One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 305: Reinforcement!

“No way!”

Immediately, Salo refused, he thought that Rogen was joking, he doesn’t know how strong the king was.

With an angry tone, Rogen frowned and shouted.

“Where is the griffin?”

“Don’t even think about it, you are the last hope of this kingdom. And you’ll do nothing but chaos, you’ll make it worse!”

Salo answered coldly.

In a moment, the breeze suddenly rose, and the atmosphere became cold.

Rogen was completely mad at that moment, and then he turned and shouted.

“Animal Path!”

As he said that, the clone nodded and then pressed his hand toward the ground, and with a “Bang” sound, huge birds appeared here.

Rogen didn’t hesitate to jump, which made Salo angry.

“I can’t let you go!”

As he said that, Salo stretched his right hand and take out a strange curved wooden wand, and pointed at Rogen.


Suddenly, a green light came out of the stick and headed toward Rogen.

Immediately, the Deva Path jumped in front of Rogen and pressed with his hand.

“Shinra Tensei!”

The invisible repulsive force exploded rapidly, and the green light deviated. Immediately afterward, Salo’s body was pressed on the ground.

“W… What happened, Ugh!”

With all his power, Salo reacted quickly, and with a flash of green light, he jumped up and looked at Rogen, he was completely shocked, and couldn’t believe what just happened.

When he stood up and looked at the sky, he found that Rogen has disappeared.

“That’s guy, he’s going to mess it up!”

Immediately, he took out the Den Den Mushi and contacted the others.

“Hey, Asy, hurry up, let’s meet in the palace of the king!”

“Oh, wizard Salo, what are you going to do there? That’s the King’s territory. Going there is going to cause a war!”

Asy wondered.

“The real King has appeared…”

Salo was very urgent.

“What? Did you just say, real King?”

Asy was shocked.

“Tell everyone, and let’s meet there, the war is about to start. The real King has to win this war!”

Salo said quickly.

Salo didn’t waste time and immediately called everyone after Asy. All those who received the call from him got excited to hear the good news, and they acted quickly.

After contacting everyone, Salo breathed a sigh of relief, and then he whistled.


After a while, a ferocious griffin landed in front of Salo who jumped on it quickly.

“That boy, I don’t know what is he willing to do, but I have to save him!”

Salo gritted his teeth.

He wasn’t willing to launch a war against the fake king, but this time, he felt that it’s his duty.

For the first time in the last 50 years, he saw the ring of Balut. He felt that this boy is the real king.

With the high speed of the huge bird, Rogen has crossed 2 islands already. The king’s palace was a very conspicuous place, it was in the deepest part of the island. The magnificent place between the tall castles should be the palace of the king.

“Outsiders, stop there!”

“If you tried to break into here, we will kill you!”

Suddenly, a loud voice came out.

When he turned his head to see what happened, Rogen saw a team of warriors riding huge owls chasing him.

“Deva Path!”


Immediately, the Deva Path stepped forward and waved his hands.

And then, he punched the void with his hand that was covered with Busoshoku Haki.

“Monster fist!”

With that punch, a huge purple beast appeared from behind and attacked all the warriors. At the same time under Rogen flapped its wings and reached the third island.

“Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding!”

The sound of the bell sounded all over the Kingdom, it was like a general alarm.

When they heard that, all the civilians raised their heads, they got shocked, there was a giant bird flying above them.

“Mom, look, there a huge bird!”

A little girl looked at the sky with amazement.

“I haven’t seen outsiders here since a long time ago!”

The old man who was walking on crutches shook his head and sighed.

“It’s a pity that the guards are going to kill him!”

Exactly at that moment, Rogen reached the 4th island.

At the same time, several teams of strange people in black robes and wizard hats. They were completely covered under their robes.

All of them gathered and followed Rogen.

“That’s the guards of the former king!”

“They’re alive!”

“Oh My God, there are a lot of them. What are they going to do?”

Everyone kept looking at the crowded sky and they didn’t know what was happening. Over the past 50 years, the current king has eliminated almost all the allies of the former king, and the rest stayed low and avoided him, and no one even saw them again.

But at this time, they have shown up.

Everyone felt that something bad is going to happen.

“Your majesty, we are here to support you!”

Rogen who was standing on the giant bird heard something, so he turned immediately.

He found a wizard standing on a strange magic broom approaching him.

“My lord, my name is Asy, I’m the former chief on the king’s guard!”

Asy was a guy in his fifties, he wasn’t tall, and he has a look of excitement at that time.

“I’m Rogen!”

Rogen nodded.

“Great, we have a new king, finally. Can you show us your ring?”

Behind him, there were more than 200 people in wizard’s robes, and they were all riding broomsticks.

“Of course!”

Rogen got excited to see this group of people with a look of respect in their eyes.

With a smile, Rogen took out the ring and put it on his finger.

“Here it is!”

“The true King, yeah, he’s the one!”


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