One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 309: Banshō Ten’in!

“What an idiot!”

Rogen stared at Jerry again and smiled.

“Get up!”

As he said that, Rogen stepped forward with confidence.

Rogen didn’t have any interest in this kingdom, his concern was the safety of the Little Master, and then, he might think of the throne.

He decided to stay with Asy, Akemi, and Salo just to solve it faster.

“I will take care of that fake King!”

As he said that to the group behind him, Rogen’s figure disappeared. He was heading toward the King’s castle.

“Salo, you don’t know the strength of our new King at all!”

Asy stared at Salo and shook his head.

“Don’t worry, I’ve met him before!”


Everyone was shocked and looked at Salo.

“I found him in the tavern of the crescent island.”

Salo explained.

“According to my judgment, our new king might be stronger than Eden!”

Jerry whispered.

“Are you serious?”

Salo got excited.

“Yes, and if I’m not wrong, the two figures around him are not human beings!”

Jerry was somewhat confused.

The four top wizards of Balut were shocked, and their eyes contracted.

“Haoshoku Haki and two powerful figures!”

Salo murmured.

“What is our new king exactly?”

Akemi sighed.

In the crescent island, inside the tavern.

Mordol’s group kept chatting and the atmosphere was very warm. They were curious about the sea, especially after the brief conversation with Rogen.

Suddenly, someone shouted, he seemed to remember something.

“Wait, that young man! I have seen him before!”

“What? Stop talking nonsense! We all met him today!”

“No, I’m 100% sure, I’ve seen him before!”

The man closed his eyes and tried to remember.

After a while, he opened his eyes and trembled.

“That man, that’s him!”

“Did you remember? Tell us!”

“That man…!”

The shock in his eyes was very clear.

“That guy is the little brother of the pirate king, Gol D. Roger, he has a bounty of 880 million on his head!”

“He’s the Captain of the Wraith, Gol D. Rogen!”

As he said that, the silence ruled the place.

At the same time, Rogen has reached a large number of castles.

Immediately, the warriors surrounded Rogen and pointed their spears at him.

“Step aside, idiots!”

Rogen looked at them, and in a blink of an eye, the large number of warriors fell to the ground.

Step by step, Rogen was getting closer to the King’s castle.

Inside the King’s castle.

“Oh, I remembered!”

King Eden smiled, and then he waved his hand. Suddenly, a box appeared in front of him, and in a blink of an eye, the box teleported and appeared in front of Robin.

“Little Robin, can you read this for me? I will give a good way to die, I promise!”

As he said that, he turned and looked at the Master.

“The same for you!”

Eden licked his lips.

“I’ll eat you with only one bite!”

“I’ll start with your feet, hahaha!”

His strange laugh made the Little Master and Robin frightened.

Suddenly, the huge pillar in the hall cracked for no reason.


Eden’s eyes narrowed, and he looked around.


“Is that the Haoshoku Haki?”

With a grin, the king looked at the gate of the Palace.

“Interesting, are you here for me?”

“Balut Kingdom is not one of those weak countries. It’s not easy to leave it alive!”

Outside the door, Rogen’s eyes narrowed.

With his keen sense, Rogen felt that this King was extremely powerful.

“Hum, I have to say that this kingdom surprised me!”

The Kingdom of Balut is the most powerful country Rogen has ever seen. The top five wizards, without exception, were as strong as the Admirals.

“This king, I can tell that he’s no less than Kuzan!”

Rogen smirked.

“I can finally see how strong I am!”

With a smile, Rogen stepped forward slowly and entered the castle.

As he entered, Rogen looked around, and he felt relieved when he saw the Little Master in front of him.

Without hesitation, the Deva Path stretched out his hand.

“Banshō Ten’in!”

Suddenly, and before Eden could react, the Little Master and Robin were pulled by Deva Path.

At the same time, the Animal Path stepped forward ad looked at Eden.

“You are a dead man!”


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