One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 313: Forbidden chant


The magnificent scene exploded at this moment. There was nothing to be seen but dark smoke covering the whole area.

After a while, when the wind blows, all the smoke dissipated, revealing Rogen and his two paths.


The three bodies jumped forward quickly.

It was very hard for Eden to hide inside his smoke, the Rinnegan could see everything.

“Busoshoku Haki!”

The arms of Rogen, the Deva Path, and the Animal Path were covered with the Busoshoku at the same time.

Eden’s eyes contracted when he saw this.

“Fearful rock wall!”

Eden shouted quickly; he has to do something before they hit him.

In a blink of an eye, a huge was appeared and blocked the fist of the Deva Path.

However, he wasn’t fast enough to block the other two.


Rogen and the Animal Path punched him very hard.

Eden’s body trembled, and he gushed out blood. He was extremely damaged.

It didn’t end like that, the Deva Path headed toward Eden after smashing the wall that blocked his way, and then hit him in the chest and broke his ribs.

Eden’s eyes glowed with fear, he hasn’t experienced such power before.

“It’s over!”

The three figures took a step back and kept looking at Eden coldly.

“Ugh, Damn it!”

After saying this, Eden’s body began to twist strangely, and then he disappeared and reappeared 100 meters behind.

This guy has recovered like the last time, it was very strange.

“Let’s kill him!”

Immediately, the three figures jumped and attacked him.

However, this time, Eden’s body began to move rapidly in the palace, as if he was teleporting.

“The most powerful wizard in this kingdom huh!”

“He’s troublesome!”

Rogen shook his head.

After a while, the aura surged out and covered his body.

The Seven Star Sword hummed and trembled, and then rushed out from behind.

The white fog began to disperse gradually from Eden, and it seems that his body has recovered already.

This strange magic surprised Rogen. He had never seen this before.

“I’ve been exploring the mysteries of human existence. Although strength is important, eternal life is more important.”

Eden’s eyes flashed when he saw the three figures approaching him.

“Huh, what is Whitebeard, Roger, or the Golden Lion, they are nothing against me.”

“I have studied the magic for more than 130 years, I’m the best in this!”

“Boy, no matter how strong you are, you won’t defeat me. My healing ability is something hard for you to understand!”

“If you begged me, I may be able to tolerate you and let you be my bodyguard!”

Eden laughed.

However, Rogen didn’t answer him, he shook his head and then smiled.

After a while, he took out his sword and waved it. At that moment, the Seven Star Sword shone with blue and then enlarged.


In a blink of an eye, Rogen’s sword came to Eden and penetrated his body.


Eden couldn’t believe what just happened. His body which he was proud of was smashed.

The sword hit damaged his abdomen and chest, making him suffer.

Eden’s body was torn open with Rogen’s sword that kept running through it.

“Oh, My God!”

After few minutes, the sword trembled and went back to Rogen.

“Can he recover after this?”

With a sneer, Rogen jumped and went toward Eden quickly with the two clones.

At that moment, they found Eden in a very bad situation, he suffered severe injuries.

However, this Eden was still alive, how is that possible?

Rogen was completely shocked, Eden’s vitality surprised him.

Eden’s body doesn’t look very powerful, it was hard for it to bear all these blows.

“You pissed me off!”

All of sudden, Eden who was lying on the ground shouted.

When he heard that, Rogen’s eyes contracted. Is that a dream?

After that, Eden’s lips began to move, as if he was saying something.

“Forbidden chant, thunder hit!”

After saying this, Eden pointed his stick and smiled.

“Go to hell!”


The purple thunder and lightning exploded and slammed on the three figures.


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