One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapitre 6: A GREAT FIGHT

He clenched his fists, Rogen had a faint smile, confidence, and disdain.

At that moment, he was so attached to the white phoenix.

Behind him, there was Akainu, who had fear in his eyes. The two men turned back and they stopped the fight.

“I don’t want to have too much entanglement with you, don’t follow me again!”

Rogen faintly spits the sentence which made Akainu’s full body shuddered and clenched his fists.

He eventually didn’t want to rush to Rogen once again.

“Boy, don’t you see the marines!?”

Suddenly, a loud shout came from the top. A huge body descended from the sky, and with an incredible speed, he rushed to Rogen.

Like a flash, Rogen changed his position.

“I like it”

“Bang”, Rogen dodged the hit and the deck divided. A figure heavily landed here.


At that moment of landing, Garp took another shot and his body suddenly disappeared, his speed was obviously much faster than Akainu, he has already rushed to Rogen again.


Garp’s fingers were hard like a gun and they can stab a body.

Rogen’s eyes shrank sharply and his head was slightly twisted.


His cheek was bleeding and Rogen didn’t believe what’s happened.

His right hand huddled like an eagle, his body suddenly accelerated, and then he moved forward to attack Garp aggressively.


“When? How?”

At the next moment, the sparks actually collided, Rogen’s heart trembled, and he immediately retreated.

Then, Monkey D Garp raised his right leg and used Rankyaku, one of the six techniques of “Rokushiki”.

“Wow sharp!”

The mast on the ship broke. Garp was incredibly powerful.

Rogen constantly retreat that moment, he felt a strong power In the face of Garp, and there was enormous pressure.

Compared with Akainu, Garp’s experience was higher.

The two were fast like the wind, quickly fought, they moved to the deck at an extremely fast pace.

Rogen sharpened his eyes, there was no doubt that Garp was stronger than him, he could barely fight him at this moment. He released the power and speed of the white phoenix and IP Man on the same day. If this fight took more time, he will get exhausted and no doubt, he will lose.


Once again, Garp attacked him,


Rogen’s face changed, there was a bloody hole in the right shoulder, he was injured under the constant attack of Garp. He was hit because of the lack of experience.

“You can’t escape Rogen!” Garp closed his hands. His muscles were tight, he stared at Rogen and he was ready to attack him again,

“Ha Ha” Rogen flashed the next moment, and the white phoenix was behind him. He ascended it and flow with three times increase speed.

At that moment, and from ten meters altitude, Rogen fell toward the bottom again. With gravity, his speed increased again.

“Feather blade!”

Only an instant, Rogen has arrived at Garp’s eyes and then he waved. This wave was like a fierce bird waving his wings.

In the void, a cold light flashes.

Garp stare and shout: “Tekkai!”


The sound of metals collided and sparks burst rushed out, Rogen’s eyes flashed, and his right hand felt a sharp pain.

After facing Garp’s block, his right foot was like a big turntable.

He came toward the sky, and then he pointed down against Rogen.

“Do you like it?”

The powerful blue projectile formed in an instant. The sharp shot seemed to cut the air and rushed toward Rogen.

Rogen morphed like a bird and avoided this chopping attack. He had to bend his legs, stepped into the air, and rushed forward again. but suddenly his face changed dramatically.

On his right side, someone quietly lurked and attacked him.

“Finger gun!”

A shot was between the lights and the flint. Rogen avoided important parts, “Puff” there was a hole in his stomach, and the blood immediately flowed out.

Two seconds later, Rogen fell heavily on the deck, rolling a full ten meters before he stopped.

After lifting his head, Rogen became pale.

In the front of him, Akainu stood there cold-blooded.

Garp frowned at Akainu and he wasn’t happy: “Akainu, don’t you think that’s too much?”

“What!? He is a wicked criminal.” Akainu dismissed.

Garp was even angrier, According to him, Rogen has not done anything sinful.

In essence, he was very resistant to the command of the headquarters of the marine to arrest Rogen. For him who advocates justice, one person commits a crime, while others were involved, it was a violation of justice!.

Somehow, Rogen painfully stood up, he took a deep look at the two men opposite, and then he moved his hand toward his mouth and blew it.


The large white bird hovered immediately and swooped downwards.

“Go fast, don’t let him escape!”

Akainu saw this scene, he shouted loudly and speeded up toward Rogen.

However, Rogen got on the Phoenix then the Phoenix jumped up, soared with an incredible speed.

In an instant, they have flown up 20 meters when Akainu came to Rogen’s location, he was only able to watch him flying away.

“Garp!” Akainu yelled to the back of the ship.” Catch him!”

Garp looked up at Rogen, then he turned back with fake ashamed “Sorry, my Moonwalk is not done yet.”

Akainu clenched his fists in anger and looked at Rogen who was escaping on the white giant bird. He was very annoyed.

In the air, Rogen looked down. The white giant bird quickly flew in one direction and he disappeared in an instant.

On the warships below, the marine had just climbed one by one from the sea and lay on the deck, they breathed heavily.

“Damn it!” Akainu was angry and helpless.

At the same time, on the sea about five kilometers from here, a civilian ship stopped silently. On the boat, there were several civilians which were faint and while they were watching everything from there.

“How? deputy Captain? he is our Captain’s brother, is he all right? We must take him!”

A white-haired, middle-aged man who stood in the forefront and wore glasses and had a long sword on his waist, deep in his eyes, and he was chuckling.

“He has left and he is safe!”

“In addition, I am not your deputy captain!”