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S.P.P: Chapter 316: I’m the new king!

Rogen’s strength was beyond everyone’s expectation, especially Salo. At that moment, he was astonished.

He never thought that this young boy would have great power. Wizards used to judge people’s power by their age.

“he’s too strong!”

Salo’s eyes were full of respect.

Strong people are always worthy of respect. This young man is the New King, no one will resist.

The power of Eden surpassed the entire kingdom, he was the only one who made all the wizards afraid. Now, he’s nothing but ashes, the New King killed him.

The ruins revealed the power of the previous king, the ashes of this fake king revealed the power of the new king.

After admiring the scene, a large group of people stepped forward.

“Your majesty!”

Asy was extremely excited, he knelt in front of the new king.

“Your majesty!”

At the same time, all the other wizards knelt and saluted with excitement in their eyes.

“You are very strong. I didn’t expect that!”

Salo’s face turned red.

“Eden was indeed very strong, but he wasn’t that difficult to deal with!”

Rogen looked at the people who approached and sighed.

It hasn’t been long since he came to Balut and he already knows a lot about this kingdom. This country is indeed powerful, but their policy of locking up the kingdom has been going on for 50 years, and it has almost derailed from the world.

“Get up all of you. First, you need to count the loss of this island, and then report it to me!”

“Don’t forget to extinguish the fire quickly!”

Rogen seemed to like his new position; it was a very important step for his future life.

“Hai, Hai, your majesty!”

Salo and the others stood up immediately. After that, Asy ordered the mages to run around and extinguish the fire.

“The palace of the king!”

Rogen looked at the collapsed palace and shook his head.

The place was in a true mess. Eden destroyed everything.

“We will order the alchemist to rebuild the palace. It won’t take long, your majesty!”

Jerry said quickly.


Rogen nodded.

He had a preliminary knowledge of magic. He didn’t know what kind of miracle it could show.

“What should I do with the rebels!”

Asy asked again.

After thinking for a while, Rogen turned and said.

“Kill the chief, and let the others be soldiers!”

“Hai, Hai!”

Asy nodded with excitement.

“The second point is to count the people who have been affected by Eden’s evil deeds in recent years, and we will allocate part of the money to help them!”

Eden’s practice of magic made people suffer. These people need some rest.

The witches who heard this command were happy and relaxed.

“Oh, yeah, I’ll tell you something else in three days!”

“Inform the whole kingdom about the new king!”

Rogen kept giving orders to everyone. The new king wasn’t angry and he doesn’t shout or scold, everyone nodded happily.

After a while, all the witches left one by one.

These old witches are the most powerful forces left in the kingdom.

After saying this, Rogen ordered everyone to leave.

When Rogen turned and passed by the ruins, he saw that the efficiency of these masters and craftsmen was amazing. In just three minutes, some buildings had been restored to their original appearance.

Under the lead of Akemi, all the medic witches kept rescuing injured people.

Rogen, the Little Master, and Robin were led by Asy to the old castle.

“Your majesty, you will rest here in these three days and we will take care of the rest!”

Asy smiled.

The new King is about to take the throne and the tyrant died. For all the people of Balut, this is absolutely a great joy. Moreover, these old guys suffered for a very long time, now, they became free.


Rogen nodded.

There is a unique atmosphere in the mystery of the castle. Asy quickly left after leading them.

“Sit down, girls, from now on, I’m the king of this country. Haha, don’t worry!”

Rogen smiled.

“Rogen, what happened? How can you be the king of this kingdom? I’m very curious. People are calling you your majesty!”

The Little Master asked curiously.

“I got the king’s ring by chance, that’s it!”

Rogen showed the ring to the Little Master.

“The person who gave me this is the King of Balut, it’s the inheritance of the kingdom!”

“It’s amazing to see the ancient way of inheritance!”

Robin was surprised.

“Well, you’ll be safe in the future, I’ll take care of you!”

Rogen looked at the Little Master and smiled.

“I don’t want to be separated from you anymore. Robin, we must protect Robin, she’s my best friend!”

The Little Master pulled Robin.

The latter stared at Rogen curiously, this guy was completely unfamiliar.

“Robin, I have heard of you, the Marines put a bounty of 80 million on your head!”

Rogen smiled.

Hearing this, Robin stepped back, her eyes were full of caution.

Too many people tried to catch her after hearing the high bounty.

“Don’t worry, Robin, this guy in front of you has a bounty ten times that of you, he’s more dangerous than you!”

When she saw Robin’s reaction, the Little Master laughed.

“Ten times?”

Robin looked at Rogen in shock.

The bounty on her head was 80 million, ten times means 800 million!

“I have heard about O’Hara incident, to hide something, the world government, chose to destroy the whole island!”

“But, the less they want to know, the more we have to dig!”

Rogen shook his head.

“You don’t need to worry about anything, no one can touch you!”


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