One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 302: Crescent island!

Under the white fog, two huge shadows on the sides of the ship appeared. They looked like ferocious beasts. As they saw these huge shadows, everyone shouted.

“Captain, these beasts are going to attack us!”

The crew members were afraid to move forward.

“Stop talking nonsense. Listen to me, keep sailing forward!”

Mordol’s doesn’t seem to be afraid at all, he shouted and ordered his crew to move forward.

His crew had nothing to do but following his orders.

The wooden boat swayed under the white fog, and after a while, it disappeared.

“It’s foggy!”

After a while, the Logan came to this area.

When he saw this dense fog, Rogen sighed.

“These two mountains that look like beast are the gates of Balut!”

“Great, I’ll enter the mysterious kingdom after passing through here.”

Rogen’s face showed a smile.

With the possession of the ring of the kingdom, Rogen is going to be the king of the Balut, in other words, Balut is his kingdom now. From rebirth to now, this is the first time for Rogen to be in a rich class.

“The whistling of the wind sounds like a roar of the beast. This is very unique!”

The strange route, the two mountains, and the white fog made Rogen feel excited.

The pirate world is a world of adventure and exploration. There are many magical scenes and mysterious kingdom on this vast sea. With the rich history and the unique costumes of various islands and countries, there was also a wide range of species. Simply, this world is very attractive.

The Deva Path and the Animal Path kept checking the movement and the route carefully when the Logan rowed quickly across the sea.

In a moment, Rogen’s eyes flashed.

An endless clean sea that seems to be connected to the blue sky; little fish were jumping on both sides of the ship. After a careful look ahead, Rogen’s eyes contracted.

“Is this?”

On the uneven ground, there were mysterious castles with spire-shaped building roofs, also, there were cable bridges across the sky! What made him even more shocked, the huge monsters that were in the sky.

“Is that a dragon?”

Rogen was surprised and deeply attracted by everything in front of him.

In front of him, there were six islands, and they were connected by an iron cable bridge, forming a beautiful half-moon.

“Is that the legendary kingdom of magic?”

After taking a deep breath, Rogen got excited.

He saw a lot of people walking fast and wearing black robes and pointed wizard hats.

At the entrance of the island, Mordol got too excited and ordered his crew to approach the harbor.

“Oh My God, Mordol-Sama, is that the kingdom of magic?”

Everyone’s eyes contracted and asked with excitement.

“Oh yeah, this is the legendary kingdom of Balut!”

Mordol was very proud.

“Remember, you can’t tell anyone about anything here, the policy of Balut is to stay in seclusion and never share anything with the outside world!”

“Hai hai!”

All the crew nodded.

Robin and the Little Master were amazed by everything in front of them. This world is amazing.

“Captain, do you know magic?”

Mordol’s eyes contracted when he heard that.

“I can turn you into a pig!”

As he said this, everyone stepped back.

At this time, someone came from the sky riding an owl about three meters long.

“Mordol, welcome back. What did you get this time?”

On the owl, a middle-aged man with a wizard’s hat smiled.

“I’ve got a very precious thing, take me, I want to see the King!”

When he heard that, the middle-aged man got excited.

“Hmm, it seems that the harvest is very good!”

“Don’t worry, my friend, I won’t forget you!”

Mordol smiled.

The middle-aged man nodded with a smile, and in a blink of an eye, the huge owl began to flutter its wings around the wooden boat.

“Get these two on the owl, come on!”

Mordol ordered his crew.

“I’m going to leave now guys, but remember, you are allowed to move in the crescent island only, if you tried to enter some restricted places, you’ll be executed immediately!”


Everyone nodded.

These islands were tens of meters above the sea level, and the crescent island is the nearest one. Ships can’t reach there, they can rely on those huge owls only.

“Woohoo, legendary birds can do a lot of things!”

The crew was excited.

After a few seconds, the Logan reached the Balut area.

Looking at the top, Rogen saw a group of black spots falling from the sky. In a blink of an eye, these black spots turned into a group of armed knights with swords on owls.

“It’s an outsider!”

As they approached, they saw that Rogen’s face wasn’t familiar at all.

“Hey, outsider, who told you about this place?”

Rogen’s eyes twinkled for a moment, and then he smiled and said, “I’m an explorer, I came here with Mordol!”


The warriors seemed to be familiar with this name, so they welcomed Rogen.

“Sit on the Owl and let’s go!”

Rogen didn’t hesitate at all, he jumped with the Deva Path and the Animal Path on the Owl quickly.

A minute later, they landed on the crescent island.

“Wait here, we will send someone to guide you!”

The warrior pointed his hand and smiled. And after a while, the owl flew up and disappeared.

“That’s awesome!”

Rogen got excited.

“Hello boy, come here!”

At the entrance of the tavern, an old man with a wizard hat called Rogen and waved his hand.


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