What kind of power these two have?

“No. 8, where are you going?”

Rogen turned and asked his mate.

“I have my own name. What is number 8? Is that the key?3

“No. 8 shook his head.

“It’s only a code name!”

Rogen answered with a smile.

“I’m going to the West Blue, it’s my hometown, I want to die there peacefully!”

No. 8 sighed.

The two kept talking together all the way, and they decided to stay together for a while.

After one hour, they finally arrived.

At that moment, the power of the possession dissipated, Rogen realized it silently.

The last attached soul was Nagato, from Naruto’s world. The one who experienced all kinds of misery in the world, and finally transformed into a villain He is also the leader of Amegakure, the village of rain.

Nagato was as strong as the Admirals in their peak.

“Unfortunately, Nagato has suffered from a long illness. Otherwise, his strength will surely go further!”

“System, exchange the Rinnegan, the Uzumaki’s bloodline, and the most important thing, exchange ninjutsu!”

Although he didn’t face anyone strong to use Nagato’s power, Rogen wasn’t disappointed, he could exchange his blood and eyes.

With this exchange, Rogen has only 10 million possessed coins left in the balance.

After spending all his coins, Rogen wasn’t sad, the effect was obvious, his blood has changed, and he could accommodate more chakra. Originally, his chakra was full, and could not hold anymore after the awakening of the Haki, but at this moment, his capacity expanded 10 times.

After a while, his eyes slowly closed and reopened again.

The red color and the three Tomoes that were rotating just disappeared, and turned into 6 circles.

It can be said that Rogen finally got the Rinnegan eyes.

“Deva Path.”
“Asura Path.”
“Human Path.”
“Animal Path.”
“Preta Path.”
“Naraka Path.”

The six paths of pain were gradually perceived by Rogen, which made him smile. It can be said that Rogen’s Chakra volume was no less than the Kage level. Rogen has enough power to become a Kage.

In this world, those eyes allow him to enter the Admiral Level perfectly.

At this time, Rogen became furious, and fear nothing.

Even without the help of the system, Rogen has the power to face the Admirals.

“Well, I need six separated bodies now!”

The six path strength has its own characteristics, and it’s impossible for Rogen to fully release it alone. Therefore, he needs to rely on the power of the clones.

As he said that, Rogen lifted his hands, and six bodies appeared on the deck.

“Is this?”

Behind him, No. 8’s pupil contracted, he seemed to recognize those 6 guys.


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