One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 1: I HAVE TO FIGHT


The curtains were fluttering due to the sea breeze that was blowing gently with a little salty flavor.

A cat was under the desk, it raised its paw and rubbed its face with half-opened eyes, then it closed them and fell back asleep.

This was a very suitable morning to sleep, but Rogen was busy packing all his stuff into a bag.

He had to flee because soon people would come looking for him to catch him for his bounty. and if he was to get caught he will end up in a stinky prison for life. That prison would be Impel Down.

“Rogen, hurry up, those crazy guys are coming.”

Outside, there was a small girl, named Lolita, she was nervous as she urged Rogen to hurry.

“I know, I know!” Rogen waved lazily, as he picked up the little bag, and left the bedroom.

“Those groups of people are really disgusting, Roger just died and they are already here for you, just to get the reward, really shameless guys.”

Rogen just smiled. He naturally understood that this group of people only wanted to get that valuable reward.

After all, his strength is almost negligible compared to his big brother, Gol.D.Roger.

Even though he has never stopped training during these 16 years, due to the limit of his talent, he had to admit that he didn’t have the potential to be strong.

“Hurry up, I can only help you to get to the port, the rest depends on you, leave Loguetown quickly, you must take care of yourself!” The small Loli said with tears in her eyes.

Rogen nodded with a little smile on his face. He accelerated his pace while comforting the little Loli.

He didn’t want to get caught, they will turn him over to the marine.

“Don’t worry about me and don’t follow me, I don’t want to involve you in this.”

“No, after losing Roger, I don’t want to lose you too.” She said firmly.

Rogen shook his head, he couldn’t refuse, at this time he really did need her to guide him, the ship was going to leave soon and he didn’t know what to do.

After a while of constant running, Rogen was far away from his home.

He paused. His eyes looked at the direction of his home with complexity, the place he lived in for 16 years.

And from now on, he won’t have a home anymore.

It was impossible to understand how Roger who was middle-aged, could have a younger brother so much weaker than him. Rogen naturally understood why that he wasn’t a person of this world, as soon he opened his eyes he knew the world he was in. At that time he was happy and excited. This was the world of One Piece.

He is the brother of Gol-D-Roger! They had the same family name, same blood, and Roger had taught him since childhood.

However, something terrible happened, he found out that he had little to no strength.

For 16 years, he used Saitama’s way of practice, crazy running, doing push-ups, training in the hot summer holding a thick quilt, in winter he was only wearing a vest and shorts. However, he was unable to get stronger.

No matter, practicing in such a crazy way made him thought that could become a little stronger.

Yesterday was the day of Roger execution stand and Loguetown was crowded with people.

Standing in his bedroom on the second floor, Rogen could clearly see the stage of Roger, he already knew that this day would come eventually.

When Roger died, a great disaster befell him… The government wouldn’t let anyone who had any relationship with Gol D Roger live, and his brother Rogen was the top priority even if he was weak and useless like an ordinary person.

“Rogen, don’t look back, just go!” the little Loli anxiously pulled him.

She heard intensive footsteps in the tunnel.

Just as the little girl pushed him, she didn’t notice that he suddenly shook and a strange look appeared on his face.

At the same time, at the entrance of the tunnel, a group of people were holding swords. Their eyes were sharp.

“Rogen don’t try to escape!”

“Stay there or we will kill you!”

“Your brother is dead, it’s best for you to join him.”

This group of people didn’t enter yet, but they started shouting loudly, the sound was brutal, causing the little Loli to nervously tremble.

“Hey bastards! Did you forget all that Roger has done for you?” Lolita was so brave. She loudly scolded them.

At that time, the crowd arrived and directly surrounded them.

When they heard Loli’s voice, some of the people who surrounded Rogen showed a look of embarrassment on their faces, indeed, they were taught by Roger. However, the reward was so tempting.

“Gol.D.Rogen, your bounty is 110 Million!”

“Rogen, you’re a threat to the Marine, this is the law, we must do this, we are sorry”

Some people in the crowd still explained, but the greed on their faces can still be seen at the same time.

Rogen at this moment didn’t hear the conversation between Loli and these people, he was immersed in a magical system’s interface. Just before Lolita pushed him, a cold electronic voice suddenly sounded his mind.

“Congratulations to the host, the strongest system was bound to the host”

“The host can purchase the soul of a person who made his own legend, using money from this world.”

“Or, the host can choose to use possession coins obtained after defeating his opponent to gain skills from the possessed soul.”

“Finally, the host can choose the color of the soul!”

After the electronic sound said this, a colorful interface emerged in front of Rogen.

“1.000 Belly, 10.000 Belly, 100.000 Belly, and the last one billion belly.”

Rogen had an odd look on his face, then a slight smile was drawn on it.

According to the grade of these coins, the colors defining the strength of the soul, red orange yellow green blue purple, and indigo, the seven colors of the rainbow.

He was able to choose the color only when he has the money to buy it, he can also gain Possession Points after defeating his opponent, so purchase with it the skills of the possessed soul.

At this moment, in front of him, there were 20 greedy people surrounding him, he only had ten thousand Bely in his bag.

“Then, I will show no mercy!”

“I choose the red soul.”

“I want a ten thousand Belly soul!”