One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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The white phoenix was one of the top masters in the Ming Dynasty, he was very famous in the whole world, also his speed was incredible, it said that he could manipulate the wind and use his strength to fly in the air, in common with that, his martial arts were very strong.

Rogen didn’t think that the orange spirit possessed such a master like him, but there was no doubt that this master was the most suitable scene for this moment.

In the instant that the cannonball hit the wooden boat, then the fire broke out and the flame immediately skipped. The wooden boat was too fragile, and it was completely destroyed.

In this scene of flame, there was a loud sound of a bird, Rogen’s body was like a bird. He was smart and fast. His did a move with his hand, he was flying up.

The soaring fire didn’t touch him. After he rested, he actually stood on a flying white bird.


The white bird flapped its wings and looked very sharp at the two large warships below.

“You said it’s over?” Standing on the white bird, and he suddenly stared at Akainu below, the tone became very sharp and low.

“No, I said this is not the end, it’s just the start!”

“Everything has only just begun!”

“Rogen do you think that you can run away? A broken bird where can he takes you!?” Akainu shouted, the next moment, he actually ran fast, his stature turned into a phantom.


He almost disappeared, Akainu’s body suddenly disappeared and then appeared in the air.


In the footsteps of Akainu in the air, a circle of cyclones was heard, Akainu was a hard opponent, just three kilometers of jumping in the air he came near Rogen.

Rogen’s eyes narrowed. Also, it appeared cautious.

People in the world of pirates were different from the martial arts world, their physical capabilities and their incredible ability were far beyond the scope of martial arts. This was a powerful world. Even on the other side, there was just a major, he was very strong.

What’s more! On the top of the boat below, there was another major.

With a fist of boxer’s, Akainu stood in the air and shot him.

Rogen smiled slightly, he was not nervous. His stature suddenly stretched forward.

The next moment, before he reached Akainu’s fist, and under the shocked look of everyone, his body suddenly disappeared. When Akainu looked again he saw the boy’s handsome face already in front of him and he showed a big smile to him.

“Hey marine major, you are so slow!”

The two were in front of each other, Akainu punched Rogen but he was already behind him and his hands were around the chest of Akainu all this while they were in the air.

The white bird screamed and floated away, he was spinning in the air.

“Bang Bang!”

Akainu’s footsteps were in the mid-air, his eyes turned in shock and he looked at Rogen who was five meters away.

“Devil fruit ability? You can fly!”

Then he secretly said:” he is too fast! He so strong on the ground, as well in the air, I can’t even touch his clothes,”

Rogen heard this sentence, with a big smile he flashed slightly and his figure disappeared again.

” I said it, you are so slow”

In this scene, Akainu reacted too late, Rogen grabbed his two hands and glared at him. Then immediately throw him down from the sky.


With a sigh of relief, Akainu appeared on the deck of the warship, the place was full of dignified-looking at Rogen who stayed in the mid-air.


The white bird screamed and returned under Rogen’s feet again.

At this moment, Rogen stood on the white phoenix, embraced him with a smile. Actually, there was a fast wind passing by.

It was very awesome and shocking moment.

Standing in the air, Rogen formed a great confrontation for the two warships below.

Garp quietly looked at the fight of Rogen and Akainu. However, he judged Rogen, a man with incredible speed, his reflex was very fast, he was quick to react the moment of action, and Akainu couldn’t even be compared with him.

“But he has a weak attack!”

This was his weakness, Rogen was not the white phoenix, he only possessed by the white phoenix and gained his strength and skills. But, it was very hard for him to use all his power.


Suddenly, the big white bird at the foot of Rogen shouted and quickly swooped down.

“Shoot him!” Akainu shouted.

Garp also waved and ordered the marine around him to shoot. He wants to look at the speed limit of Rogen, the speed of bullets still the fastest in this world.

“Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang ”

A series of countless gunfire sounded broke through the air and fled to Rogen.

“Bang Bang”

The sound was deafening and very loud, Rogen looked very calmly, at that moment, his stature seemed to turn into countless illusions, he was swinging between bullets, he easily escaped these bullets.

This proves once again that no one could contempt the white phoenix.

In instant, Rogen has arrived on the deck of Akainu’s warships. Then he moved his eyebrow with a smirk smile.

“I don’t have the time to play with you. Don’t chase me again!”

His body suddenly turned into a gust of wind, and he passed through the densely marine crowd.

After a blink of an eye, The crowd turned upside down and seemed to be hit by an invisible ability, then they fell into the sea.



“It hurts!”

At that moment, there was a chaos and mess in the marine, Rogen had an incredible speed, like a phantom, like the light.

Less than five seconds, the entire of marine were thrown into the sea under the warship of Akainu.


Akainu was extremely annoyed. he was the only one left on the warship, he rushed to Rogen with anger.

However, Rogen was so much faster than him.

“Heh, you are so slow”

Like a nightmare, the words resounded in Akainu’s ear.

As the wind, Rogen ran directly to Akainu.

Drops of blood fell to the deck like petals, Akainu’s body shuddered, and He touched his cheek and saw the blood in his hand.

Akainu got a hard Heartbeat.

Luckily for him, he sensed the coming attack with his Haki at the last moment because if he didn’t his neck could break

Fast, it was too fast!