One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P: Chapter 319: Poneglyph

Robin got this Poneglyph From Eden, who wasn’t interested in this kind of ancient text, he was just curious.

“Sister, we can crack it quickly together!”

Robin was very happy.

“Oh, yeah, cool!”

The Little Master nodded.

When she was in O’hara, the Little Master didn’t waste her time. She decided to learn with Robin, Archaeology is one of what she learned. She seemed to be born with this talent, everyone was surprised in O’Hara.

She studied and learned very fast, she even learned how to read the Poneglyph like Robin.

After cracking the Poneglyph, the two girls got shocked.

“This is the route information of an island!”

They looked at each other and showed a puzzled expression.

How can this Poneglyph record the information of an island, and what does it represent?

On the other side, Rogen was trying to cultivate his mental power.

“It worked!”

Rogen smiled.

After becoming the king, Rogen had many things to do in one day. Fortunately, the general framework has been set, he just needs to review it and give an official reply.

Three days later, Rogen shook his head, he was very tired at that moment.

“I’m afraid that it will take some time to get out of the sea!”

Rogen wasn’t willing to be a king for the rest of his life. The general decree has been made, and anyone can take his place and manage the kingdom very well.

However, if he wants to get this country as his support, he naturally needs to pay some price.

“Well, I think I’m going to stay here for a while!”

Powerful people in the world need a powerful army behind them. If you want the World Government and the Marines to fear you, you need to have such a thing. The Whitebeard’s strength came from his crew, the number of pirates he has is unpredictable.

Shiki, the Golden Lion as well, has a large number of people. The only way to be strong is to have powerful and numerous people behind you.

In the original work, the Straw-hat pirates were very little in the first half, but when they entered the new world, the competition of the pirate king began, you can see clearly that the group has expanded and many people joined them. If you want to become a king in the sea, you need to have strong subordinates, nothing can be done when you are alone.

Every day, Rogen kept meditating, exercising his mental power, practice Haki, and then read some decrees.

The Little Master and Robin finally cracked the Poneglyph, which made Rogen feel surprised.

“Coordinates of an island?”

“It was mentioned in the original work that the final location of the One Piece, and the island to be a pirate king, is in the center of the four islands. If you want to know the location of Raftel, you need to find the red Poneglyph!”

“The three Poneglyph are controlled by the four emperors and powerful forces, only one of them still missing!”

“I don’t know which one is this.”

After thinking for a while, Rogen smiled.

The Little Master and Robin don’t know the importance of this information, but he knows very well. This text is of great significance for every pirate. It represents that he is one step closer to be the pirate king.

“Pirate King!”

Rogen’s eyes contracted.

“The place and the height you have reached, I will reach and surpass it!”

What is the blank one-hundred-year history? Why don’t the World Government want the world to know what they are hiding?

Roger may know the truth of all this, but it didn’t change anything. He put everything at the end of the Grand Line. And Rogen, what he wants to do is surpass his brother. When he gets to know the truth of the world in the future, he wants to change it.

This is an era of the rampage. The Four emperors will be born, among them, what height will Rogen reach?

How magnificent is the future of the sea?

After thinking for a while, Rogen shook his head and kept reading the documents in front of him.

The domestic situation was still not stable, and many things need to be dealt with by him. Being a King is very exhausting.

Gradually, three months have passed, and the change in the Balut Kingdom was obvious.

In the harbor, there were many outsiders ship docked there, the five islands have opened a unique and charming tourist site. Day after day, the national treasury became more and more abundant.

The establishment of the Mage Academy and Mage guild made the magic of Balut Kingdom very popular. Quietly, the combat effectiveness of this kingdom grew rapidly. It was about to shock the whole world.

Similarly, diplomacy with the outside world has been initially achieved. The kingdom of balut has also joined the World Government, become one of the 300 countries, and has the qualification to participate in the World Conference!

The world conference, which is held every four years, will be held in the near three months. Rogen’s initial intention is that Salo, who has further strength and has reached the level of general, will attend. To show the power of the kingdom of Balut and gain more discourse power. However, the king decided to stay behind the scene.

At the same time, Balut reported the King’s name to the World Government as Nagato.

For a short period, Balut has developed greatly and changed rapidly.

The five islands, crescent Island, Sun Island, Star Island, mage island, and finally, the King’s Island, have changed greatly. Because of the external communication, Balut’s people had a wide range of vision, and they rapidly increased their knowledge.

This day is the day that Rogen will leave.

In the Palace, Rogen sat on the throne and looked down with a helpless expression.

“Your majesty, we will never allow you to leave the Kingdom like this!”


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