One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 3: Goodbye


The buildings in Loguetown were very dense, and disorganized, so there were many alleys branching off from the main road. Also, there were some tunnels, even the owners of these houses didn’t know about.

“From here!”

Loli skillfully gave directions to Rogen, and the two squeezed into an alley and pressed their backs against the wall. Because of her young age, she was always playing around these alleys with her friends, that’s why she was very familiar with these laneways.

The two went through the tunnel quickly, even then they could still hear the sound of footsteps.

The marines had increased their troops in the area in order to search for him, which made Rogen very nervous.

A half-hour later, Rogen heard the sounds of the marines gradually disappearing.

“Well, Rogen, we are about to arrive at the port.” Little Lolita sounded relieved, but there was an obvious trace of sadness in her eyes.

“So fast!?”, Rogen was surprised for a moment. “that’s it!?”

As far as he knew, his location was still far away from the port, after traveling for only a half hour, it’s impossible to arrive unless they were not going to the normal port of Loguetown.

“From the main port, it’s impossible to escape, because five days ago, the marine called for reinforcements.” Lolita was so sure about what she said.

“Me and our friends prepared a very remote place, suitable for a boat to leave.”

They keep talking, and in a short time, they came out from the tunnel.

There was a small forest ahead of them, the sun was warm there, the leaves were mottled, and the light sprinkled the whole forest, bringing a beautiful scene to the ground.

“Be sure to protect yourself Rogen” Lolita’s face was full of worry and sadness.

Lolita, Rogen, and a small group of friends, they grew up and played together from childhood. It was a very sad day because they will separate.

“Thank you.”

Finally, they got out of the woods, and they saw the beach and the sea directly. A small wooden boat was docked at the shore, there was a boy of the same age as Rogen, and he was waiting with a look of concern.

“Isawa!” Lolita shouted at the boy.

When Isawa looked at Rogen and Lolita, he had a heavy sigh of relief.

“Great, don’t worry, we made it!”

The three people looked at each other, Lolita and Isawa felt sad for leaving Rogen alone, but Rogen showed them a light smile.

“Come on it’s nothing. I’ll come back to see you again.”

“Be sure to take care of yourself, Rogen,” Isawa said loudly.

As early as Roger was executed yesterday, these two friends of Rogen had already prepared the escape route for him.

“Well, let’s go!” Isawa said as he looked around and handed Rogen a parcel, “This is ten thousand Belly, I secretly brought it from my parents, I’m sure you gonna need it.”

Rogen’s face changed and quickly refused “no way Isawa!”

He was already very grateful that Isawa risked his life to help him escape, and he knows that the family of Isawa were not wealthy.

“Go on, if you can come back, make sure to visit us!”

“Don’t forget the friends you grew up with, Rogen!”

Isawa seriously said that, and he refused to take back the ten thousand belly.

Little Lolita, at this time, was quietly wiping her tears, she was an emotional girl, she rushed into the arms of Rogen and sadly cried.

“Rogen, I don’t want you to leave”

“if you won’t leave me, then I should stay!” Rogen jokes and smiled.

“I don’t want, I don’t want!” then she pushed Rogen and said, “Go! Go now!”

Rogen saw Isawa’s eyes. He nodded deeply.

“I’m going now! Take care!

“Waaa! Waaa! Waaa!”

Lolita couldn’t help but cry out, her friend patted her shoulder and comforted her.

Rogen jumped on the small wooden boat, and Isawa helped him to release the anchor.

In a moment, the canvas was blown by the sea breeze, and immediately started to move. The ripples started in the seawater, and the boat gradually drifted away from the port.

“Take care of yourself, Rogen, you must come back to see us!”

Little Lolita shouted and cried, and Isawa waved to his old friend.

“I’ll come back again!” Rogen said that with a serious face and then he waved back to them.

After a while, the boat went far away from the coast. The two began to shrink until they disappeared in the eyes of Rogen.


Rogen sighed, he turned to the rudder and began to operate the small wooden boat

He didn’t have a map, and he didn’t know where to go, he could only let the boat run freely.

In the coast, Little Lolita and Isawa stayed there until the dusk, then with sad faces, they went back to their houses.

“Loli, do you know? I always feel that Rogen will be very strong in the future.”

“Of course, after all, he is the brother of Gol-D-Roger!”

Lolita sobbed while she was walking and said: “I only hope that he will be okay, and not be bullied by others.”

Isawa’s body shivered, then said: “yes, I also hope he will be fine.”

Reminiscent of the performance of Rogen in these 16 years, made them worried about him.

At that moment, on the ship, Rogen was in distress.

He had no idea where to go or even how to decide.
Suddenly, a cold electronic voice came from his mind.

“While the possession time, the host defeated 26 enemies, and obtained 320 possession coins. You can choose whether to gain the skills of the red soul or to save the possession coins for the next use.”

After hearing this sentence, Rogen looked at the system interface.

He checked the balance bar. His first battle gained him 320 possession coins. Then he asked to check the abilities:

“Red class ghost, Ip Man, abilities: martial arts, Wushu (Zong Shi level).”

“The martial arts realm or Wushu.”

These two were the two main abilities and the price of each one of them was 300 possessed coins. at the moment Rogen has only 320 possessed coins.

“Which one should I choose? Should I choose the first one?”

Rogen hesitated and thought that according to his current lack of martial arts talent, there was absolutely no problem in choosing Wing Chun. However, the realm of martial arts was more attractive to Rogen.

“Well, let’s choose the first!”