One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 315: Eternal!

Jerry who has been the guard of Eden naturally knows the power of Eden. However, at this moment, the performance of the other side shocked him, he didn’t expect it at all.

The immortal body, infinite energy, and the forbidden chant, a lot of things made a very strong guy.

Eden seemed to be able to reach the highest level releasing the forbidden chant, it was as easy as drinking water for him. Ordinary wizards could release the forbidden chant three times at most, and then they get exhausted. However, Eden’s energy seemed to have infinite energy.

Everyone was afraid of Eden at this moment.


“Unfortunately for you, your life will end now!”

“You’re quite strong, but compared with this era, you are still far away!”

The fight was getting more and more intense between Rogen and Eden.

At that moment, the Rinnegan in Rogen’s eyes changed into Sharingan, and three Tomoe began to rotate.

In his right hand, the Seven Star Sword turned black, it was fully covered with Haki.

“Talking about most powerful people, I have to tell you that the Whitebeard and the Golden Lion, their strength is at the top! They are the most powerful men in the world!”

“Whether it’s their boldness or their strong bodies!”

“You are nothing but a little frog in the bottom, outside this kingdom, there are a lot of things that need to be seen and live!”

“How ridiculous!”

Rogen’s voice was full of disdain.

It has to be said that Eden’s power was very shocking, he was immortal that it was very hard for Rogen to damage him. The forbidden chant was like a natural system that can defeat and destroy everything.

At that moment, almost half of the king’s island was destroyed by the fake king, and the huge palace turned into ruins. A lot of people have been already dead, and the rest were afraid to escape, they couldn’t even move.

However, Eden’s shortcomings were too obvious.

Weak body and ordinary fighting skill. Besides, Rogen made him suffer several times, which means that he can defeat him.

He didn’t even know how to use haki.

“It’s a shame for me to fight with you till now!”

Just after saying this, Rogen’s figure rose to the sky, and he waved his sword.


A brilliant cyan projectile rushed out. It was a very fast slash that went toward Eden.

“Getsuga Tenshō!”

This time, Rogen’s attack was mixed with the Busoshoku Haki, it was more powerful than the usual.

“It’s a total waste, I’m immortal!”

Eden laughed.

In the next moment, Rogen’s pupil changed, the Three Tomoe turned into a large Pinwheel


When he saw that, Eden sneered.

“Illusionary Technique, it’s disappointing to use this against me!”

As a powerful mage, Eden seems to be very aware of such a thing, and he knows very well how to break it.

It didn’t take much time until he broke the Tsukuyomi.

At the same time, the Animal Path’s hands were covered with Busoshoku Haki. He rushed quickly and grabbed Eden’s hands and put them on the ground.

“Want to kill me? Haha, in your dream!”

Before he could say anything else, Rogen stared at him and then attacked.

“Fire style, Great Fireball Technique!”

When he saw the huge fireball, Eden’s eyes contracted, and he got shocked.

“Are you crazy? You will be swallowed by the fire, let me go!”

Eden was afraid. He wouldn’t be afraid of any kind of attacks. As long as his body is safe, his soul is safe, he can reborn infinitely through the life magic he has studied.

Natural stipulates that the human body has a limit of life. Even though he studied the soul thoroughly and mastered the secret of immortality, the law of nature could not be violated. No matter how powerful a man is, he can’t go against nature’s laws.

He can be as strong as the Whitebeard, but it was hard to resist the erosion of the years, with the growth of age, his body was getting weaker and weaker.

At this point, he has also touched the edge. Therefore, he can say proudly that he has mastered the secret of life.

However, he has a weakness, Eden was afraid of fire. His soul will leave his body when he got burned.

In his life, Eden did everything to escape death. That guy was really afraid of death, he kept studying crazily to avoid it. Until now, he has lived 156 years. Whitebeard in front of him is as young as his grandson.

However, now, he felt the breath of death, which made him trembled.

“No, don’t kill me!”


The fireball went straight toward Eden and burned him alive.

He couldn’t do anything but screaming inside the flames. His body was firmly fixed on the ground.

It didn’t take much time until he turned into ashes.

At this time, the Animal Path’s hands turned into white smoke and disappeared under the high temperature of the flames.


“The baby at the bottom is the big guy in the outside world!”

“By the way, eternity can never be achieved when you are weak!”

Rogen smiled.

After 10 seconds, Eden was completely burned, and he became ashes.

On the other side, Salo and the others opened their eyes, and couldn’t believe what just happened.

“Is that true?”

“What happened?”

“It’s true, yeah finally. Eden is dead!”


Asy laughed, he was very excited.

“It’s amazing, I decided to marry Nanli to him!”

Akemi said with a smile. Behind her, the beautiful girl blushed, and she seemed to be very happy.

At this time, Rogen smiled, and then he thought of another person who was similar to Eden in the Original anime.

“That boy, I’ll get to him, sooner or later!”


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