One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 300: Losing the Little Master, again!!!

The sound voice sounded in Robin’s ear.

Holding the cat in her arms, Robin looked up and panicked, dozens of persons were standing in front of her.

“Stop her, and get 80 million!”

All the civilians shouted with excitement.

For such a little girl, they should have a pity, but at this moment, everyone wanted to get the reward and didn’t care about her feelings.

80 million is good money after all.

“Help, help!”

Robin ran quickly and closed her eyes.

“Robin, I’ll be with you always!”

The little cat calmed her again.

At that moment, everyone saw the kitten in Robin’s hands. In a blink of an eye, the cat transformed and became a little cute girl. Everyone got shocked, this girl was very beautiful.

Like a princess, this little girl has very long black hair with some waves at the tail. All the civilians felt ashamed when they saw her.


In a flash, all the men looked at her and got stunned.

“Wood attribute control!”

With a wave of her hand, a rainbow light came out and rushed toward the big man in front of her. it seems that the little master was able to control men with her special ability.

“Jump on him!”

The little master transformed and became a cat again, and then she went back between Robin’s hands.

At that moment, Robin jumped on the man’s shoulders who ran immediately.

“Chase her!”

All the females shouted, but there was no response from the men.

“She’s beautiful!”

“Love, is that love?”

“That little lady, she’s astonishing!”

Everyone was confused by the beauty of the little girl, and they were unable to move.

After crossing 13 streets, Robin looked at the little kitten and said.

“Sister, every time I see you in human shape, I got stunned, you’re so beautiful!”

If you look carefully, you can find that there is a fork on the tail of the cat, it seems that she has two tails.

“Don’t be silly, have a good rest, we have to leave the island!”

The little cat smiled.

Robin and the little cat have been together for 1 year and a half, and they suffered a lot of bad things together.

“Sister, we’re leaving!”


After a brief conversation, Robin took a careful look at the alley before taking the last step on this island.

Suddenly, and before she notices, everything became dark, and then she lost consciousness.

“I made it!”

“Finally, I got these two!”

“Now, I will give them to the king, and I will be his right hand, also, I will marry the princess and get the opportunity to reach the peak of life!”


A burly figure was standing with pride and laughed.

The members of his group were standing behind him, they were happy and proud of what they did.

“Take them away, don’t let the others see you!”

As Mordol waved his hand, his little brother who was a member of his group stepped forward and tied Robin and the little cat, and then, he put them in a black cloth bag and left.

“This little girl is very cunning, it’s really hard to catch them. Fortunately, Mordol is here!”

The little brother laughed loudly.

“Mordol-Sama is the smartest man alive!”

“After giving those little idiots to the king, my brother will take the highest position in the kingdom!”

After thinking about his future, Mordol left the island.

“Be careful, no one should know about us, guys!”


Mordol’s group was very careful.

One minute later, Mordol raised his hand and stopped everyone.


“That’s a Vivre Card!”

After noticing the Vivre card on the little master’s body, Mordol sweated.

“Damn it, we almost make a stupid move!”

He threw away the card and then headed to the unknown Kingdom as they said.

“No one knows whether this little girl has companions or not, it would be a problem if they find our kingdom!”

In a blink of an eye, he jumped on his ship and left.

Just five minutes later, Rogen appeared there.

After looking around, Rogen’s heart trembled, he didn’t find anyone.

Suddenly, his eyes contracted.

“Vivre Card!”

He bent down and picked up the Vivre guard with anger.

“Something bad must’ve happened to the Little Master!”

He came here using the Vivre Card, but he didn’t find anything but the other half of the card.

“Damn it!”

He clenched his fist and then left.

After a while, he heard the news that a Little girl called Nico Robin and a cat that could transform into a human appeared on this island.


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