One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 304: The real King is back!!


The sudden change of topic from Rogen made everyone stunned, but after a while, someone answered.

“What’s up with you guys? Hey Rogen, he’s on the way to the king’s hall!”

When he heard that, Rogen’s eyes flashed, and he got angry, and everyone inside the bar felt the anger of Rogen.

“The King’s hall?”

Rogen hit the table and stood up in a hurry.

“Hey, little brother, tell us more about the sea again!”

When he went to the bar’s door, one of the crew shouted, he wanted to hear more. However, Rogen didn’t pay much attention to him, he hit the door with his right foot and left.

At that moment, Salo stood up and followed him.

“What’s the matter?”

Inside the bar, everyone wondered.

Outside the bar, Salo stopped Rogen and said.

“Boy, stop, let me ask you something!”

“I’m in a hurry, you can ask me later.”

With a cold tone, Rogen smirked and headed toward the iron bridge in the distance.

“I know the reason that made you come here, so if you answer my question, I will take you to the palace of the King.”

“And trust me, my griffon is much faster than you!”

Salo’s tone was very deep.

At that moment, Rogen stopped and turned around.

Deva Path and the Animal path also stopped and stared at Salo.

“Just hurry up!”

After taking a deep breath, Salo stood in front of Rogen and asked.

“Where did you hear about the Kingdom of Balut? When? And who told you about it? We have lost contact with the outside world for 50 years!”

“I’m sure that no one knows about the existence of this kingdom!”

At that moment, Rogen shook his head, he was sure that this was an important thing for Salo, and without hesitation, he took out the ring on his neck.

“Time, four years ago, and the person who told me about this kingdom should be your former king!”

When he saw the ring in Rogen’s hand, Salo’s heart trembled.

“Balut Ring!”

At a first glance, Salo recognized the ring, and at the same time, his expression changed, and his eyes became full of tears.

“It’s Balut’s ring, where is our King? Where is he?”

At this moment, Salo, the old wizard got excited. Compared with the previous king, the present king was very cruel and heinous. Under his leadership, the Kingdom of Balut is heading toward destruction step by step.

Everything will be saved if the king could come back!

“He’s in 6th level of the Impel Down, the strictest prison in the world!”

Rogen spat out those words directly to Salo, who was completely shocked.

“Oh My God, Impel Down!”

Salo cried.

He naturally knows what was the Impel Down. Although the power of Magic was unique, it was hard to use it against the Marines, they are much stronger.

“Yes, also, he gave me this country!”

Rogen whispered.

“Gave you the country?”

Salo was completely angry, and helpless at the same time. He couldn’t understand how could a King give away his country like this.

“Is it because he’s dying? Or because you are his best friend?”

Salo asked with a sad tone.

“We don’t know each other, he gave me the ring just to free his hands.”

At that moment, Salo’s expression changed, and he roared with anger.


Seeing this reaction, Rogen smiled.

“Ho, Ho, calm yourself big man, I have the ring, so I’m your king!”

“You know this ring, right?”

Salo trembled, and he couldn’t know what to do. He just calmed down and lowered his head.

“Since you got the ring, so according to the tradition of our kingdom, then you are the King!”


Salo sneered.

“It’s not easy to be a king. Besides, if the current king knew that you had this ring, he will kill you for sure!”

“So, my advice to you is to get out of here as fast as you can!”

When he heard that, Rogen smiled.

“Where’s your griffin?”

“What? What are you going to do?”

Salo wondered.

“We had a deal, you promised me that if I answered your question, you will give me your griffin to go to the king’s palace.”

Rogen replied.

“Are you serious? It’s the king’s palace, there are at least 36 wizards stationed there, and then there is the king, the most powerful wizard in this kingdom! Even the Admiral of the Marines will not have a chance to come out alive!”

Salo shivered with anger.

“Oh really, what else?”

Rogen was surprised, he didn’t expect that the wizard’s power could be compared with the Admiral of the Marines.

“I can teach you magic, so you can challenge the king. And if you defeat him, you’ll take his place!”

Salo sighed.

It was a long-term method, but Salo didn’t find any other solution.

“I don’t have much time, my companion is right there, and I have to save him!”

Rogen refused immediately.

“Besides, you already said that I’m the king now!”

“That means that he’s nothing but a fake king!”

Salo shook his head and then he cursed.

“Damn it, I know that he’s fake, but he’s so strong, what about you?”

Looking at Rogen, Salo shook his head again.

The most powerful wizard who has the power to destroy an island, can this boy fight against him?

“Well, I’m strong too!”

Rogen smiled.

“Boy, don’t get yourself into trouble. I was the right hand of the former king, and one of the five great wizards in the Kingdom of Balut, trust me, the current king isn’t an easy man to deal with!”

Salo shouted with anger.

“Even with the possession of the ring, you can’t do anything alone!”

Rogen laughed when he heard that.

“Dude, I’m the King of this country, am I not?”

Salo’s face was pale, he had to admit that the other party was right. From ancient times, the King is the one who’s holding this ring.

“I’m sure that there are a lot of people in this county who could recognize this ring!”

“So please, call them now!”

“Tell them that the real King is back!”


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