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S.P.P: Chapter 318: Magic!

When they heard that, there was an uproar in the palace, people were shocked, at the same time, they were excited.

All the people who came to the hall were the most powerful wizards in Balut. For a long time, the kingdom has implemented the policy of locking up the country. Many people were looking forward to make contact with the outside world.

“Your highness!”

“Your majesty!”

“Finally, we can see the outside world!”

Everyone got excited.

Rogen looked at them and smiled. He naturally knew the terrible policy of locking the country. Many governments chose to disconnect from the outside world, and they suffered a painful lesson, exactly like Eden.

“Salo, after appointing the five presidents, choose one to contact the Marines and the World Government and make a contact system with them.

Rogen looked at Salo and ordered him.

“Hai, Hai, your majesty!”

Salo nodded quickly.

“Well, we should open up our national treasury and enhance our national strength, so our people could go further!”

There was another uproar in the Palace.

The cultivation of magic is not easy, it needs a lot of time. However, there was something called the Magic stone, it can improve efficiency and save time. Rogen’s word means that the government decided to help people with all means.

Can you imagine how many people will go further with their magic skills after this?

“Of course, you need to pay it back!”

Seeing everyone’s enthusiasm, Rogen poured some cold water and said.

“There will be a system, which you can earn points with it, the Mage Guild and the five will issue tasks and set up points. If you have enough points, then you can exchange them for corresponding resources and accelerate your practice!”

Rogen smiled again.

“Finally, we will set up a mage school, and everyone can enter the school as long as they have enough points!”

When he said that, everyone got shocked.

“Oh, My God, is he crazy?”

“Is that true? Can everyone learn magic?”

“I can imagine that in few years, our kingdom will enter an era of universal magic!”

“Our kingdom will grow so fast!”

People kept talking with excitement, they were extremely happy with that news.

Since ancient times, teaching magic in the Kingdom of Balut has been very secret and strict.

The school of magic will shock the whole Kingdom.

“Of course, for the time being, the academy only recruits citizens of the country!”

Rogen smiled again.

the new orders of the new King shocked everyone. At that moment, everyone in the Palace felt an amazing power. For this reason, everyone loved the new King and respected him.

After six hours of talking, the meeting has ended and the joy spread to the whole kingdom. Everyone in the kingdom was happy, on the streets, you can see the smile on citizens’ faces, it can be said that Rogen knew exactly what those people desire.

After the meeting, Rogen went toward the treasury of Balut with Salo and the others.

“Your majesty, this is the treasury!”

Jerry waved his wand and opened the door.

When he looked into the door, Salo and the others couldn’t help but frown.

“What’s the matter? How could the treasury be so empty?”

“Eden has always been a selfish guy. To practice magic, how can he care about the things in the treasury?”

Jerry answered with a wry smile.

“It’s okay, there’s no need for gold and staff, there are a lot of magic stones here.”

Rogen softly said.

At present, the balance of his system is Zero. The kingdom of Balut might be useful for him in the future. The kingdom of magic has powerful people. As long as he digs deeply into this power, he may not fail to build a force that is not inferior to the Marines.

“That’s too shabby!”

Asy shook his head.

“Well, the most important thing is to improve our national strength, otherwise, we can’t cope with the situation of connecting with the world!”

“Yes, your majesty!”

Everyone nodded with respect.

“This new policy has been promulgated. Diplomacy is your priority. You can exchange our country’s special products with the outside world to quickly expand the national treasury!”

Rogen said again.

Two hours later, Rogen returned to his castle with some resources from the treasury.

There were Magic foundation, Magic origins, and some Magic Stones. Rogen was curious, he wanted to know everything about Magic.

After paying much attention reading the books, Rogen began to understand.

To be exact, the Magic of this Kingdom is not what he expected.

The origin of all Magic is the fruits.

“Really! Devil Fruits is the origin of Magic?”

Rogen became confused.

There are three types of devil fruits, Logia, Zoan, and Paramecia, on the other hand, there more types of magic, such as element Magic, Alchemy, Potion, Dark Magic, and the last is secret magic.

It can be said that the power of magic is almost the same as the Devil fruit. The only difference is how long it takes to master it.

You can reach the highest level with the Devil fruit, but the magic, it might take you 20 or 30 years to learn it.

Rogen shook his head and gave up this way of cultivation. He was interested in other ways of practice, people here called it meditation.

“It’s the way to exercise mental power!”

With a smile, Rogen held the book in his hand and kept reading.

At the same time, the Little Master and Robin were holding a piece of paper and laughed.

“Yes, sister, this must be the historical text!”

“Ah, yes! Let’s crack it together and surprise Rogen with it!”


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