One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate
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S.P.P Chapter 7: THE FUTURE


There was a trace of sadness on the face of the red-nosed young man, who was talking. He was in the rear, pulled his hand and shook his head.

“Well, Rogen has left safely, we should go now.” The middle-aged man with glasses said while he was smiling, his eyes were full of all the vicissitudes of life.

“Let’s go, we had our own business, I should go and see someone that I hadn’t a chance to visit him”

All on the ship looked at each other but they were silent.

The establishment of a pirate group was full of expectation for the future, but the end of it represents the separation of each other. They will not be a comrade and partner who will fight side by side on the ship. Maybe friendships between them will still, but it will never be as close as they used to be.

A small wooden boat slowly landed on the shore. Then five or six people wearing in black wide robes got off the boat, and they were covering their faces.

“Take care!”

“I hope your future will be smooth.”

“Shanks, Buggy, work hard. The future is yours.”

The two youngsters, who were short, nodded their heads.

At this moment of separation, everyone seemed to be extremely serious, the eyes of Shanks and Buggy were sparkling like crystals in the light.

About five minutes later, the rest of the other people embraced each other and their eyes were full of complex expressions, then they nodded and turned to leave.

They walked in different directions and their respective roads were no longer the same.

They will be separated from today, all the crew on that ship had come to their own different future.

“Go, you two, what are you doing here?” Rayleigh sounded a little heavy and scolded Shanks and Buggy.

“Deputy Captain!” shanks and Buggy cried out. They couldn’t forget the days of laughter and cry together.

Shaking his head, Rayleigh turned away and went straight all the way. After a while, he disappeared from their eyes.

“Buggy, let’s go together and be my partners, we will set up a cheerful pirate Corps.” Shanks rubbed his tears and said to Buggy seriously and solemnly.

at this moment, Shanks made his decision to be a pirate, with the greatness of Roger’s name and him being one of his underlings, he will achieve that glory again.

“Who’s going with this guy?” Buggy shook his hand:” don’t forget, you still owe me a treasure map!”


After finishing his words, Buggy turned to run away.

Shanks looked at Buggy getting away and shook his head helplessly. then he looked at the sea in front of him.

The sea was like a giant beast, waves rushed forward, he heard bursts of thundering sound.

“This beastly sea, someone will have to conquer it!”

“In the running time, who can stop him from going forward?”

Shanks muttered those words then he disappeared from here.

At the same time, the bird was struggling above the sea.


The sharp bird screamed through the air. Rogen stopped halfway over the white phoenix, he put his right hand on his shoulder, the blood leak out between his fingers, he couldn’t stop this bleeding.

The sweat on his forehead dribbled slightly, it fell into the seawater.

“The night is coming, I must find a place to rest as soon as possible”

Rogen thought with a cold and serious face, he patted on the white phoenix under him, which made another buzzing sound, it quickly flapped its wings, speed up again and headed straight ahead.

The possession system takes an hour and it has been only 30 minutes, but Rogen felt that he couldn’t control the power of the white phoenix.

He understands that.

This system is related to his physical state.

He sweated more and more, the power of the white phoenix started to disappear slowly from his body.

“Fast, I must be fast!”

On the large sea, it was very calm at the moment, with the warm sunray, everything seemed peaceful, but Rogen saw his fate.

In this endless sea, if he couldn’t find a place to rest in, even if he had such a strong power, he can’t escape death.

His wooden boat has been destroyed by the marine and sank to the bottom of the sea.

At that moment, he was carrying only the money from his friend Isawa.

“If I didn’t find a place to stay before the white phoenix power disappears, I will die!”

Rogen was facing a life and death crisis, which let his heart beat faster and faster.

“Hurry up!”

He presses the internal force of his body, and the white phoenix gave out a sharp cry, spread its wings and flew toward with an incredible speed.

Three minutes later, Rogen had already felt that he was weak and the strength of the white phoenix was less than 50%. He was exhausted and the pain made him lose his energy.

“Come on, I can’t die here!”

Rogen urged the Phoenix to hold on and continue the flight.

Five minutes later, the sea below them had some small waves, fishes were jumping up and down, and Seagulls were flying in groups.

The scene was wonderful, but Rogen’s heart sunk.

He still didn’t find any place for landing, and the time for possession was coming to end. At most, no more than five minutes and the white phoenix will disappear and leave him alone.

The wound on his shoulder has not been dealt with and started to get numb, this means his right hand didn’t feel anything anymore.

“Come on, continue flying, I can’t die like this!”

Rogen was sweating from all his body but still did not want to give up.

The white phoenix was approaching rapidly on the sea, its speed was getting slower and slower.

This big bird, which he has been flying all the time has reached the limit at this moment and will not be able to support Rogen anymore.

Three minutes later, Rogen’s voice suddenly brighten.

On the horizon, a small black spot appeared in his eye.

“Boat! It’s a Boat!”

The white phoenix also issued a cheerful sound, speed up the flight and head towards the boat.

A minute later, the white phoenix whined and fell down slowly towards the boat that was moving slowly below.

Rogen reached the limit at that moment, the white phoenix’s power has quietly vanished and he closed his eyes.