One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 314: Unbelievable!

The fierce thunder burst out, making everyone shocked.

At that moment, the Deva Path was very close, before he could react, the thunder hit him hard.


As if a fierce beast, the thunder made a very loud sound, and a burning smell came out. The Deva Path flew out under the impact of thunder.


Countless tiny lighting arcs gathered around the Deva Path and burned him in a blink of an eye.


Immediately aftermath, the Deva Path was thrown away and hit an ancient castle that was behind him. Because of the huge power of the thunder, the ground under him turned black and even cracked.

It can be said that this forbidden technique destroyed the Deva Path.

Rogen’s eyes contracted. He couldn’t believe what he just saw, and he jumped quickly.

At the same time, the Animal Path on the other side put his hand on the ground.

“Summoning Jutsu!”


Out of nowhere, smoke appeared and covered a large area and began to dissipate after a while, revealing 12 fierce animals that were as big as a hill.

At the same time, Rogen flew out and waved his sword to attack Eden.

“Forbidden chant, Jōkaku Enjō!”

Even though Eden was completely damaged, he didn’t lose his hand and his head, so he kept chanting the spells.


The stick trembled strangely, and then a soaring fire came out from it.

Eden didn’t fail to surprise Rogen time after time, his movement and attacks were just amazing.

Immediately, Rogen cursed and jumped.

“Water release, Great Waterfall Technique!”

A large amount of water appeared and blocked the way in front of the fire. The area was covered by smoke.

Unfortunately for Rogen, the water has evaporated. Eden’s flame was much powerful than Rogen’s water. After that, the flames kept moving forward, it was like sea waves roaring all over the place.

In a blink of an eye, it covered nearly 30000 meters and stopped. At this time, Rogen was surrounded by flames.

“Forbidden chant, thunder prestige!”

Once again, Eden’s stick was pointed at Rogen.

“Kenbunshoku Haki!”

Using his Haki, Rogen saw Eden’s moves a few moments before, and he jumped quickly.

In a blink of an eye, Rogen waved his sword that was shining in the void.

At the same time, the thunder burst released by Eden and made a loud sound in Rogen’s ear and followed him.


After running through 15 castles in a row, the thunder and lightning hit the ground, burning a large area.


With a smile, Rogen jumped toward Eden and attacked him with the Seven Star Sword.


Rogen finally made it, he cut off Eden’s head. This sorcerer is not going to say any other forbidden chant.

What was strange, when Eden’s head touched the ground, his eyes were wide open, as if he was still alive.

When he saw that, the Animal Path controlled the summoned beast to attack Eden’s parts.

“Forbidden chant, Rebirth!”

Suddenly, the staff that was on the ground burst out a bright black light again.

The dark light was dazzling, it seems that this light could swallow everything.

Under Rogen’s shocked eyes, Eden’s body quickly recovered and stood up in 3 seconds with cold eyes.

At this time, the huge claws of the summoned beast plummeted on Eden’s body and pressed him directly to the ground.

“Forbidden chant, Landslide!”

As he said that, the ground began to shake, and then, several hills appeared and pushed the beast away.

“I’m immortal, Idiots!”

“Boy, do you know what kind of power I have? Don’t even try to think about it, it’s something hard for ordinary and mortals to understand!”

“Even the secret of this world, the Devil Fruit, I’ve learned about it and master it without eating it, haha!”

“I’m King Eden, the only one who has all kind of power of this world, I’m the most powerful king in this world!”

“I’m only one step away from immortality, one step!”

After the last sentence, Eden roared wildly.

“You guys can’t understand this power at all!”

He kept talking with a loud voice, as if he was crazy, making everyone afraid.

“He has the secret of the ancestors!”

In the distance, Salo and the others were shocked.

Once upon a time, the ancient people of the Kingdom of balut said that magic is the closest thing to learn the secret of the world. They have spent many, many years trying to reach the level to use the ability of the Devil Fruit without eating it.

Such a country with a long history is hidden in the west sea, and only a few people know about it. What a loss.

“If you want to destroy him, you must burn up every piece of his flesh with fire!”

“As long as his body is fine, the power of magic will continue!”

Jerry’s eyes contracted.

When he heard that, Rogen smiled and then jumped.


As he jumped, a sharp wind blade rushed toward him. Although it didn’t hit him, it cut off his black hair and tore a tiny hole in his face.

At the same time, the beast who was penetrated by the hills fell immediately.

What just happened surprised Eden also.

“It seems that you have a mysterious power too! Interesting!”

Immediately after that, Eden chanted again and clenched his fist. A wide range of lightning strikes appeared from the air and then exploded, covering 30000 meters of the sky

On the king’s island, everyone in the Balut Kingdom saw the dense thunder and lightning in the sky.

“It’s the forbidden chant!”

“Someone has released the forbidden curse!”

“What on earth is going on right there?”

People from other islands shouted in horror as if they were looking at the end of the world.

Fire, lightning, thunder, and vibration, it was a very shocking scene.

“What’s the matter with this guy?”

“Which… Which level has he reached?”

Salo was shocked, he has never seen a person who could reach this level.


Jerry’s voice trembled.


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