One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 298: Whitebeard’s big news!

Rogen was busy with the second clone, and the ship kept moving forward at high speed and safely under the guard of Doro the Deva Path and No. 8.

Time passed quickly; it has been already three days since the great escape.

In the Marine base, New World.

Marines were completely angry, and a lot of pirates were excited when they heard the news.

“Did you hear that? We need to be careful, there will be chaos in the new world. We need to inform the Headquarters!”

“What happened?”

Some people who didn’t hear the news asked in a daze.

“Whitebeard, it’s the whitebeard, we need to move!”

“What? What are you talking about? Explain!”

Edward Newgate, the Whitebeard, is known as the most powerful man in the world. He remained calm after Roger’s death, even after Shiki’s news, he didn’t act. But now, shocking news came out.

“It’s Kaido!”

“Kaido’s subordinates have captured an island under the protection of the Whitebeard!”

One of the Marines shouted with fear.

“Oh, My God, something terrible is going to happen!”

The news spread quickly through the world, which made all the Marines in a daze. On the other side, all the pirates got excited, such people love chaos.

After Roger’s death, the Whitebeard pirates became the world’s top pirate group. Over the years, their strength and power have already reached their peak. It can be said that Edward Newgate was the king of the new world after Roger’s death. He has countless pirate groups with powerful people under his command. No one dares to challenge or provoke this silent king.

On the other hand, Kaido, the rising star in the New World. He was completely strong, especially with his immortal body. It was rumored that this guy was no less than the Whitebeard in terms of fighting alone.

Kaido has been in the New World for a short time, and he decided to meet the king so early.

What does that mean?

The New World, no, the whole world is going to be in huge chaos.

At the same time, the Fish man island ushered a new pirate group.

“Haha, fish man island, there are fish-men here!”

“Mermaid, mermaid, I can’t believe my eyes! I finally met a mermaid!”

The red-haired young man stood on the bow of his boat and kept looking forward.

After a while, all the crew jumped off the boat and walked into the Fish man island with excitement.

“Isawa, stop acting weird!”

Jinx shouted at Isawa.

“Jinx, I’m really curious!”

“These mermaids are so beautiful!”

“Yasopp, what are you doing? Follow us!”

Isawa turned and shouted at the curly man who was dozens of meters away from the group.

“Hai, Hai, I’m coming!”

Yasopp laughed and then came running.

“Beckman, you don’t look excited at all!”

Isawa turned his head and asked the man beside him.

“Ha! Yes, yes. I’m excited!”

Ben Beckman answered with a smile.

“Well, what do you think of the Captain’s plan?”

Isawa asked again.

“You’ve joined the group before me, you know better. Besides, we’ve been together for a long time, don’t you understand me yet?”

Ben Beckman turned his head.

Isawa was speechless after hearing this.

“Well, ignore him!”

“Of course, he’s so stupid. We can’t follow a stupid like him. We want to meet the White Beard!”

Beckman shook his head.

After a while, the whole crew noticed that the atmosphere on this island was somewhat strange.

“What’s wrong with this island?”

Shanks turned and asked his friends.

As he said that, Jinx ran forward and hit shanks.

“Why are you walking so fast?”

In the rear, everyone laughed.

“Damn, it hurts!”

Shanks stood up slowly and looked at his group with a serious expression.

“It seems that something bad happened!”

All of sudden, a cry of panic rang out in the street.

“Damn, Whitebeard is going to fight against Kaido!”

Hearing this, everyone got shocked. At that moment, they looked at the pirate flag that was hung at the highest place on the island.

It belongs to the Whitebeard pirates!

“Oh, it seems that someone is faster than me!”

Shanks picked up his straw hat and put it on his head and said.

“We’re going to speed up then!”

“I don’t want to miss this great event!”

In the calm belt, on the Logan.

Rogen stood up slowly and smiled.

The Animal Path was more difficult than the Deva Path, but anyway, he made it.

As he stood up, Byrnndi World opened his eyes.

“Byrnndi World!”

No. 8 murmured.

“Call me, Animal Path!”

With an indifferent tone, Byrnndi stood up slowly.

“Doro, Byrnndi world, and Rogen!”

“The strength of this boy has skyrocketed in just a few days!”

No. 8 heart trembled; it can be said that he was a bit afraid of Rogen.

Fortunately, there was no conflict of interest between the two, otherwise, Rogen would kick him to death.

“I need some materials!”

As soon as he stood up, Byrnndi murmured.

“Take what you need!”

Rogen answered with a smile.

Thus, Byrnndi looked forward at the Sea King who was lying on the Sea surface.

He regarded the Sea-King as his material, and wanted to get it.

The 100 meters tall Sea King had no resistance in the face of Rogen and the others.

In a blink of an eye, the huge beast disappeared in the hands of the Animal Path.

“Where did they go!”

No. 8 was very curious.

“In my eyes, do you want to go there?”

Animal Path smiled and asked with an indifferent tone.


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