One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 299: Charm!

No. 8 was speechless when he heard Byrnndi’s indifferent words.

“Does these clones have their own consciousness?”

He couldn’t help but ask.

“They are all my scattered consciousness, Haha!”

Rogen answered with a smile.

No. 8 shook his head, he kept thinking about the difference between the Deva Path and the Animal Path, and then he sighed.

In a flash, five days passed.

The Logan rushed out of the Calm Belt and the unique sea breeze blows in Rogen’s face.

“Welcome to the West Blue!”

Rogen opened his hands and smiled.

Nothing can stop him. With the existence of the two clones, No.8 and him, even the Sea King has to walk away obediently.

“Boy, it’s time for me to go!”

At this time, No. 8 stood up slowly.

“Where are you going?”

Rogen smiled.

“Goodbye, my friend!”

No. 8 didn’t say his destination and jumped off the ship.

At the moment, Rogen’s heart trembled, he kept looking at No. 8 who was standing on his Black Water sword and moved forward.

“This guy is awesome; I wish I could see him again before death!”

No. 8 tears came out, he smiled and then disappeared.

“There are a lot of talented people in this world!”

“What a big world!”

After leaving the Calm Belt, the Deva Path opened the sails and followed the direction given by the Vivre Card.

For Rogen, the West Blue was very strange, but there were mysterious treasures out there.

In the Impel Down, he gained a lot of this from other prisoners. Among them, a chart for two places in the West Blue.

“The treasure map of Konoria Island, and the position of the king of the Kingdom of Balut.”

Rogen’s expression was very normal after seeing the first island, but when he saw the kingdom, his expression changed.

As he knows, in the pirate world this kind of succession to the throne is generally passed down from father to son, he had never seen such a transaction. The trade was between a kingdom and a set of keys that could open hand shackles.

“Balut ring!”

Rogen take off the golden ring tied on the rope from his neck and kept thinking.

The ring was given to him by his cellmate. According to his words, the ring is the keepsake handed down by the king from generation to generation.

The prisoners had been in the Impel down for fifty years, and that moment, he was old, that is to say, that the Position of Balut’s king had been vacant for fifty years. No one knows what happened to that kingdom.

“Maybe that country doesn’t exist anymore!”

Rogen shook his head.

In any case, he has to go and take a look. What’s more, the direction of the Vivre Card leads to that kingdom.


The two clones were responsible for the control of the ship, while Rogen was busy thinking about the route on the chart.

The ring maker was very smart, there was a ferocious eagle carved on its surface. This eagle is pressed, the ring is going to be divided into two crescent shapes, in the middle of this crescent there was a chart pointing to the kingdom.

“After looking at the ring, I can only say that this kingdom is very amazing!”

Rogen was very interested.

After the departure of No. 8, the silence ruled the place.

The silence reminds Rogen of the first time he went to the sea, he still remembers that he was forced to be quiet to avoid the Marines at that time.

“What a quiet sea!”

As he said that, Rogen closed his eyes to rest.

It can be said that he never had a complete sleep for 4 years. At that time, he closed his eyes and slept for a whole week, and he didn’t wake up until they docked in the harbor of the island.

He stood up slowly and shook his head, and then he turned and walked toward the island.

The direction of the Vivre was very accurate.

“I’m very close!”

“Over there!”

At the same time, a loud shout came from the streets.

Immediately, Rogen turned to see what happened. He saw a 30 years old man holding a long knife ran toward a fruit stand.

“I’ve seen her too, it’s Nico Robin!”

“Hahaha, we can get a lot of money!”

“That little monster, there’s 80 million on her head, we should catch her!”

As everyone knows, this little girl with a bounty of 80 million has no power, everyone was chasing her to get the reward, especially when they heard that she was on this island.

This day, when they heard the old man’s words, everyone got shocked.

the little black-haired girl wearing a black robe was shivering when she heard that they have found her, and she didn’t know what to do. Next to her, there was a little cat.

“Robin, run!”

At that moment, the kitten behind the fruit stand trembled and shouted.

Immediately, Robin hugged the kitted and ran quickly.

“Get her!”

“Come on, stop her!”

“Get the 80 million!”

After 2 minutes of running, Robin was blocked in a narrow alleyway.

She was very sure about the result of getting caught. Until now, the image of O’hara under the gunfire still lingers in her mind.

“Robin, don’t be afraid!”

“Seize the opportunity and get out of here!”

The voice of the little cat came out encouraging Robin.

“There are few people there. Breakthrough from there.”

“Yes, don’t be afraid, just run away!”


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