One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 4: The white phoenix

For a while, Rogen couldn’t take a decision, he gave up this choice, after a half circle around the Loguetown, the boat was heading in a random direction.

After half an hour, Rogen’s eyes gazed into the sea.

The marine was behind him, he didn’t notice the appearance of the two warships, they came quickly, they followed his tail and chased him tightly, which made his heart flustered and nervous.

After all, he was just a 16 years old boy, and his previous life was just a college student who had never seen a war or even had a little dispute with others.

At this moment, when he found out, he looked at this two huge warship in the distance while they sailed so quickly breaking through the waves.

“Shit! What should I do?” Rogen was a bit nervous, also, his forehead was sweating.

The wooden ship that Isawa prepared for him was one of the boats used by his family to go through the sea and transport goods. It could not stand against these warships, the marine will need only one round of cannonball to end the battle.

The distance between him and the warships was getting closer and closer, Rogen bitted his lips and said:” My psychological state still too bad!”

“We can’t lose this fight, grandmaster!”

“OMG” whispered, Rogen heard such a voice in his ear, his eyes flashed before the panic has disappeared and got replaced by calm.

After a stable mood, Rogen looked behind to the warships, they were more than three kilometers away, he was so happy after he saw that.

“Why should I get nervous?”

“There are 35.000 Belly left in my pocket”

He had the attachment system, he only needed to consume a small amount of money, and he could be attached to a strong soul to get a chance to survive in this crisis.

“Garp, this mission is for marine headquarter, thank you for your cooperation”

“Akainu, shut up and don’t say anything, I just hope that you’ll leave my place as soon as possible after you finish your task.” Monkey D Garp the young blond said that with a cold voice.

“I don’t want to be so tough, Roger’s young brother is very smart, I just took some mild measures” Akainu answer him and smiled

“If you abduct civilians and threaten others to get the information you need, this is so wrong, and then I think that the justice of the marine will be ruined by your scum sooner or later!”

Garp sneered and then stopped. Dealt with Akainu, they just looked at the small wooden boat ahead.

The Loguetown was not too big. Moreover, it’s not difficult to find friends who were related to the target of the suspect for the marine with a large force, the threat was one of the commonly used of the confession methods.

Akainu came from the headquarter and he was specifically responsible to arrest Rogen, he took very savage measures. He kidnapped little Loli and Isawa’s family and got everything he wanted to know.

“This is convenient and quick, isn’t it?”

However, for Garp, it was very mean, so quite to disdain the former character.

Five minutes later, the two warships, one on the left and one on the right surrounded Rogen’s small wooden boat.

“Kid, stop the boat, everything is over!” Akainu smiled and his eyes were brighter.

Monkey-D-Garp had no words to say, he just watched all this quietly.

Everything in sight was beyond his surprise. He actually found the young man on the humble wooden boat, he called the target with a calm and a faint smile on his face. This kind of mentality was much higher than what he had previously performed even with the arrested pirates.

He was the brother of the Pirate King Gol-D-Roger, in his value or even the next King, the marine had to arrest him.

Well, it won’t be good.

The marine had just handled with Roger, he was the most powerful pirate, it was the most powerful moment for them.

Rogen sat quietly on a wooden chair, he tilled his legs and he did that on the face of hundreds of marine, two marine Admirals, and two giants. He did that and he was very calm. It was an unimaginable moment.

“Yeah he is the brother of Roger” At one look, Garp just respected the boy a little bit, he heard that this young boy was not very talented at childhood, and didn’t inherit his brother’s strength.

But at the moment, witnessed its momentum, The quiet wind of everyone, the momentum of a great master.

Rogen in his wooden boat didn’t follow Akainu’s orders and kept moving forward.

He flashed his eyes, his face became nervous, and Akainu’s angry words came out: “Rogen, I said stop the ship, otherwise, the next second I will drown you!”

“Ooh” Rogen on the opposite in the wooden boat finally spoke, he laughed and said” Marine, marine Admirals?”

“Two Admirals?”

“It seems that the marine was really paying attention to me, these two Admirals were enough for a pirate with a 30 million belly reward. But they must come to me personally to catch me, I’m just a boy”

Suddenly Akainu got angry and he directly waved: “drown him!”

At the same time, Garp’s face changed dramatically and he yelled:” Don’t!”

He saw a strange look from Rogen’s calm face.

Rogen was too calm, completely ignored all the usual performance.

However, the marine of Akainu’s ship didn’t listen to Garp’s orders.

“Bang” They slammed the dark cannonball out of the way and flew toward the wooden boat opposite.

“Drown it!”

The cannonballs quickly crossed the arc and hit heavily on the wooden boat in which Rogen was located, it made a huge explosion. After that, this shocking scene has entered the eyes of all the present people.

“Attached to the soul of the orange level”

If you listen carefully, you could hear Rogen’s voice.

At the same time, the orange light in the system bloomed, under an orange whirlpool, very cold, full white body jumped out and merged with Rogen.

“Orange-level soul, the white phoenix, it cost 23.000 Belly!”

This call was a random call. With a random soul, consumes a random number of gold coins and it was very risky. Rogen was very calm.

Then the next moment, he felt that he merged everything of white phoenix with himself and they seemed to be one person at this moment, he gained all of the white phoenix skills, including his skills, he gained the internal force of the phoenix body he could heal himself

Even in his hands, white phoenix’s weapons appeared.

At this moment, the system gave him all the power of white phoenix.