One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 294: The new Ship!

“Patrick Redfield!”

No.8 was shocked when he saw the corpses.

“Byrnndi World!”

“Catarina Devon!”



No. 8 shook his head; he couldn’t believe what he just saw.

When Rogen decided to leave the Impel Down, he killed these 6 prisoners. Unexpectedly, those six appeared in here.

“Six powerful clones, this is what I want!”

Rogen smiled.

Creating the six paths takes a while. After pulling out these 6 corpses, Rogen kept thinking.

“Patrick Redfield, the user of the Batto Batto no Mi, Model: Vampire!”

“Can he really suck other’s life? That is going to be Human Path”

“Byrnndi World, the user of the Moa Moa no Mi, Animal Path!”

“Catarina Devon, Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Kyubi no Kitsune, Preta Path!”

“Gangplank, Asura Path!”

“Guts, the black swordsman, Naraka Path!”

After calling this, Rogen used his Rinnegan, and in a blink of an eye, he activated the vitality of the five.

Such an action doesn’t really revive the five people but preserves their body vitality, and their souls have been already devoured by the Six Path.

“Doro, Deva Path!”

After reaching this level, Rogen smiled, he just awakened a powerful force that could destroy all his enemies.

If anyone wanted to fight him, he had to defeat those 6 guys first.

“I’ll start with the Deva Path”

With a wave of his hand, the remaining five bodies disappeared leaving only Doro, the Deva Path.

As he moved his hand, dark metal sticks appeared, thick, thin, long and short, there were a lot of them. After a while, he began to pierce it into Doro’s body.

The scene was very cruel and bloody that makes all the Marines terrified. Rogen was nothing but a cruel monster that fear nothing.

“Those six guys were very brutal and tough. I’ve never thought that you could use them as clones!”

No. 8 was confused.

One week later, when they reached Water 7, Rogen was standing behind a bald and cold faced monk. The body of this monk was covered with black metal rods.

“Is he alive?”

No. 8 wondered.

“Nothing but darkness…”

When he heard Doro’s voice, No. 8 was stunned.

“Damn, this dude is so powerful!”

After a while, the two jumped off the ship and headed toward Tom’s shipyard.

At that moment, Tom, the owner of the Shipyard laughed loudly.

“Haha, I knew it, it’s hard for the Marines to catch you!”

As he laughed, tears came out.

“Mr. Tom, I’m here for my ship!”

Rogen smiled.

“Well, I’ve already built it, it has been there for 4 years!”

Tom turned and led the way.

When they reached the inner harbor of the shipyard, Tom smiled and pointed his finger.

“It’s right there, quietly waiting for you buddy!”

When he saw the ship, Rogen’s expression changed.

Four years ago, he was only a 17 years old child that has nothing but dreams. At that moment, his dreams became true, he one a very big ship worthy of a great pirate.

His current power qualifies him to master such a ship, to sail, to take risks, and to see the magnificence of the sea with his crew.

In the harbor ahead, the medium-sized ship was quietly docked, it can hold up to 200 people. It was a large ship covered by the curtains. From the outside, it was a very spectacular ship.

After a while, the staff of Tom’s shipyard climbed onto the boat and lifted the curtain off.

“Is this my ship?”

Rogen murmured.

“Yes, it’s yours!”

Tom answered with pride.

He can guarantee that this is absolutely the highest masterpiece he has ever made in his life.

“There are ninety-nine small guns all around the ship and one main gun in the middle. Those guns have the power to smash a small island as long as there is energy!”

“Also, I’ve already made a piece of land on the top of the boat, you can plant some flowers and trees!”

“Of course, that is not the most important thing. The power system of the ship made me very proud of it!”


Rogen seemed to be very interested.

“On the sea train, I’ve used the steam power, and it was so effective, so at the beginning of this new ship, I added steam as well.”

“I have to say that after studying the Pluton and the sea train, I’ve found a new kinetic energy!”

“Kinetic energy?”

Rogen was curious.

“Yes, it comes from thunder and lightning! By chance, I’ve discovered the energy of thunder and lightning, it has powerful kinetic energy!”

“So, I added the electric power system!”

Mr. Tom was very excited.

“Rogen, this new ship, if it has enough energy, it can be comparable to the pluton, no, it’s stronger!”

“This is definitely the highest achievement of my life!”

Hearing Tom’s words, Rogen was speechless.

As a boy coming from the 21st century, Rogen naturally knows the power of electricity, but he didn’t expect that this old man would know about this.

Electricity is the power that transcends steam power.


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