One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 303: Wizard!

This old man wasn’t as short as the other wizards in this Kingdom, he was very tall. Sitting at the entrance, he was at the same height as Rogen, also, his body looked very strong.

“Hello, Old ma…”

And before he could say anything else, the old man stopped him and said.

“You can call me, Salo!”

As he said that, he pointed to the tavern behind him and said with a cold tone.

“Go in and wait!”

Rogen was embarrassed, he was willing to find someone to understand a lot of things, but this man had no intention to talk to him.

Rogen shook his head and entered the bar.

As soon as he entered, he found that the tavern was quite lively.

“That’s right, that’s right. This is the Magic Kingdom. Those guys know magic. I just saw that!”

“I saw it, too. It was exciting.”

“If, if we can learn magic.”

When he heard those words, Rogen turned his head immediately.

He found that those people were wearing normal clothes, and their temperament was completely different from the people who lived here. It seems that they were outsiders like him.

Rogen smiled and then he kept walking forward.

“You want to learn magic too? Haha, in your dreams!”

The flat-headed bartender who was wiping the glass sneered.

“What? Why?”

Everyone looked at the bartender.

“Stupid question!”

“Do you know that magic has been taboo in the kingdom of Balut 50 years ago? Only those who have the permission of the King can learn it!”

“And you are nothing but outsiders, you don’t even have the right to think about it!”

“Even your boss, Mordol, the king’s dog, he only learned a little bit of metamorphosis, haha!”

Hearing this, all the crew lost hope.

When he heard Mordol’s name, Rogen’s eyes flashed, and then he looked at the people sitting at the table and smiled.

“Sander, who gave you permission to talk nonsense here?”

Salo, who just entered the bar looked at Sander, the bartender, and scolded him.


The flat-headed man looked at Salo the 4 meters tall and trembled.

“You’re not allowed to talk about the King’s affair, and as a punishment, I forbid you to talk for three days!”

After saying this, a strange stick pointed out from his sleeve robe, and then, a green light rushed out and hit Sander.


At that moment, Sander’s expression changed, he was helpless, as if he knew what is going to happen to him, so he turned his head and returned to work with his head down.

“Magic, it’s a real magic!”

Salo’s action made everyone excited.

“Right, that guy named Sander, his mouth is stuck by something and he can’t talk!”

Everyone kept whispering, and they were even more excited.

Even Rogen couldn’t believe what he just saw, he looked at Salo and kept thinking.

“Did I cross into the world of Harry Potter?”

Rogen began to doubt.

“But Salo, he said that we don’t even have the right to think about magic?”

“Why can’t we learn magic?”

At that moment, Rogen pulled a chair and asked loudly.

“You’re not allowed to ask!”

Salo answered with a cold tone.

After the boring conversation, Rogen took his chair and joined Mordol’s crew.

“Rogen, are you serious? Are there islands under the sea surface?”

“Are there mermaids in there?”

“Tell us more!”

Soon, everyone got excited about Rogen’s stories and became interested in him.

While they were chatting, Salo paid attention to Rogen. He was shocked, how could this young boy know all this, and how could he visit all these places. Salo was sure that this kid wasn’t lying, he naturally knows everything.

“Damn, who is this boy? And what is he trying to do?”

Clenching his fists, Salo was angry, and then he calmed down.

50 years passed since he lost contact with the outside world, especially after the great changes with the outside world. The only connection was Mordol who became a merchant, that guy was the only man who got the qualification to go out under the authority of the King.

With the corner of his eyes, Salo kept looking at Rogen carefully.

“There is a kind of fruit, called the Devil Fruit. You can gain great power by eating it. In my opinion, it’s much more convenient than magic!”

Rogen smiled.

“So, you don’t need to care too much about magic!”

His words made everyone excited. What is so special about magic? There’s no need for it when you have the power of the Devil Fruit. Everyone decided to get a devil fruit after leaving this place.

“Brother, you’ve seen a lot, you’re amazing!”

“Yes, there are only a few people who know all this, you’re awesome!”

They have realized that Rogen was different. It’s hard for ordinary people to know all this.

“He was in the famous sea, the Grand Line!”

Everyone was stunned.

Ordinary people live in the four seas, only strong ones could stay in the Grand Line.

“Yes, I’ve been there, it was an amazing experience!”

Rogen rubbed his head.

As Salo watched him carefully, Rogen kept looking at the tall man. Even more, he noticed that the other side clenched his right fist after hearing that he had been in the Grand Line.

“Besides, can you tell me where the woman and cat that your boss caught went?”


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