One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 306: I want to eat you!

After seeing the ring in Rogen’s hand, the guards of the former King’s got more excited. Even more, all of them lowered their heads and didn’t dare to look at him.

The guy in front of them is the Real King!

“Your highness, are you here to take the Kingdom back?”

Asy was very excited.

Looking at the Asy and the group behind him, Rogen couldn’t let them down.

“Yes, no one can take my Kingdom from me!”

Rogen answered without hesitation.

“Great! We are the king’s guard, and we will support you!”

Asy said cheerfully.

“Very good!”

“Is there anyone else with you?”

“Of course, there’s another team of wizards on their way, and there’s the right hand of the former king, wizard Salo!”

Asy answered quickly.

“That’s good!”

Rogen nodded, and then he mentioned the other side to continue. Half a day later, Rogen’s haven’t heard any movement.

“No more?”

Rogen asked in shock.

Unexpectedly, the other side nodded with embarrassment.

Rogen didn’t find a large number of supporters for the real king. Was that a joke? Balut is a very big kingdom, where’s the others?

“There are only the three of us who are strong, the rest are all mages, there are 2000 of them!”

“Wizard Salo called them all, they should be here any time!”

“More than 2000, not bad!”

Rogen nodded.

As he progressed, more and more people gathered behind him, and they gradually reached more than 500 people. Everyone’s eyes flashed, they kept looking at Rogen with amazement, this is the real king, they were curious to see how strong their king will be.

After checking him carefully, they were disappointed. Their new king was a young man.

The current king was absolutely a cruel tyrant, they wanted to change him so badly.

More than 500 mages and wizards gathered together, they were like black clouds in the sky, which scared all the owl warriors who were patrolling the area

“Are you serious? How dare you gather together and rush to the King’s island like this?”

The leader of the owl warriors shouted with anger, but he couldn’t stop them.

“Report to the king immediately, those idiots are going to revolt again!”

The leader shouted.

The King’s castle was on the 6th island, the final island of the kingdom.

At that moment, in the Castle, Mordol was walking very fast behind a group of wizards, he was excited to show what got to the King.

When they approached the deepest part of the castle and came to the gate of the main hall, a circle of black fog flashed, and then a thin figure appeared from it.

“Come in Mordol, the King is waiting for you!”

When he heard that, Mordol took a deep breath, adjusted his expression, and then dragged Robin and the Little Master into the room quickly.

After walking on the red carpet, the black fog dispersed and revealed the face of the king.


“Shut up!”

Mordol’s face suddenly changed, and he fell on his knees and covered his head with his hands, he was completely afraid at that moment.


A hoarse voice came from the throne.

“What did you say to me, little girl?”

The king was half lying on the throne, his body was very thin. His face was like a skull with no skin, just like ghosts. The worst thing was his skin, it was like a mountain that has been blown by the wind for a long time, it was very dry and cracked.

At that moment, Robin didn’t dare to speak.

“Do you know the consequence of making the King angry?”

The king shouted.

Mordol trembled and immediately answered.

“Your majesty, this girl is called Nico Robin, and there’s a bounty of 80 million on her head, offered by the World Government. I thought that this is the best gift for you!”

“80 million?”

The king was stunned, and he looked at Robin carefully.

After that, he raised his sleeves and stretched his right hand forward. With a slight “Hisss!” a poisonous snake came out, and then, it turned into a stick.

Standing up slowly, the king stepped only one step and he came to Robin and put the stick on her chin.

“What is so special about you? Why did the World Government put 80 million on your head?”

At that moment, Robin shivered, she felt that the snake was waiting to bite her. beside her, the Little Master was in a true panic.

“Oh, I love cute little girls, I like them very much!”

The king smiled and then turned and looked at the Little Master.

“A changing cat?”

After being touched by the stick, the Little Master felt that he was imprisoned. The Little Master turned into a human.

Mordol eyes flashed when he saw the transformation.

“You, you are human!”

At that moment, the Little Master didn’t dare to move, and her forehead was sweating hard. Standing in front of the king put her in a very bad position.


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