One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 301: Ferocious monsters!

“What a pity, I’m afraid that Mordol’s group kidnapped that little girl!”

This was the conclusion of everyone. These people have been looking for Robin, so they were familiar with the people who were doing the same thing. Everyone has seen Mordol’s before, but now, he just disappeared.

“Where did Mordol come from?”

Rogen asked with a gloomy face.

“There are rumors that Mordol is a merchant for some kingdom, but no one ever heard the name of this kingdom.”

One of the civilians shook his head.

“That should be the Balut Kingdom, I’ve heard about it fifty years ago, but no one heard about it since then!”

On the other side, a man bit the apple and shook his head.

Hearing the familiar name, Rogen got stunned.

“What a coincidence!”

Rogen’s eyes contracted.

“Are you sure about that?”

“Mordol is a very dangerous guy, I think that he came from there!”

“The kingdom of Balut is not simple at all, it’s the kingdom of legends!”

“What do you mean?”

“Balut kingdom is known as the kingdom of magic.”

“Kingdom of Magic?”

“Yes, it is said that there is a mysterious power called magic, only Balut people could use this power!”

“Of course, these are just rumors, we haven’t seen anyone from there, except for Mordol!”

“No one is sure whether this Kingdom is really existed or not!”

Everyone smiled, no one was sure about this legend, and it can be said that no one believed in it.

Rogen was confused, this kingdom may really exist, his cellmate gave him the ring of this kingdom, this must be true.

“The Kingdom of magic!”

“That’s interesting!”

Rogen smiled, and then he turned and left.

Everyone shook their heads and laughed when they saw Rogen.

“Another man who is bewildered by the mysterious Kingdom. He’s not even sure whether Mordol has come from there!”

Everyone was careful when it comes to Mordol, he was very suspicious, but no one knew his origin.

“The map shows that the Kingdom of Balut has two high mountains in the sea as its gate. You can enter the Kingdom through the mountains and see the magnificence of this Kingdom.”

In the original plot, there are many magical places in the pirate world, as Alabasta, Skypiea, and Zou, but Rogen didn’t expect to find another island that didn’t appear in the original book.

“Let’s go!”

“It’s time to be a king, haha!”

With a laugh, Rogen moved forward in a good mood.

As the Logan sailed forward, Rogen gradually found something strange.

“That’s really confusing, if I take this route, the ship will involuntarily deviate from the course, I have to pay much attention to it, otherwise, the ship will return and go back!”

The direction of the ship has changed a little bit, but this slight change might lead to a disaster for Rogen.

The Deva Path was just a clone, but his consciousness was very keen. He immediately changed the direction of the ship when it deviated.

“We should be there in two days!”

With closed eyes, Rogen sat on the deck and kept thinking, also, he practiced the sword skills and left everything for the two clones.

At the same time, in front of the Logan, a wooden boat was moving fast.

“Haha, my prosperity days will come when I hand over these two to the king!”

Mordol was very excited.

He didn’t care whether there were people chasing him or not, he was sure that no one could know this route, it’s a special route for Balut.

At the stern of the wooden boat, there was a huge magnet, which seemed to suppress something.

“Make sure that there is no problem with the magnet. Remember, this magnet is very important!”

No one of the crew knew the function of the magnet, only Mordol.

At this time, Robin and the Little Master just woke up, and when they found the rope in their hands, they panicked.

“Where are we? And who are you?”

Robin cried.

“Haha, don’t worry little girl, we’re not bad guys.”

Mordol smiled and then he looked at the little master.

“I’m sure that you are a bit special, that’s why I used Kairōseki to cuff you!”

Mordol is a very careful guy, and his prudence has helped him a lot in his business.

“Are you going to take us to the Marines, or the World Government?”

“Marines? World Government?”

Mordol seemed to be a bit surprised.

“Why would I do that? I’m going to take you to the King!”

“You’ll be his treasure!”

Mordol’s voice was very calm, he didn’t want to act like a bad man at all.


Robin and the Little Master looked at each other and felt sad.

“Hey, don’t be sad, you’re going to have a better life in the Kingdom of Balut!”

“It’s a pleasure to say that our King is the most powerful magician in the Kingdom of Balut!”

Mordol was very proud, also, he has no idea that Rogen was behind him, a few miles away.

On the morning of the third day, Mordol’s ship entered an area of white fog.

“Damn it, Boss, we can’t see anything at all!”

All the crew shouted in panic.

“Hehe, don’t panic guys, it’s a very normal situation, we’re going to enter the Kingdom of Balut soon.”

Mordol smiled.

At the same time, everyone got shocked again. There were two huge and ferocious monsters staring at them.


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