One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 310: Useless attack!

As he said that, the Animal Path stepped forward very fast.

Immediately, the Deva Path put down the Little Master and Robin and stood in front of them.


When the Little Master saw Rogen, she got excited and immediately jumped.

She thought that he was still in the Impel Down.

The sudden appearance of Rogen surprised the Little Master and made her excited.

Four years ago, Rogen put himself in a very bad situation, he accepted to put all the charges on his head so his crew could be safe, and he was pushed to the 6th level of the Impel Down. She didn’t expect that her captain will appear after four years, after all, he was in the Impel Down, the strictest prison in the world.

“You’re here!”

She jumped between Rogen’s arms and began to cry.

“I felt that my kitten is in trouble, so I came out to save her!”

Rogen smiled. It was very clear that he missed her a lot.


The Little Master got excited.

The confusion when she arrived at O’hara, the fear after seeing the evil in the other’s eyes. It can be said that in just four years, the Little Master has experienced too much. She couldn’t believe anyone but Robin, they stayed together and tried to avoid everyone. Also, during this period, the Little Master developed her Devil Fruit ability, and a second tail grew up.

“You’ve changed a lot!”

Seeing the second tail, Rogen touched it unintentionally. At that moment, his heart trembled, he was somewhat embarrassed.

“You’ve changed too!”

The Little Master’s face turned red. She is no longer the girl of 4 years ago, she is a grown woman now. As soon as they saw each other again, they felt shy.

“Well, I think that our friends have changed too!”

Rogen smiled again.

“I haven’t seen them for a long time!”

The Little Master was sad.

It can be said that if she was with their friends, she would be fine. For 4 years, she kept running from place to place, she didn’t eat anything for several days in a row, she didn’t know how many times she had experienced life and death, and how many times she thought she was going to die.

Growing up is really painful.

“Don’t worry, you’ll see them again.”

Rogen patted in the Little Master and put her on his shoulder.

At the same time, Robin looked at him nervously.

“Ah, Rogen, this is Robin, we’ve been together for the past four years, she’s my best friend!”

The Little Master pulled Robin and introduced her to Rogen.

“Oh, really!” Rogen looked at Robin and smiled. “Hello, Robin, nice to meet you!”


Robin was obviously afraid of strangers; she took a step back and lowered her head.

“Don’t be afraid. Rogen is here, we’ll be fine!”

The Little Master smiled.

“Who is he?”

Robin wondered.

“That’s our captain whom I told you about before, he’s finally here.”

The Little Master’s eyes shone like stars, and then she smiled.

Deep in the hall, Eden looked at the Animal Path that was coming toward him.

“You’re familiar!”

As he stood up, his right hand stretched out, and the stick turned into a poisonous snake. At the same time, a black fog appeared around his body.

“No one cares, you’re going to die soon.”

The Animal Path smirked, and then he clenched his fist and jumped toward Eden.


At that moment, the snake blocked his way, and then opened its mouth and bit his hand.

“The poison of this snake could kill a giant elephant within 3 seconds!”

Eden laughed.

The other side didn’t care at all, and his fist kept moving forward.


A very strong blow fell on Eden’s face and crushed his skull, at the same time, he was thrown to the rear and hit the stone pillar.

“How is that possible?”

Eden was shocked, he tried to stand up slowly.

The Animal Path didn’t seem to pay much attention to the snake on his fist. He shook his hand and threw it away.

“Your poison is fake.”

As he said that, the Animal Path waved his head and a black bead appeared.

“20x enlargements!”

In a blink of an eye, the black bead turned into a black shell and roared toward Eden.

“Evil Fire!”

With a cry, a large blue flame appeared in the void and collided with the shell, and then a black fog came out and rushed toward the animal path.

“Despair magic, fall into the abyss!”

The blue light beam burst out with a high speed and came to the front of the Animal Path.


In a blink of an eye, the beam hit the Animal Path before he could react.

All of sudden, his whole body trembled.

“Haha, this is the magic of despair. Anyone who got hit by this will fall into despair. You are finished!”

Eden laughed.

Just as he laughed, his eyes contracted, and he got shocked. The Animal Path didn’t seem to be affected at all, and he jumped and hit Eden so hard.


Eden flew out and fell heavily to the ground.

“How is that possible?”

Eden couldn’t believe what just happened.

Although he was very skillful in using magic, Eden’s power was completely useless against the Animal Path.

Eden was confused, and he raised his stick again and shouted.

“Sink into sadness!”

Another light flashed out and hit the Animal Path. However, it didn’t affect him.

“Oh, My God, that’s impossible!”

Eden yelled.

Even two hits in a row didn’t affect the Animal Path.

He stood up with anger and turned into black fog. He was moving very fast in the hall and kept attacking the Animal Path non-stop.

It has to be said that he was extremely fast, but speed wasn’t enough to affect the Animal Path.


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