One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 317: Government order!

“Buster call has the power to sink an island, but it cannot conceal the truth of the matter. One day, the truth will come out!”

Hearing those words, Robin lowered her head.

In front of her, a very confident man, and didn’t seem to pay much attention to the Marines and the World Government.

“But… The Admirals of the Marines are…!”

“They are too strong!”

Remembering Aokiji and the giant Vice Admiral, Robin’s tears flew out and she trembled.

The Little Master’s eyes were full of tears, she grabbed Robin and hugged her.

She has never seen such a powerful guy like Aokiji. The Little Master deeply understood the pressure that Rogen once faced.

“Aokiji, the Blue Pheasant!”

Rogen’s eyes narrowed, and then he looked at the two people in front of him and suddenly laughed.

“It seems that he let you go!”

“Yes, Robin and I were hidden in a very good place, I don’t know how he found us. Fortunately, he let us go!”

The Little Master nodded.

“I remember that!”

Rogen narrowed his eyes.

“By the way, he said that when you come out one day, he won’t meet you with the same mercy!”

The Little Master was confused.

“Haha, this guy is interesting!”

Rogen laughed.

“Why aren’t you afraid at all? That’s the Admiral of the Marines!”

Robin asked with a loud tone.


Rogen looked at Robin and smiled0

“Little Robin, Aokiji almost died in my hands!”


Robin and the Little Master were shocked.

In O’Hara, Aokiji wasn’t a human being at all, he was extremely powerful, how is that possible that Rogen defeated him?

How powerful is this young man?

“Stop thinking too much and take a rest, you are safe with me!”

Rogen calmed the two girls in front of him.

Just after saying this, a group of maids brought food to Rogen and his friends. The food was fragrant and attractive.

“Hey girls, you have to eat!”

“When I’m done with this country, we’ll go and find Jason and the others!”

The Little Master nodded happily.

She wanted to see her crewmates for a long time. Unfortunately, she was forced to hide from the Marines, she couldn’t even find the opportunity to look for them.

Rogen felt relieved when he saw the Little Master and Robin eating.

Time passed quickly. After three days.

Everything in the King’s Island has returned to normal. Under the constant casting of the magic of the large group of mages day and night, the place has returned to its original appearance.

On this day, all the wizards and the mages of the five islands came to the King’s Island.

The sky was very dense, there were a lot of people riding Brooms, Owls, Griffin, and White deer.

During three days, everyone kept talking about the new king and his ascending to the throne.

The tyrant Eden is dead, and the new King, Gol D. Rogen, is about to sit on the Kingdom’s throne. It was the biggest event of the day.

In the King’s Palace.

Rogen looked at his royal Robe.

A black wizard’s robe engraved with silver stars, revealing a noble and mysterious artistic concept, and there was a stick made of various crystals.

“Your majesty, this is the orthodox star robe and scepter of the Balut Kingdom, you must wear them!”

Nanlin looked at Rogen with full of love eyes.

When he saw her beautiful face, Rogen couldn’t help but smile.

“Good, good. I’ll wear them, but I’m not a wizard! Is that necessary?”

“You are the King!”

Nanlin lowered her head.


Rogen nodded and he was somewhat confused.

Although the wizard’s robe was very beautiful, the sleeves were too big, which made it hard for Rogen to walk.

Half an hour later, Nanlin asked Rogen to walk to the hall after checking the robe on Rogen.

Rogen, with the black star robe and king’s scepter in his hand, stepped into the hall under the protection of 33 guards in two rows behind him.

“Our King is here!”

Just as he appeared in the Palace, a loud shout came out.

In front of him, the four great wizards, Asy, Salo, Jerry, and Akemi knelt to salute.

Just after they did that, people in the hall knelt down in rows.

The guards spread out quickly, standing majestically beside the stone pillar, and kept looking ahead.

On the big red carpet, Rogen walked alone and stepped to the throne, and then he sat down.

“Get up!”

Looking at the people below and smiled.

“Thank you, your majesty!”

At first, the four wizards stood up slowly, and then everyone behind them stood up looking at their new king with full of respect eyes.

“Today is my first day as a king of this kingdom!”

“I’m not a guy who talks too much, we can go straight to the point and announce a few policies so we can step back and have a rest.”

Rogen looked at everyone, and then he continued.

“First, we need to set up a Mage Guild, also, we have to classify and appoint five presidents! And I’ll be on top of them!”

“Second, we will set five people on the head of every island, they will be responsible to report everything you need to the five presidents!”


Speaking of this, Rogen’s eyes became sharp.

“This is the most important one!”

“From today on, the kingdom of Balut will carry out its founding policy.”


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