One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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At the same moment when he said these words in his mind, in the system interface a red whirlpool bloomed.

Rogen than saw a man, walking toward him with a serious face. Only in the next instant, the man rushed into his body.


Rogen’s mind was buzzing, he felt as if he had become another person.

Actually, he hadn’t turned into another person, he now knew all the martial arts techniques of the mysterious man and he saw the man’s life flash past him.

That person was learning Martial arts since childhood, training with wooden poles every day and night, pace exercises, sword practicing, Marksmanship, and boxing.

That master beat many of the Japanese generals, then he moved to Shanghai, also he trained Bruce Lee.

This was Ip Man, the martial arts master, who had a very profound character.

In less time than it takes for a breath, Rogen’s expression became serious, his eyes sharpened and contained an impression of greatness and majesty.

“What’s wrong with this kid? he suddenly became frightening!” one of the men who came to catch him saying.

“Don’t worry about it and just catch him, then we’ll get his reward and it’s enough for us to become rich.”

“Hurry! Grab him, this is your only chance to became rich!”

At this the crowd became even more excited, they held their swords high and rushed at Rogen.

Rogen pushed the small Lolita behind him. He looked so serious.

“Huh, Blinded by greed. You plan to kill the brother of your teacher for money.!”

“Once, you worshiped my brother as your Sensei, but now you want to kill me. You traitors.”

“I will show you no mercy!”

As these last words left his mouth, he stepped forward and got his hands ready for the fight.

“This kid is crazy, it’s a big mistake to challenge all of us!’

Those people were laughing and their eyes were full of contempt.

But at the next moment, after they had raised their swords toward Rogen, they were shouting.

Rogen made a move at the left side of the group of swordsman, he rose his elbow and directly hit the nose of one of them making it bleed, then he moved his elbow down slamming a hit into another man’s chest.


The man was knocked down directly, also he trembled twice and lost his power to move.

At this scene, all present were shocked and some of them even left the circle,

isn’t this guy so weak and can’t even beat a little girl!?

Those two victims were easily knocked down.

At this time, Rogen moved his right hand in the come get some gesture and said, ”Go on, keep coming!”

“Damn you kid!”

All the people were angry, and they rushed at him with their swords.

In just a moment, Rogen was in front of the group.

His eyes were serious, and these men were falling faster.

Even though he had no experience in fighting, his body didn’t pull him down after all these years practicing. Now with his fitness and the experience in the martial arts of the master Ip man to fight against them. And the five people in front of him were quickly defeated.

Ip Man was a master of self-defense, the street martial arts was not everything he had, every hit was critical which stuns the enemy.

Rogen after his attack against another two men, every hit was a one-shot, he rose his hand and immediately struck out with his palm at every coming person, which pushed them back a few steps.

Rogen saw these people retreating, then he closed his palms together.

After a minute, the people on the opposite side gasped heavily for breath and rushed up again.

This time, Rogen stared into their eyes, then as he stepped forward.

“Bang bang bang…”

A barrage of punches broke out.

Every step he took, there were two men who fell down next to him. After walking all the way, they were all suffering from his punches.

Some were bleeding from their nose, some had dislocated arms, and others had a distorted body.

Rogen didn’t show any mercy, The intensity of his efforts was enough for some of these people to lie in bed for more than half a year.

“You! You are not Rogen! Who are you?”

As these people were lying on the ground, they looked at Rogen in horror, in their memory he had never been so powerful as this.

“I’m Ip Man!”

Rogen glanced at the man who asked him, then he turned and grabbed Lolita and left quickly from here.

In a blink of an eye, the two disappeared from the vision of everyone.

As they ran, Lolita looked at Rogen with eyes full of confusion.

“What’s the matter with you?” Rogen couldn’t stand her look.

“You! What is that transformation?” Lolita asked blankly

“…….” Rogen did not answer

“I’m Rogen you stupid, I just wanted to scare them.”

“But I feel you are not the same as before!” in her perception, the previous Rogen wasn’t so powerful like this.

“I was possessed by another person’s soul using a system” he rolled his eyes, which were white.

The marines were patrolling all over Loguetown, making it impossible to leave, so Rogen and Lolita were looking for some safe alleyways that were not easy to find, and went around the main road, while this was may have been a waste of time but it was very secure.

Fifteen minutes later, the two had just walked out of an alley, when they faced a marine.

After looking at each other, they were both stunned,

“Rogen is here!” the marine immediately uttered a loud shout.

Rogen was pissed off and cursed with a low voice. The distance between them and the marine was ten meters. Rogen rushed and punched him from mid-air. The marine didn’t have the time to take out his gun, he was thrown to the ground directly.

At this time, there were footsteps on the other side of the road. More than 10 marines had appeared and clearly saw him.

“It’s Rogen, shoot him!”

The leader of the marine group did not hesitate to order them to shoot immediately.

They had to turn back, Rogen picked up Lolita and rushed on the alleyway where they had come from.

“Bang, bang, bang…!”

The gunfire sound was loud. One shot almost hit Rogen’s foot. The stones on the road splattered by the shots.

“Go! I know another way” little Lolita said quickly, she was nervous but not afraid.

Rogen nodded, “Alright!”

Rogen directly held Lolita and ran quickly on the road that Loli told him about.

The marine wanted to follow them, but they couldn’t tell where did they go.

“Inform the other teams, guard this area, they must not have run far!”

The leader made a deep look at the road and ordered loudly.